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  1. Bruce, Miami Different putting mat and course I have tried many from cheap 40 dollar ones to perfect practice for over $200. Medium speed Thank you
  2. Miami, Fl The cream or gummies Sometimes get anxious or angry arccos, samsung S3
  3. 12, Miami Mavrik Pro, 140 Little known boutique brand known for quality and value Thank you
  4. Bruce, Miami, Fl yes, Shotscope, Arccos, Garmin S60 ----I would b e a good choice to test this device against others. Using Arccos and rangefinder Thank you
  5. I would LOVE to try it. Bruce/Miami, Fl I practice daily for at least 15 minutes Avg. 3 three putts per round To get actual data to help pinpoint problems with stroke. Like a putter fitting tool. Thank you
  6. Bruce, Miami, Fl, 14 handicap Blue line made free hand with marker Bridgestone Tour b-RX Blue line-Bruce Pine Thank you
  7. Bruce / Miami, Fl 15 Honma 747 150 Thank you for the opportunity to test these. I used to play Ping and look forward to seeing the development since then.
  8. Bruce, Miami Arccos It can be very helpful but can also be distracting and inaccurate. Have used garmin, shotscope for comparison.
  9. First Name/State or Country of residence Bruce Florida Handicap 12 Current irons in Play PXG 0311 The carry distance of the your 7 iron 145 The price listed is just what it would take to get me to play something other than Callaway!
  10. Bruce/Fl 13 handicap I have used a variety of putting aids. W
  11. Bruce-Marco Island, Fl index 10.2 PXG 0311 Prowler VT Thank you for your consideration.
  12. Bruce Marco Island, Fl 100 MPH, 12 handicap 5 Wood (ping) , 3 Wood, 23 deg hybrid, 19 Deg Hybrid RH
  13. Bruce Florida Evnroll ER3 Not a strength :-) Thanks for the consideration
  14. Bruce Pine, Marci Island, Fl, 200+ rounds No more social media accounts- I quit 9.9 Handicap, 100 MPH PXG Gen 1, 4-PW F9 one length Thank you
  15. Bruce/Fl. Evnroll blade 34" Bettinardi has always been elite in terms of its milling, feel, and great looks.
  16. 1. Bruce, Marco Island, Fl 2. 9. 100 3. TM M2 4. Happy to test either
  17. 1. Bruce-Marco, Island. Fl. 2. 9 hdcp, 97 mph 3. TM, M2 4.G410 plus Used to love everything Ping. Would love to try again. Thank you
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