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  1. Donny/Cornelia, GA 10-10.5 Under Armour HOVR Stability is the most important factor for me.
  2. 1) 7.3, Cornelia, Georgia 2) Callaway Apex Pro Black Dot heads with TT X100 Tour shafts. 8 iron carry is 163. 3) I have read fairly extensively on the Sub 70 company through this forum, Sub 70 website and other websites trying to find out as much as possible regarding the company, owners and background. I have looked into their manufacturing process and locations and have read reviews and listened to podcasts about their entire lineup of irons. I am intrigued by the DTC aspect of the company as well as their ability to produce, by all accounts, such a high level product with such wonderful value.
  3. Donny Cornelia, Georgia 440 cc driver Swing speed driver 107-110
  4. Donny/Cornelia, Georgia Titleist Pro V1X 110-112 PS: I have a launch monitor for data.
  5. Donny/Cornelia, Georgia 9.8 hcp/SS-107 mph driver Callaway Apex 19 degrees 19 degrees to maintain appropriate gap distance of 220-225. Additionally, I have a Flightscope monitor which would give members detailed information above that of just subjective testing.
  6. Donny, Georgia HCP 9.8, driver swing speed 109-112 via launch monitor Current driver: Callaway Rogue, 9.5 degree tour head, Fujikura Pro 63, 45 inches, tipped one inch, D3 swingweight. I would be interested in testing the Sub Zero version of the Epic Flash I have used both the Epic and Epic Sub Zero and currently use the Rogue. I have a Flightscope which would allow me to provide a significant amount of data not only on the Epic Flash, but compare it to the older models as well. I believe this would allow a comprehensive comparison of the three models for mygolfspy forum members.
  7. Donny, Georgia 48/HCP 9.9 714 AP 2, standard lie/loft, DGX100 Tour shafts Ben Hogan. TK wedges, 59,55,51 degrees I would appreciate the opportunity to become a tester and become more involved in the forum and community. I have a Flight Scope launch monitor to use in conjunction with playing 3-4 times per week. Furthermore, I have historical data on the launch monitor from several different makes and models of clubs to compare with the Ft. Worth irons.
  8. 1) Donny/Georgia 2) Callway Rogue Sub Zero tour head, 8.5 degrees, set +1 degree/Fujikura Pro Tour 63 gram, 45 inches, tipped one inch 3) 105-108 mph/ 9 hcp 4) ST180 9.5 degree/ Fujikura Pro 83 gram x-stiff This is my first time applying to be a tester though I have followed multiple threads before. This is the first club that has peaked my interest enough to apply. Possibly, somewhat uniquely, I own a Flight Scope launch monitor for personal use. I have data history of several sessions involving different driver and shaft combinations, so I would be able to provide a trove of objective launch monitor data in addition to subjective information attributable to play while using the club. Furthermore, I will be able to compare and contrast this driver with monitor numbers from other drivers as well as different players using the ST180. Thanks for the consideration.
  9. Welcome to the forums dfordham :)


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