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  1. John Wellesley Massachusetts i walk 100% of the time and carry my bag. Age and old injuries make it more and more difficult. This could be a great solution.
  2. John-Boston MA iphone X will use indoors with a net as well as outdoors
  3. John from Boston. I have not used a hitting net before, however I am interested in setting it up indoors for winter and my yard next spring. I do not have a launch monitor, however if I am a tester, I will probably get one.
  4. John Wellesley Massachusetts 8 handicap Mizuno JPX 919 Forged T200
  5. People in cart don't know proper golf etiquette. They take their club out, hit the ball, then walk back and put the club away. They take too long. Some people take too long sorting out their distances I think the biggest issue is the people who are supposed to enforce slow play work at the club and they don't want to upset the members. When you tee off at a certain time, you should know when you should be teeing off on the 4th hole, the 8th hole etc. Give people clear expectations.
  6. John - Boston MA 9 HDCP/106 MPH SS Titleist D2 driver Epic Flash Sub Zero
  7. John Wellesley, MA, USA 9 handicap Play Mizuno JPX 900 Interested in Ping i500
  8. John from Massachusetts Age 60 Handicap 9 Mizuno JPX 900 5 thru Gap Calloway 54 & 60 Mac Daddy wedges
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