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  1. a.Maybe testing to see how consistent the balls spins with wedge out of say wet morning rough when grass gets stuck in grooves. b. or to see how their new wedge/ grooves spin rates compare to wet/dry grass?
  2. I doubt JP's Titleist wedges will have VOKEY unless they are VOKEY's with JP grind. But that would be a step back for JP if he's going to be Vokey's side kick ( it can't hurt to learn from one of the best, but JP is not too shabby of a grinder himself). I just doubt these are JP's. Vokey has been making forged wedges for Japan for some time now and this just looks like the next years model.
  3. I have to get one of these SLDR's.... I have never launched at 17/1700 but would love to if it means 300 yard drives and fairways....lol. Seriously though TM drivers have always worked for me even though I'm such a ho' that I'm willing to try others.... but I always seem to keep coming back to TM and i really don't like all there 3 month cycles and maybe that's why I'm still playing the Superfast TP Version 1 from 2 years ago or so. I did pick up a Stage 2 for such a great price I have to give it a chance. Now I have to wait until I can buy a SLDR for 60.00 NEW...lol Hopefully TM will release 6 new models this year and then I can get the Old SLDR in new condition (leftover stock) since it seems to be the best driver out there from all the different reviews I have seen although I'm intrigued about the Alpha as well... but so far most guys that I trust who have hit both say sldr is the best driver out there right now. We'll see someday soon I hope.
  4. I'd love to have a MyGolfSpy ball marker. I started coming here since day one as I wanted to find a place completely different then all the other golf forums that were available at the time. To be honest I haven't been in as much over the last couple years but it has a lot to do with personal; reasons I would rather not discuss on a open forum as it's very upsetting and very freaking personal, but if you ever wanted to pm me and talk about it i'd be glad to bend your ear. I'm glad to see the success the site has had over the last few years and I only wish the best. I don't get to access the internet as much as I once did with my situation right now but I hope the future will bring some normalcy to my life once again. PS: if you happen to have an extra ball marker I'm also at a new address since the last time you sent me something a few years back. Thanks, Tim
  5. The one club I always go back too even when I try to pluck it from the bag for mis behaving every so often is my Bettinardi BB-1. If I were to be so lucky I'd pick the CP2 Pro's they look SWEEEET!
  6. Well have fun on your trip guys, and I'm going to have to route for Peyton Manning and the Broncos as my Colts are gone along with my Eagles. Never ever would I route for the cheating New England Patriots & Bill Belichick !
  7. No one can have a worst fate then to be a EAGLES fan. We have the distinct please of being the only team to loose to a wildcard team in the Superbowl, then when we finally get back there we dominate the first 1/2 against the Patriots only to have a QB who's a choker in the big game. How'd you like to have 6 NFC Championship Games in 8 years only to get to the Superbowl 1 time under Andy Reid. Even worse 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 first team in NFL to win 4 Straight Eastern Conference Divisions and come up with nothing. Then we have the biggest BS game in the history of Football the FOG BOWL where the Eagles out played and outscored Chicago only to have the REFS call back two TD's. It's hard to be an Eagles fan and I've been one for 45 years with 0 Superbowl rings.
  8. Is this the event that used to be the Buick Scramble, then the McGladrey ? Just curious. I've been lucky enough to have a really good friend who's a social member at Pinehurst along with his father who is a full member. I've played every single Pinehurst #. Only played #2 once on each trip because the cost during prime time is a bit expensive. My boys were just down there in november and he'll have another trip come March. I personally like #4 really nice layout... #2 is brutal with all those crazy undulating greens and now those sandy areas just off the fairways, don't miss any fairways or it will be very costly. Hope you get down there as it's one of those must play tracks every true golf fan should play.
  9. So Golfspy T just curious is this ONOFF driver that you are testing is it USGA approved or is this one of those higher COR drivers?
  10. ONOFF are very popular in Japan, but only the guys here in USA who are really into golf equipment tend to know about ONOFF. TourSpecGolf.com sell all those types of brands... it's just do you feel like paying those crazy prices. Some will say it's so much better quality that its worth it others will say it's just hype. For me most of the JDM equipment sold to the Japanese public is for the higher handicapper who needs lots of forgiveness and is looking for that magic bullet... longer off the tee. Basically the bigger OEM"s here are taking a page from these JDM companies with longer shafts and tweaked lofts on irons to make people believe they are hitting the ball further. JMO I personally don't like a lot of the irons I've seen as the soles are twice as thick/wide as what I personally play but they work for some.
  11. Congrats to the guys who got chosen for a incredible MGS/TM trip. Hope you all can enjoy yourself a bit and as Spy said take sometime before the trip of some of those questions you always wanted to ask don't get forgotten once your there. Most of all have fun, not many get this opportunity so have a blast! Looks like MGS has been added to the list of Golf Forums who are now receiving these great golf trips not just Golfwrx and Hackers Paradise anymore.... I wonder when the Callaway trip will happen as they won't let TM get one up on them!! Again have fun guys, you know how vacations go their over before you know it!
  12. Well I have been here since day 1 and have always liked the different approach MGS took when starting this website forum .The biggest was deciding to not be like every other golf forum. That said I would like to see possibly a Podcast channel that could actually show some of what really physically goes into all the different testing aspects, in addition to what has already been done on the blog. . I think once you get the LAB ( testing facility) up and running, you can have video of all the tests performed along with interviews of industry leaders and inventors would be an excellent addition to the site. I know it's been talked about before but i believe video and live interview where site members can participate makes a big difference. It's being done by some OEM's but I feel thee are lots of topics that haven't been covered, example all the different steps it takes to actually put any golf product into production, We could have interviews from A to Z with key players in the designing and development golf equipment. I'd love to be part of that process. Obviously the social media side of the golf business is changing rapidly and has really grown immensely in the last year. I realize all these things take money or sponsorship to run a top tier program so i'm not sure how many things can actually become reality, but I can see having video at a testing facility as something that can generate lots of topics and stories without too much expense besides a decent camera and a couple guys who are good operating the camera from both sides. i'm sure others will have some great ideas to move the site forward. Also i along with others feel there's no need for apologies, there's always going to be some bumps in the road. Good luck going forward and if I can help at all don't hesitate to ask.
  13. Looks good, and I like the "Golf's Most Wanted" theme. also the color is pretty catchy (unique)
  14. Wish I was part of this testing crew, i'd love a chance at hitting all those drivers listed.
  15. I was just looking at the bag and was wondering how big are the shaft slots, say someone who plays oversized grips with 4X's wrap like some big guys have would these slide in and out without any issues or do these work better for standard grip size? Just wondering for those who who have big hands as i re-grip fro a bunch of guys who play with some big a$$ grips on their clubs, I on the other hand have what i call average hand size as I use standard grips. PS: Bag looks great! I once used a bag that had all the irons lined up from left to right on a slight angle that kept the irons from moving and banging around, it was made of a hard rubber with slots for each head 3-pw, I loved it for my Hogan irons. Kept them in great shape after a few years of play. Your bags club placement concept is similar as it allows the iron head to sit securely in place.
  16. They don't look like any box grooves i've seen like other irons like square grooved Ping Eye 2's and such.
  17. Here are close up pics of all the faces: For a soft forged set like this these are pretty much flawless! 345678 9PW
  18. I was told V grooves when i bought them but these were before they started stamping V on the hosel. I believe these were produced b4 the groove rule came into effect. When you look at the spacing of the newer Razr Prototypes the grooves are further apart, just like they are doing with the 2014 models as the pro's didn't like the spin they were getting from the closer ( or more grooves cut in face). I'm posting pics of all the faces. now.
  19. Yes but only few rounds. Their easy 8.5 to 9 I'd say Stephen. PS: 3 iron was never hit still in original shrink wrap. Like you I spent a lot of money on these Cally's a while back 1,200.00 just for the heads to be exact so just trying to recoup some of the money I spent. Cheers, Tim
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