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  1. What gives you the most distance all things equal. I have been gaming a set ping g10s since they first came out but I got the itch this year and decided to purchase some new irons. I tried a few out including z765 and 718 AP2s and loved them both but my wallet didn't so I ended up purchasing a set of Nike Vr Combos for a pretty good price and to get a feel for a less forgiving club with a shaft that better suits my swing and gives me time to save up to upgrade later. Should I expect a distance loss by switching to Cbs from the G10s if the lofts are the same? (the nikes are 1 deg weaker) I played a round taking quite a few shots with my buddy's 690 Mbs and I found I gained half a club even though they play with 2 degrees weaker. This was the opposite of what I expected. The Ap2 and 765s both with half a club further as well but I assumed that was because of new tech and better fitting shaft. I will follow up with some stats and reviews once I get a few rounds with my Nike combos.
  2. I putt with my lead hand low as well. I find if have both my index fingers pointing straight down it helps with comfort and confidence because it allows me to set up with the same grip. But that being said I had to stop taking practice swings when putting to stop my yips.
  3. Love panthers run. Play it everytime I head down to naples. Did you get one of the summer memberships that gives you access to lots of courses in the area? I really like tpc treviso and the courses at twin eagles but they are nearly impossible to get on in prime season. Played the famous old corckscrew in march and got my ass kicked.
  4. I can't recommend the two courses enough. Just be prepared to play in a 3 club wind, luckily the fairways are huge and there is infinite ways to play most holes. The island is a great place to visit too. Lots of great food and culture.
  5. I have played these for three rounds now and am a big fan. Two rounds were in decent winds. (over 20mph). This is the best wind ball I have played and surpass the bridgestone b330. They are very similar off the tee but the AVX goes farther when you really connect. Where is excels compared to the b330 is with irons and wedge play, I feel like I can control the level of spin I want on the ball. Not the same kind of control as a prov1 or prov1x with short shots. It feels a little harder when you put but it doesn't bother me. Since I play near the ocean these will be in my bag often.
  6. I am a bit of a wild hitter sometimes so as you can imagine I get a lot of jokes about my Lost hat when I am searching for my ball. But it is a great hat I picked up in Maui. I have a huge head so it is hard for me to find hats that fit well. Picked up the ping when my old white one needed to be retired. I am never buying a white hat again. Got these Hemlock hats for hanging out by the pool or at the beach but I ended up wearing the one on the right during a for fun scramble as a bit of a joke but now the black one is in my rotation for regular rounds. It keeps sweat and sun out of my eyes, it is light and breezy and putting with it on is like cheating. It has a adjustable string on the bottom to help stay on in the wind. I am a walker and prefer wearing this hat to a sun umbrella. You will get some comments, but I have never been told anything negative. I do take the hats off for full swings, but I leave it on for all chipping and putting. And for my fellow watermelon heads, one size does fit all. (for reference I wear 7 ¾ hats and there is still room in this thing)
  7. Stay away from underarmour gloves they rip as soon as they get wet. Take your glove off as soon you are done your shot. On extremely hot and sweaty days I will actually put on my rains gloves and soak them with my water bottle. I am already drenched in sweat so the extra wetness doesn't bother me. It is a bonus if you sweat more because more water equals more grip with rain gloves.
  8. Dan Nova Scotia Canada Ping G10, AWT Stiff Shaft. green dot 7 iron goes 175 yrds. I would love to try these out and see if they will help me with my distance control.
  9. This is my personal experience. Driver ss 115mph, 7 iron ss 87mph AVX - Just got a bunch of these on demo day and I love these. This is the best ball i have ever hit into a wind. Not the most feel around the green but not bad. Feels a bit hard off the putter. Chrome Soft - Great ball around the green. Can spin these like crazy. Not my favorite ball to drive because of the spin but if I want to just control my shots it works well. (I am not a fan of chromesoft x but I have only played a few rounds with them.) TP5 - Great ball when I am playing well but if I loose my swing and hit a big slice these are gone. I am already a high hitter and these seem to go to the moon for me. Since I play in wind most of the time I don't often keep these in the bag.
  10. Hi from Cape Breton I play at my home course twice a week and am about a 10 handicap. I just had a daughter so had to reduce my activities to just 1 which is golf. She comes to the course with me sometimes. I have been looking at getting some new irons and that is what brought me here. My 11 year old G10s still work great but I want to play something that has a bit more control. I tried the 718 Ap2 at a demo day and loved them but it is hard for me to try new clubs since I live in an isolated area. If you have any questions about golf in Cape Breton let me know. Everyone knows to play Cabot and Highlands but the hidden gem is the lakes. So if you are planing a trip here to play Cabot add a round at the lakes to the schedule. It is a top 50 course in Canada imo.
  11. Tier 1. Dustin Johnson Tier 2. Bryson Dechambeau Tier 3. Rafa Cabrera Bello Tier 4. Adam Hadwin Tier 5. Mackenzie Hughes Winner: -9
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