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  1. I assume this is a 6 iron. If that is the case. The New Level far exceeded the other clubs. I prefer a six iron that is able to stop on the green in a couple yards rather than rolling out 10 yards. It all depends on what you want out of your irons. Also what do you want in swingweight, steel or graphite l, hit higher or hit lower. it all comes down to what your like best and what feels best for your game! Good luck mate!
  2. When is it possible for me to do this testing?! Haha Just to clarify some drivers may have different brand shafts? Or same shaft through all drivers? Thank you mate! Great to know there is detail and accuracy in testing.
  3. The biggest problem I foresee with “driver testing” with a large group of people are a few factors: 1. if the same shaft is used (their ideal shaft in their “gamer”) it will react differently per head. And with that create different numbers than with the best shaft for the head and user. 2. Saying “fastest” ball speeds does not mean accurate or furthest. 3. Back to the shaft, it will produce different ball strike locations. Also certain heads have an “ideal” strike zone on the face, some center some high center, others out towards the toe center. I would love to know how all aspects of the testing were done and if they done similar to a club fitting rather than putting each driver in the same shaft. Love y’all’s information and content!
  4. I have looking at drivers recently and watching PGA, European, Asian and LPGA Tours over the last few weeks and keep thinking to my self, "Why do I continue to see SIM or SIM2 in bags and not Stealth, and this Callaway pro is hitting longer than this TM pro." (and they both are "longer-ish" drivers of the golf ball. Looking at research on https://www.cbssports.com/golf/stats/pga-tour/drive-distance/ (also toggled through other categories) and from claims I see on forums, reviews and so on I feel like they're convoluted in the sense of knowledge or reality. Rick Shiels had a video where he demonstrated how a SIM2 did not outperform the brand new revolutionary STEALTH driver and what I have seen is "TaylorMade is longest on tour" ok, no it is not. Also it is not most accurate by tour pros, Callaway, Titleist, and Ping, even Srixon hold spots above TaylorMade, and TaylorMade claims to have a face that helps with accuracy AND distance! Curious to see what ya'll think on this subject. And to give my full census on the subject, I feel like TM and Titleist are the two best for woods for the "average" golfer. Although coming down to a specific club that works best for each individual is complicated (swing, feel, sound, accuracy, shaft, if they have a fitter that ACTUALLY fitted them properly and so on) and does not show one clubmaker is superior over another on a large scale, IMO. I have tried all the top brands except PXG for drivers and the feel of Titleist is what suits me along with sound and accuracy. I like the SIM2 and Ping SLT but did not get good enough numbers on them. I hope ya'll have an amazing day, stay happy and healthy! Cheers!
  5. Stan, Chester springs, pa Driver Swing Speed- 98- 103 Current Driver in Play TM M4 Current Driver Shaft and Flex UST Proforce 6F4 Have you Played Modus Iron Shafts before, if so what Model, no but I play KBS tour iron shafts and have hear they’re similar in specs for irons and wood shafts
  6. Stan Exton, PA City & State I walk and use push cart most rounds playing with my old man and love push carts.
  7. Stan Chester Springs, PA Cobra ltd 8 108 - 111 TSi2
  8. Stan Chester springs, PA Cobra King Ltd 8 Handicap 106 to 111 I'd love to test the Titleist TSi2
  9. Stan Wisconsin, United States 10 handicap JPX 900 Tour DG X100 Ping i500
  10. Mizuno drivers always have a great feel. Been looking for a new driver to replace my Titleist 910D3 as wel! Stan/Wisconsin Titleist 910D3 9.5 Fujikura Pro TS 73 X-stiff
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