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    TWShoot67 got a reaction from GolfSpy SAM in 2023 MGS Forum Test: Edel SMS/SMS Pro Irons   
    To bad I'm injured once again. I'd love to test those SMS Pro's. Look pretty tight from what I can see so far. Looking at Edel's site and checking on the Pro's I wonder how the digger type swing will perform with those narrow soles. Pickers should do fine but just curious how much their bounce/grind will help the big divot taker, especially in wet conditions or soft conditions. Can't wait to read some of the reviews. 
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    TWShoot67 got a reaction from Josh Ross in Final Reviews: Maxfli Tour/TourX   
    Congrats to all the testers. I haven't seen a Maxfli ball in a very long time. That being said I really have had no reason to look for a Makfli ball as I think the last version I ever played was the evolution sort some Blue and red dot ball if I remember correctly but that was long ago. I'm looking forward to hearing what the testers think about these New Maxfli offerings.
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