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  1. Great comments - yes when we have a great round going we can become slower, but once you discover most of those times your slowing down to analyze killed the round, you realize flow is everything. Speed of play, flow starts with dropping off partner at his ball and going to hit yours - watch carts, they sit and yack and then go to the next players ball. Change of rules is helping like flagstick in - drop. Does slow play impact game, complaint I hear the most, takes too long, not about rushing, twosome can play easy in 3 to 3 1/2 hours relaxing. Tour pros -- putting routine, line on ball for lineup -- great aide but then watch public golf and see guys copy and many it does not matter - still miss. More golf is more fun - the scores come from more play even those who do not work on their game get better playing more - therefore speeding up the game to me will lead to more golf, more satisfaction, more cash to courses. More rounds keep the cost down - dreamer maybe I am - and condition, even rough condition should not slow up play. Tough conditions, can impact speed of play, but then if golfers thrive on it and are prepared then does not slow down - you mark where your ball entered the rough, you make shots to the middle of the green. I am strong advocate of firm greens --- SEEMS TOO MANY EITHER THINK SOMEONE WILL COME OUT TO FIX THEIR MARKS or there are too many bad backs in my area of the country. Fast and firm greens --- I know good and bad putting comes from my either having it or not - stroke and read. .
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