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  1. 8 minutes ago, Kenny B said:


    Went to our only golf shop in town when the Masters went into weather delay.  Thought I'd try a few drivers before I head to Portland to see what I end up with.

    I wanted to try the Ping G425, but...



    Nothing to try!!  The shop owners said that they have had Ping clubs on order since November.  You would think they would at least have a couple of demos lying around.  I tried the Cobra Rad and  Rad B.  It was OK, but not much different than my 5 year old Bridgestone in performance.  A couple of weeks ago, I tried the Titleist TSi2 driver and it's still at the top of my list.  I really want to compare the TSi2 to the Ping G 425.  I might be going to Portland in the next week or two... looking for good weather for a round with @rbsiedsc and/or @twyatt700 and/or any Spys in the Portland/Vancouver area.

    Hopefully you'll get to try the G425 out, I saw a guy absolutely killing one on the range last weekend. The distance wasn't the most impressive thing, it was the dispersion. Fairway ball after fairway ball. But then again, the TSi2 would be high up on my list of drivers to try if I was in the market for one. 

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  2. Just now, cksurfdude said:

    You've probably all seem this but I just couldn't resist ...


    I just want to be able to drive my weight, so I guess I'm going on a diet. 

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  3. Just now, PMookie said:

    Turns out they’re Footjoy, and it looks like there is a little cushioning in the heel.



    I like the looks of them, very classy. I just couldn't see the branding and after seeing that photo, it's tiny. Thank you!

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  4. 10 minutes ago, PMookie said:

    Watching “featured groups” on the app and I see Horschel. How does he walk miles, and miles in shoes that look like they have zero cushioning in them? 

    I was trying to figure out what brand they were, but they do look uncomfortable. 

    I've been enjoying watching Phil work his magic around the green, that bump shot was superb. 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

    We’ve had some serious convos about doing it lol.....wE might have to now we got Enough subscribers right here to do some damage!

    I think it would be interesting to hear the two of you talking golf and taking jabs at each other. Over the last month or so, I've become addicted to the Chasing Scratch podcast and you two would be right up my alley. 

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  6. On 4/5/2021 at 2:05 PM, B.Boston said:

    We've joked around that we should start a YouTube channel...






    +some bad golf shots



    I'd subscribe, smash the like button, and hit the bell notification just to see you two on a YouTube channel. 


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  7. @Rtracymog excellent review and it was well worth the wait. Hopefully once the golf season opens up for your team, you'll see them pounding balls into the net. I think it's an excellent idea to use the net for those times you don't have a range. I'm planning on using mine for that on the days I play Falcon Pointe (which I will from now on call Eagle Fang, thank you Cobra Kai) here in town because they don't have a range. 

    Like you, I can see why it was rated so highly by MGS and honestly could have easily been #1, imho. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    What course is this?

    It's Chatata Valley here in Cleveland. The other local course opened back up a couple of weekends ago, but this is the nicer one in town. 

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