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  1. Once here 15 years ago. And golf never once crossed my mind. Only thing I thought about was my family and getting some form of income in fast. I’ve always thought the time spent on a course. Should be better utilized going on interviews and sending out resumes. It’s like anything else in this harsh world. You snooze you lose.
  2. I had this issue. And it was a $2800 fix. A major electrical fix that included the cars computer board. Get this car off the road and get to a service station ASAP
  3. Remember,golf is just a game.And for many just a past time for getting out and enjoying nature-friends-and having a good time.Its a devilishly hard game when you want to get better. By all means keep working out and stay in shape.But when your ready to play golf.Just go play and forget the lessons and struggles.Heck, maybe even forget score for a few seasons Dont give up on it though
  4. They are completely gone
  5. You have any other hobbies?
  6. This might sound bad. But since I haven’t played a real round of golf in almost a decade (health and injuries). I actually can’t remember where I put my set of clubs. Been searching high and low and have no idea where they are
  7. I have a close buddy who has been trolled on the internet for a few years now.Comes to be that that it is one person trolling.He has been trying to destroy his name and person all over the net.With a help of an investigator.He has the persons name - phone number - address and email.Come out he is a public official and an city attorney.Very well to do financially and a public figure.Seems like he has a pass time of trolling.How would you handle this ?
  8. Been 10 years now since I played a real round of golf. Extremely under the weather this holidays. So far it looks like it could be 11 years and counting. I can’t win
  9. We have a local scratch golfer that never saw his swing on video. He fixes his own game by observing ball flight. Can anyone of you on here play golf this way? seems so simple and a great way.Learning golf by basically playing on the course
  10. What segment or social class is golf really meant for?What would be some of the bare economic standards needed
  11. That is sound advice bob. How did the season treat you so far after the lessons ?
  12. I was a member on an online golf forum way back in 2010. Got sick of the fan boys, or ones who posted non stop. After a long break I’m slowly starting again. These sites aren’t for everyone. Some make it and some don’t . Keep the chin up and happy holidays
  13. A fun little thread here.Post your past family holiday traditions that you miss of continued.Feel free to include pics as well
  14. No, said he had a round of golf that afternoon.Called he wouldnt be able to make it.And never came back.That is some perseverance there.A real honest good chap I think it happens quite a bit as well
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