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  1. It’s common on all forums of any type.The original op’s drop a topic and you never hear from them again.Almost as bad as the people that never flush the toilet after they do their thing. Mr Kopeka must have read this thread and got angered. He is currently -7 and lapping the field at the PGA
  2. I agree with Rev.But I’m a member at a club that this is happening.And I’m not one who is happy about it.My biggest fear is this style of member showing up in the AM.Teeing off behind me and my foursome of close friends.Or a whole parking lot of low riders.Golf is open to anyone imho.And love the idea of expanding the game .But I’ve been a member for 40 plus years at my club.And enjoy it the way it was.Not how it might be
  3. All great comments.But this is by far the one thing that will grow the game.Many adults who had limited exposure in the game as youths won’t be interested in a membership.The interest in this game must start at a very early age.And be continued into the adult years.If not, than you are looking at once or twice a year golfers.Perfect scenario for public random golf outings.But a bad match for a full out buy in membership
  4. That time of year again at my club. The big push for getting new members signed up.This time around they are offering us referral discounts and prizes.Just about every potential referral I had has something negative to say about golf.The million excuses why they won’t join or take up golf.Why is this game such a hard sell for introducing new people to the game?
  5. I’ve been around this game for half a century now.Ive witnessed many an amateur player try and alter their natural motions.Maybe less than a dozen have done this and done it successfully.And if your over 30 years old-work full time and have a family.Than just forget this idea all together and go and just enjoy golf.The new in teaching is worrying about what my swing looks like.And has shifted from what my swing produces.We need to go back to the later way of thinking.Their is huge profits in the teaching aspect of golf.They always promise their students the gold at end of the rainbow.But many don’t realize the time and funds it takes to get there.Let the ball flight tell you what needs to change.Forget the major changes if your an amateur golfer who has been doing this for a while.Once you have a swing ingrained.It will always be there
  6. Was at the 2001 masters for the Friday round. And just love this tourney. Also met a young lady 25 years younger than me at this event. We had a quick fling / one night stand later that evening.But was just an incredible experience I will never forget. Not only the golf event but the fun later that night in my hotel room
  7. Once here 15 years ago. And golf never once crossed my mind. Only thing I thought about was my family and getting some form of income in fast. I’ve always thought the time spent on a course. Should be better utilized going on interviews and sending out resumes. It’s like anything else in this harsh world. You snooze you lose.
  8. I had this issue. And it was a $2800 fix. A major electrical fix that included the cars computer board. Get this car off the road and get to a service station ASAP
  9. Remember,golf is just a game.And for many just a past time for getting out and enjoying nature-friends-and having a good time.Its a devilishly hard game when you want to get better. By all means keep working out and stay in shape.But when your ready to play golf.Just go play and forget the lessons and struggles.Heck, maybe even forget score for a few seasons Dont give up on it though
  10. They are completely gone
  11. You have any other hobbies?
  12. This might sound bad. But since I haven’t played a real round of golf in almost a decade (health and injuries). I actually can’t remember where I put my set of clubs. Been searching high and low and have no idea where they are
  13. I have a close buddy who has been trolled on the internet for a few years now.Comes to be that that it is one person trolling.He has been trying to destroy his name and person all over the net.With a help of an investigator.He has the persons name - phone number - address and email.Come out he is a public official and an city attorney.Very well to do financially and a public figure.Seems like he has a pass time of trolling.How would you handle this ?
  14. Been 10 years now since I played a real round of golf. Extremely under the weather this holidays. So far it looks like it could be 11 years and counting. I can’t win
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