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  2. I've been testing out a couple of free golf-related iphone apps. SkyDroid costs $2 and has useful for figuring carry distances to bunkers, hazards and front, middle, back of the green. It also has a satellite view so you can see the lay of the land, which is particularly useful on dogleg or up hill tee shots. It does not offer scoring or club tracking, but it can measure the distance of a shot. I like this because it is pretty quick and simple to use and is not cluttered with a bunch of features. Swing By Swing offers a satellite view of the hole with distance to front, middle, back of the green. It has the ability to determine layup distances by touching the map at the desired location - particularly useful for getting the distance to the wide part of the fairway or carry distance over a hazard. It also a nifty score keeping app. You can pay for a $4/month upgrade that will do more advanced shot tracking and compute some metrics, but I haven't gone there yet. Game Golf - I got this app because of its club tracking ability. The GPS works OK, but it turns out that club tracking isn't really practical unless you buy the kit that with the club tags and reader which I haven't bought. Without that you have to manually enter the club you're using before each shot. With the tags you just touch the grip to the reader. Looks like it will produce some great stats, if you're willing to buy the kit about $100 with a new version coming in November for $300. The other golf specific app I've used is the PING putting app. You buy (or make) a cradle that attaches your phone to your putter shaft. The app uses your phone to measure your swing tempo, shaft angle, face angle, and swing path and compares your results those of professionals. It also measures your consistency on each of these so you can focus your practice on the specific area(s) you need to improve. I used this a lot over the winter and found it useful.
  3. Your first name: Jim Home state: Ohio Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Ping G2 / TFC100D S / 65 Current swing speed: 95
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