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  1. I assumed as much. Typically its not much of an offset. I'd say similar to yours 2 degrees open.
  2. Yes. I typically don't adjust it with the accuracy you did, although I think its an excellent idea from my experience to hit a few chip shot and see where the device is telling you straight is. What I did find interesting in the review is the picture of your set up. I found that typically when I'm trying to get it set to "straight" the device will be set up open, with the front portion pointing right of the straight. Your device looks closed to me and opposite of what my set up will be. Did you find lots of people set the device closed or open? Just curious.
  3. I've had a SkyTrak for 2 years now and it was by far the best and most fun investment in my golf game ever. I have a set up in my garage and am in the process of upgrading into more of a simulator style set up with impact screen and projector. I can't say enough good things about the device and the ability to work on my golf game in the winter, during rain or at night. Everything in this review is spot on from what I've experienced with my device. I've just recently downloaded a demo for e6 and find the putting to be abysmal but still lots of fun. It's a serious investment but for the price point, to get accurate ball flight data is totally worth it if you have the space to hit a few balls. Great review! @pakman92
  4. Congrats! You'll do a great job and the community here will be richer for your hard work!
  5. That Tennessee State Flag headcover is sick.... I want one...
  6. Did some work in the garage today on maxing out my ball speed, aka swing for the fences… the 180 I think is a personal best. With the Epic fully cemented in my bag, time to work this winter on speed training and see what it can really do!
  7. Wow! Thanks guys! Totally unexpected that's what makes MGS peeps the best!
  8. Is that baby yoda on the clubface? I can't unsee that now...
  9. It was 70 today on the Cumberland Plateau so I snuck out to hit some Bombs. Gave the clubs a nice bath after with my pressure washer so thought I’d snap some pics of the driver after these months. Club looks still almost brand new. What a gem.
  10. Last week was Fall Break here in Tennessee so we took the kids to the beach in South Carolina. That meant dad snuck out a few times to get in some rounds of golf. I was fighting a hook but managed to get the clubface open a few times and hit a few bombs. Pretty solid for sea level on a course that had rain for like a week straight before I played. There was also some roaming dinosaurs and my favorite playing partner joined me for 9 holes one day. I still can't say enough amazing things about the Epic Max LS.
  11. Bummer your season is ending. I'm actually looking forward to some Fall golf as its probably my favorite season to play golf in (except for leaves hiding my ball...). I've got couple tournaments on the calendar in October and a week long Fall Break where I should get several rounds in. I'm still so pleased with the Epic Max LS, I've gotten so confident in the ball flight it recreates and where my aim lines are with it. Its become a weapon in the bag again instead of a question mark. I foresee it staying in the bag a long time...
  12. US Practice Pairings were out yesterday and looks like to me Stricker knows what he's doing. Finau, Brooks, Berger, English DJ, Morikawa, Xander, Cantlay Spieth, JT, Bryson, Scheffler I can see obvious pairings like JT/Spieth, Xander/Cantlay, Bryson/Scheffler. That first practice group you could pretty much swap and switch as needed. My concern for the US was who to pair with Bryson but looks like that has been decided. Now I'm curious who will play with DJ and if Morikawa is really a good fit for DJ? Again I feel like we have the best players but are somehow not going to get the job done...
  13. I just got back this week from a weekend away at Grove Park Inn. Thought I'd give a brief review of the course, conditions and some interesting holes at The Golf Course at the Omni Grove Park Inn. The course is a par 70, 6055 yards from the tips, Donald Ross design. I played 18 holes with my wife and another couple played the first 9 holes with us. Since they were beginners, I played the front 9 holes from the white tees and the back 9 from the tips since its barely over 6k yards. The course was on the higher end of what I normally pay to play (around $150) but when on vacation with the wife I usually splurge a bit. The clubhouse was very dated with visible exterior repairs needed but it gave an "old school" feeling that was kind of enjoyable. The practice area was just a small green behind the #9 green and one range mat with a net to warm up with. It was crowded when we arrived but when I went to roll a few putts I had the entire area to myself. I could tell from the practice green the course was going to be in exceptional shape and the first several holes didn't disappoint. Since it was a short and tight course with not much warm up I hit an iron off the first tee and managed to find the fairway. I actually hit the ball pretty well the entire round, hitting 56% greens and 46% fairways (which are good numbers for me). I enjoyed how Donald Ross used the rolling hills landscape to place his tee boxes and greens. Even holes that seemed flatter would have elevation changes in the fairway or give you interesting lies to navigate. I would say the course was on the "tighter" end of courses I've played, even holes that ran beside other holes had landing areas that could get you into trouble, of course the tightness is a product of the short length. What I enjoyed most about the course was the large greens and tough pin locations. I consider myself a much improved putter but 34 putts and 2 three putts were tough to stomach. A couple holes had some sharp break right at the hole, both of those 2 three putts were short 3'-4' misses that broke outside the hole. While that's kind of frustrating it's also a lot of fun to test your skills on those short putts, and it wasn't every hole just one or two scattered here and there. Overall, it was a fun experience, great course even though on the shorter, tighter end. If you're visiting Grove Park I strongly recommend getting in a round.
  14. I know isn't it? It was literally called the "Billy Horschel rule" by some when they pushed the selections back to after the Tour Championship... I think I've changed my mind. If Brooks can't go and Reed isn't fully healthy (which he isn't) Lets bring in a ticked off Billy Ho!
  15. This past weekend I played The Golf Course at Grove Park Inn. My wife and I were on a little get away for our anniversary and we both got a round in at the Donald Ross designed course. I will have to say it was probably my best driving day of the year, 46% fairways hit, several 300+ bombs and way too many putts... The Epic Max LS continues to impress...
  16. Billy Ho sure seems fired up to be the 13th man if Koepka can't go. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/09/12/billy-horschel-wins-european-tour-bmw-championship-after-ryder-cup-snub/
  17. Maybe. I get it, he can be cancerous with his comments and actions. But with the format he can only effect one other person, his partner and I feel like him and Bryson would be an awesome pairing. Plus he has that electric quality that drives the euros mad and gets under their skin. I love Webb too but his record isn't stellar and he's not been playing that well and possibly still nursing a minor injury. If Brooks is hurt, and that's a big if because I feel like he's a tough competitor, I'd almost rather see Na than Webb if its not Reed.
  18. 100% agree. Reed is electric in the Ryder Cup but he's not 100% healthy. While I like to have experience going into the RC. We've only won two in twenty years so I'm almost looking at the lack of experience as a pro. Lets get some new hungry guys out there and dominate.
  19. You can't fault Stricker for any of the picks, besides Reed they were the next guys all on points. Reed's health is an issue and Webb hasn't been playing great. Kisner and Na were longshots to make the team, neither are coming in hot enough to out rank the guys who've been top 12 for the two seasons. My concern is who are the pairings. Spieth/JT is a given. I wish we had Reed to pair with Bryson, I feel like they would make a good pair. Most of the guys have similar games. Xander/Colin I think would make a steady pair that would ball strike the euros to death. If Brooks is really hurt Reed has to be the replacement, if Brooks is healthy then it says a lot about him wanting to be there and I like our chances.
  20. Since my decision has been made with the Epic Max LS, I decided to try and dial in my aim line and start line with the driver. I noticed my last round that when I try to start my ball a few degrees right of target it draws less and ends up where my body is aligned. (At least with my current swing) I started trying on my skytrak to aim my body straight with my target but start my golf ball 3-7° right of my target line and let it draw back to where my body is aimed. It seemed to work really well, in twenty shots my avg off line was 3 yards. Seems like a good place to start working on dialing the Driver in. Also the bombs just keep coming...
  21. I struggled with the driver for years, literally years until I did two things: Get custom fit for a driver and take lessons from a very knowledgeable pro. Afterwards, I realized that the driver is the biggest club in the bag and if you have the proper room to hit the best weapon you can have for distance. I also realized that shorter clubs dispersion almost always mirrors your drivers. So you’re not gaining anything unless you have significantly narrower fairways. There is nothing more frustrating than clubbing down and blowing the 3w into the same OB or hazard your driver would have gone in. I’ve done a little research on decade golf and Scott Fawcett. Really good course management stuff and I believe his rule of thumb is driver every hole that you have 65 yards between hazards. Seems like solid advice to me.
  22. It’s pretty easy set up. You pick 6 golfers each week based on a 50k salary cap. There is a point system and most points wins. I play every week and spend a few dollars but I’m not a big gambler so I enjoy more the competition than anything. I’ll try and set up a league this week and post a link. Free to anyone to join and do Weekly contests.
  23. With the new PGA tour season coming up I was curious if there would be any interest in playing a DraftKings Fantasy League. I play DraftKings DFS weekly, mostly just for fun, and I wanted to see if any spies would be interested in doing a free league next season. It looks pretty easy to create a league and set up weekly contests. If I remember correctly you do have to put $5 in a DraftKings account to begin (but if you're not into sports betting no one says you have to spend it). If anyone is interested or already plays DK and wants to join just let me know and I'll start a league and post a link here.
  24. I had a G400 LST and the G410 Plus, and G410 LST and all were very similar in length. The G410 models might have been a touch longer but I had much better control with the G400.
  25. Posted my final review as well. Feel free to follow up with questions.
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