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  1. Loved your review. As for the grips, is something i´m currently looking at so i will check these out
  2. This comes in their complete set, Don´t know much more... And the Ladies set
  3. It really looks astonishing. I´m glad you liked it, where you guiding yourself by the reference '' sticks '' ? I believe only a few courses in Algarve use the double marking with a color for meters and another for yards. As a reference for everyone reading this post we use a mark on the post for every 50 meters 50 Meters = 54.680665 Yards so its 5 more yards that what your used to right?
  4. It´s what we call a white Brand... like Kirkland @ costco... a brand that manufacturers for a specific company anything they want. We have a Sports supplies chain called Decathlon ( it´s a French company ) and Inesis is their low cost brand. The models you see are this year golf shoes models. Last year they had #2 at different colors.
  5. @SeeMore Putts Have you played in Portugal yet? How was it?
  6. Can you confirm if it was the Pinhal Golf course?
  7. One by one i´ll get there. I´m also kind of hard to please when it comes to shoes and sneakers. And when it comes to golf shoes i´m also trying to find the kind i like. This is my 3rd pair in 1 year of golfing. The first ones were kind of soccer shoes with rubbers indentations, the 2nd was a spike less brown casual shoe and these are my first with spikes. 1st 2nd 4th will be between this... or these It´s also kind of hard to get good golf shoes at an affordable price. We have Portuguese brands with good looking shoes but expensive, and not so many golf shops around. The pro-shops at the clubs don´t have that much of variety.
  8. Quite firm when hitting, Very comfortable. They are the wide type.
  9. I bought a box of TM project (s) for Christmas and played a round with them. Nice feel and nice ball flight. Paid 25€ for them ( 12 balls ), but since i usually use the cheapest on the market i would like to see your opinion on them.
  10. Just a question on the provocation side of the rule..... New Rule: Players continue to drop a ball when taking relief, but the dropping procedure is changed in several ways as detailed in Rule 14.3: How a ball may be dropped is simplified; the only requirement is that the ball be let go from knee height so that it falls through the air and does not touch any part of the player’s body or equipment before it hits the ground. If i squat and drop it at bent knees height, they can´t actually say i´m wrong !?!? I Know it´s pushing the common sense but i would like to see the arguments.
  11. I started following Phil's tips and i´m getting a great ball contact, that alone improved my approach shots.
  12. HI, I just bought this... Any comments?
  13. You can send the Big Shot Tuned Golf my way please?!?!?!
  14. Will there be a future Driver vs Driver contestant among you ??
  15. This amateur status rules... I don´t get it´s existence in terms of publicity and all. I mean, should competitive golf only be open to whoever just plays Golf? If I have a office 9-5 job and still get to train golf and play as good as anyone else on Tour why can´t I? Why isn´t it like tennis where you get a ranking and there are different tournaments per ranking, and amateurs are all that don´t register in the federation? just asking...
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