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  1. Hunter Fulton Seattle, WA Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Impact Number 1 as it’s similar in shape to my current gamer
  2. Hunter, Seattle, WA iPhone X Covered stall at my outdoor range, opportunity to you off grass as well. Primarily would not use a net, but own one and would most likely want to try it in the back yard as well.
  3. Hunter F./ Seattle, WA/ USA Scotty Cameron Newport Studio Stainless Would test the Anser 2 style, as that is the current style I use. Love a stiffer putter feel.
  4. 7.3 - Seattle, WA Currently playing TM 2011 Tour Preferred MB's, 8 iron distance is 155. I don't know a ton about the brand other than some of the things I have read within the forum. Seems that their DTC strategy which allows them to keep prices down compared to the "big box" brands, is a great way to break in to the market, and it sounds like they not only have great products, but excellent customer service to back it up as well. Would love the opportunity to give these a try and review them. I have access to a launch monitor at my club and would love to check the numbers on these.
  5. Hunter Fulton - Seattle, WA Yes - used two different iPhone gps trackers. GolfLogix and the Arccos Caddie App and sensors. Currently using the Arccos Caddie app to determine yardages
  6. First Name/City State: Hunter, Seattle, WA Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed:95-105
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