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  1. I honestly love this response! I think this forum is big enough to respond and react to those posts you want to and ignore others. I just don't think some things are worth the time and energy expended by arguing. I'm a fairly opinionated person...at least in my mind, but also have a filter that allows me to thoughtfully formulate a response or tells me just to be quiet when the need arises. I have a difficult time with people I call "the smartest person in the room", those who are always right and you should see things their way and they have no desire to respectfully listen to the opinions of others. I know on this forum I'm probably on the low end of the golf knowledge scale compared to other members. I find it to be a great way to increase said knowledge and listen to the wisdom of others. Mostly I love being here to just share stories. There's a lot of people here I consider friends and I care about the happenings in their life. In glad to see you sticking around @BIG STU, there's no reason to let a bad apple ruin the bunch.
  2. I've been hit twice, once was a yellow jacket when I was a teenager and playing ball in the neighborhood. Sucker landed on my ear and I reached up to crush him...that was a mistake. Another time was by a wasp, I was under a shed looking at a boat and got tagged. I feel for you Alan.
  3. Great round Tom! It sounds like you made a great decision to get the new Titleist driver, it sounds like it's a beast for you. I can't say I blame you for giving up walking until it cools down. The Tennessee humidity is brutal. I was sweating profusely on the range today and saw an older gentlemen getting ready to go out and walk. I wanted to ask him if he was crazy.
  4. I was able to get out today and hit balls for the first time in almost two weeks. With our car being sick and my wife being nervous about his health, I felt like my priorities should be focused at home. On a good note, he doesn't have congestive heart failure. His electrolytes were low and the vets think the fluid on his lungs was caused by a steroid shot he had gotten a week or so prior. Sorry for getting off track, we'll now return to our regularly scheduled programming. After a combination of months of bad play and the amount of shanks I've hit recently, I was honestly shaking once I got to the range. Today was about trying to calm the nerves, build a better pre shot routine, and relaxing. I started out hitting some wedges to warm the body up, but with 88 degree temperatures and a real feel of 97, I was pretty warm. Moved on to 9 iron and started to see some fairly good results after a few shots and this was a group of 4 shots that I hit after applying more spray to the face. The 7 iron wasn't quite as good and I won't complain since I was seeing no shanky marks on the face. Hit some 5 wood shots and they were a step above meh, just a little pull hooky. I didn't hit driver today, I actually left about a quarter of my bucket sitting because I felt like I was beginning to overheat. I had a couple of shanks with my 8 iron but did end the session with a pured shot. It was great to get out and actually hit shots that my Mizuno's deserve.
  5. Happy Birthday guys! I hope you both have a great day.
  6. I went with the cop out answer and voted for the Ping i525. I know from seeing past photos of your bag that you've gamed Ping irons. It was a tough poll to vote on just because there's so many good choices. I'm hoping it might be the Cobra, Titleist, or Sub70. Whatever you are getting, thanks for putting up this post and I can't wait to see the big reveal.
  7. Great round @Kenny B! It sounds like your driving and irons were on fire. Not gonna lie, but I had to look up the irons and that's one good looking set. Now you just need to get out and try harder to get under par, El Conquistador.
  8. I walk into work with one of my buddies on the line every morning and he's gracious enough to listen to me talk a lot of golf. Today, he sent me a photo of a scorecard where he played his first ever round. He shot 61 and made par on the third hole. I'm pretty excited for him right now.
  9. South Dakota and their love of range balls has me at a loss for words.
  10. I can't say I blame you, enjoy some time with family and I hope you have a safe trip heading across the country. I couldn't imagine making that trek around the 4th.
  11. Congratulations! I hope you find another home soon where you can build wonderful memories with your family.
  12. Congratulations on the ace, Rob! It's a shame you didn't see it sink, but I bet it was a good feeling walking up and seeing it nestled in the bottom of the cup.
  13. Here's a photo of the mat where you can see how it looks from a thickness view and so you can see how the surface of the mat is made up. I'm honestly happy with my purchase. Would I have preferred something like a real feel mat? Sure. But the price difference between the Dura Pro and it was a factor for me. Hopefully you can find one that works well for you and you'll be happy with the one you get.
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