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  1. Mitch Gardner Eau Claire, WI Scotty Cameron Newport 2 TA Impact No. 1
  2. Mitch/Altoona, WI iPhone 11 or iPad Pro Indoors, and outdoor driving range Indoors yes, net, outdoor driving range - no
  3. Mitch/Altoona, WI Yes I have used a Callaway hitting net, until I wore out a section on the net and a ball went through and blew out my window, wife wasn't happy I haven't used a launch monitor while hitting in my own house.
  4. Mitch Altoona, WI Taylormade SiM 3.2 110-115 mph TSi3 Please
  5. All of these shafts have been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  6. For Sale, (All shafts require $10 for shipping): 1) Tensei CK Pro Orange 60 TX -> $225 (untipped) 43-7/8" (Butt to tip) >> (Plays 45" in Taylormade M5/M6/Sim Max, 44-7/8" installed in a standard Sim Driver (due to the shallower head) Weight: 67 grams Torque: 3.4 2) Tensei CK Pro Orange 60 TX ->$225 (tipped 1") 44" (Butt to tip) >> Plays 45-1/8" in Taylormade M5/M6/Sim Max, 45" installed in a standard Sim Driver (due to the shallower head) Weight: 67 grams Torque: 3.4 3) Accra Tour RPG 462 M4+ Stiff/XFlex $300 (untipped) 44-1/8" (Butt to tip) >> Plays 45-1/4" in Taylormade M5/M6/Sim Max, 45-1/8" installed in standard Sim Driver (due to the shallower head) 4) Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 7X -> $90 (untipped) 41-3/4" (Butt to tip) >> Plays 42.5" in TaylorMade Sim 3 wood
  7. Mitch/Eau Claire WI 2-3 times per week at my golf course practice green for 10-20 minutes One to two 3 putts on average Face angle at impact would be awesome to see. Also seeing the distance, distance deviation between putts to the same target, putting path and arc information would be great and motivate me to practice and improve through the data from ExPutt!
  8. Mitch Gardner Wisconsin Scotty Cameron (and sometimes Taylormade Spider Black) Strength
  9. Mitch Gardner Eau Claire, WI HCP: 3.4 112-114 mph Current Driver: TaylorMade M3 9.5, Tensei Pro Orange 60TX Epic Preference: Epic Flash Sub Zero 9 degreee
  10. For sale: Mizuno 919 Forged 4-PW in Mint/Excellent Condition (played 5 rounds with them) Lofts: Custom ordered 1 degree weak of Mizuno Standard (ex: 6 iron 29 degrees, 7 iron 33 degrees, 8 iron 37 degrees, 9 iron 42 degrees, PW custom 46 degrees) Lie: 2 degrees flat Shaft: DG X100 (not tipped, 1/4" short of Mizuno Standard) Condition: Like new, used for 5 18 hole rounds last fall Price: Bought brand new with original box and spec sheet last fall for $1150.00. Selling Price $799.99+ shipping via PayPal or Venmo (note: email me at mitchdpg@gmail.com if interested) Mizuno: With a new back milled club face, the JPX919 Forged iron golf club is Mizuno's fastest ever forging in measured ball speed. Balanced with Mizuno's trademark workability and elevated Grain Flow Forged HD feedback - the JPX919 Forged is also Mizuno's most versatile iron. In the hands of a tour player searching for a distance equalizer or an amateur wanting feedback to evolve their game - the streamlined JPX919 Forged delivers on every level.
  11. Update: These have been sold!
  12. Avid 2-4 handicap golfer depending on the day, product tester, always tinkering and trying to get better. 


  13. Name: Mitch State: Wisconsin Driver/Shaft: 9.5° M3 with Tensei CK Pro Orange 70TX Fit for driver: No (was fit into Diamana White 70 X previously)
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