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  1. I have been looking at Inesis for other things lately...feel like they are really making a name for themselves with quality products at reasonable prices. These shoes look slick...would love to test them out. Might buy a pair anyways.
  2. Name, Location, Rounds per year Kyle Buckles, Washington DC, 25-30 Social Media Twitter: @lankygolf; Instagram: @hashtagbuckles; Facebook: /kyle.buckles Handicap and Swing Speed HCP: 6.8, Swing: 105-108 (driver) Current Set Driver: Titleist 917d3, 8.5*, Aldila Rogue MAX, Stiff Fairways: Titleist 904f 15*, Graphite Design YS-6 Stiff; Titleist 904f 19*, Fujikura Speeder, Stiff Irons: New Level 902 (4-9), Project X 6.0, +1/2”, 1* up Wedges: Vokey SM7, 46*, 54*; SM6 50*, 58* Desired Cobra Set Driver: F9 Speedback, RH, Satin Black/Avalanche, 9.0*, Stiff, HZRDUS S
  3. Price drop, looking to move, make me an offer!
  4. Price cut, looking to move. Will entertain serious offers.
  5. 2018 Scotty Cameron Laguna 1/500. 34”. Used for 9 holes. Still 10/10 condition. Head over included. Shipping will be in original box/packaging and I can include the original receipt for authentication purposes (with any personal info redacted). NOW ON SALE FOR $449 USD OBO. Click here to make an offer. I will entertain a trade for Circle T merch..PM me for trade offers. Can provide more photos upon request.
  6. Neither can I...this has been the slowest week ever waiting on these bad boys (or girls) to arrive. Like a kid on Christmas Eve I tell ya.
  7. When I asked what they would compare to, Eric's response was: "Like an AP2, Srixon 585, and older TM 300 forged rolled into one." So, you are spot on.
  8. Agreed on the high loft wedges...I'm not a fan of anything above about an 8 or so in bounce. I'd like to see that too. As for the number/stamping options you are talking about, are you talking about the wedges only? Or the irons? If wedges, custom stamping is available I believe. If irons, are you talking about the "4" of the 4 iron? Out of curiosity, what would you want to see? Something more traditional?
  9. I don't want this to come off as hostile or anything - that is not the intended tone, I assure you...but...maybe your argument suggests that ALL clubs from the last decade are the same, not just these. That is, these aren't the first clubs to look similar to a predecessor. Also, maybe there is a reason Tiger's blades haven't changed in 20+ years, or Mizuno's baseline sticks...these designs work. Having not tested these yet or seen them in person, I can't really say. My first impression was that they reminded me of the Ping S55s or S56s...but then you dig a little deeper and see the
  10. If it weren’t for the discount, I couldn’t have done this. That said, I feel like the price point is about what you find in any of the major OEMs. Maybe a little more expensive than baseline models, but the Vokey will run you about the same in the special grinds or finishes (i.e. raw). As for the irons, the ability to customize these as much as you can is worth the sticker. And they are still loads cheaper than a set of PXGs. As for the performance...I’m glad everyone is saying they feel so good. I am really looking forward to trying these out. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually buying my st
  11. Thanks. I’m really looking forward to it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. The Story (posted: 10/16/2018) TL;DR: Signed up through Twitter to test New Level Golf's 902 irons. Here's how it went. The Rest: Bored and browsing Twitter, I stumbled across this tweet soliciting people to test New Level Golf's 902 irons. They looked pretty damn slick, and the reviews (MyGolfSpy, GolfWRX, PluggedIn Golf) were pretty intriguing. I wanted in. But after discussing the details with Eric, the founder/CEO/everything, I couldn't pull the trigger…it wasn't in the budget, so I had to pass. But…Eric DMed me a couple days later to say he had a tester back out. Opportu
  13. I saw a good piece on this the other day...or was it a podcast...hmmm...either way... Someone said Titleist wasn't competitive in distance because their stock shaft was .5-1 inch shorter than other manufacturers' stock length. Apparently, they were working on the impression people valued accuracy over distance (which most amateurs should), and when they went up against the longer drivers in tests, of course they weren't as long off the tee. But in the hands of the rank amateur, I'd say everyone could benefit from .5-1" less length on their driver...scores would be 5 shots lower I'd imagin
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