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  1. In no particular order: Kirtland CC - Kirtland, OH Brookside CC - Canton, OH Virtues GC - Nashport, OH Hermitage GC (President’s Reserve) - Hermitage, TN Sleepy Hollow - Brecksville, OH Elyria CC - Elyria, OH *Boulder Creek GC - Streetsboro, OH Beechmont CC - Beachwood, OH Mayfield CC - Mayfield, OH Diamondback GC - Abilene, TX Scheduled to play Caledonia and True Blue in July. I’d venture to say they make an appearance on my list after. *Many complaints with operations/management but the golf course is unique for NE Ohio public golf
  2. I've been researching making a move to graphite. Haven't swung a graphite shafted iron in 20 years. I had my first experience with both shafts today at the area big box retailer. Unfortunately it came in the form of two different heads. I was able to try a Steelfiber i110s in a Mizuno JPX921 Tour. First let me say, what a great looking iron. I would have no problems putting them in the bag right now. As for the shaft, I think the thing I've seen the most was how 'boardy' the shaft is. For reference, I currently play KBS Tour X 130. IMO, the Steelfiber i110 is every bit as smooth as the KBS. Honestly, I was surprised. I've never gotten along with PX or C Taper and I fully expected the SF to feel that way. Not even close. It was really, really good. There was no chance to play over-length or upright so I wasn't concerned about ball flight too much. That said, I was still launching between 16-17*. My fitting last year was producing 15-16* with 6800 spin. Next I tried the Recoil 110 F4 in an Apex Pro. Also a great looking iron. Definitely a player's iron. And the shaft...I really expected it to be better. It felt really light and I had no idea where the clubhead was. Results were all over the place. After everything I had read, I fully expected the opposite of everything that happened today. Now comes the part that is probably going to ruffle some feathers in this community. Maybe it's anecdotal (not likely), but my experience today confirms the need to, maybe not be fit, but at the least test equipment before you buy it. The latest podcast consisted of selling the idea of online fitting. Now they obviously have a vested interest in that market but I gotta say, I read pretty much everything I could find from reviews, to blog posts, forum posts, marketing videos, comparing CPM readings. I exhausted my search results over the course of about a week. Everything about what I prefer and have liked so far in golf equipment was saying that there was a very good chance that I was going to prefer Recoil over Steelfiber and that was completely false. All of that being said, I'm aware of the Recoil Proto models and it's possible those will be better than the Steelfibers. I haven't been able to find access to those to test outside of purchasing one. But to me, the more important take away was I didn't expect to like the Steelfiber i110 as much as I did. Testing is not done though. I will move on and pick up a single shaft and build one to my preferred specs. TL;DR Personal experience with equipment beats assumptions and generalizations. Test products in hand before trusting what others say/believe you should play
  3. Unfortunately, I have no insight to your question. But I will be following because I'm interested as well. I just purchased a 110 F5 to test out. Mind me asking what shafts you played previously? I was fit in KBS Tour X in 2010. Have played them ever since. I'm only going to be 36 but I'm having elbow/shoulder issues due to the harshness of my steel shafts. I found an older set of CBs 2 years ago and switched heads from what I was playing. Flushing one feels amazing but missing it even a little bit hurts. Did a little research and I think my strike height is a little high for them. So I'm going back to the first heads for now and make the switch to graphite shafts. I also played the best golf of my life with them so trying to bring back some of those feels
  4. I also have KBS Tour X shafts in my irons. If you want a test shaft that won't break the bank you can go back a few years and try a Fubuki J. I played a Fubuki in my R9 Supertri going back 10 years. High bombs. Played it for a few years. Took some time off of playing much due to starting a family and started upgrading my bag again last year. Didn't have the cash to grab the newest shafts but I found a Fubuki J and a grabbed a TS2 head and it's back to high bombs. I play the 70g model but you can get one in the 60g range. I think it's like 64g actual weight. As I understand it, it has a little bit higher balance point so the swing weight will be a little lower
  5. There are a few threads about the MMTs already. If you search, I'm sure you will find something. I know the 125s release was delayed a bit so there might be not much about that model specifically. They are incredibly difficult to find online. You may need to get with an authorized MCA dealer
  6. Any idea on balance points between the Steelfiber and Recoil? I will be playing overlength (likely 1", certainly in the wedges/short irons). I really wish there was more "lab" data for the Recoils. I've found some on the Prototype but they are nearly twice the price. This is a somewhat budget build and I'm just in the testing phase
  7. Sorry to bring up an old topic but I've been in a deep dive the last couple of days. I need to transition to graphite shafts or quit playing. Obvious choice there. I've seen you post that chart a couple of times and wanted to make sure I'm reading it correctly. The higher the number, the 'stiffer' it is in that section correct? I currently play KBS Tour X (have for 10 years). I look at the comp between the Tour S and Steelfiber 110 and it looks pretty darn close. I could probably roughly estimate what the numbers on the Tour X would be and I've have to think they would be very close to the same profile as the SF 110x. That sharp turn up in stiffness in the tip section has me a bit concerned though. I have played DG s300's in a pinch before and they are fine. Never really tried an x100 though. From what I tell, the x100 actually has a softer tip compared to the s300. However the s300 has a much softer upper tip/lower mid section.
  8. Jeremy Streetsboro, OH Titleist TS2 10.5 with Fubuki J 70x 1.3 index 113-115 TSi2
  9. I have a set of R9 TP irons that I still play and bought a set of 690.cbs a couple of years ago to tinker with. Consistency wise, the R9s are my go to. But the feel of the 690s when struck perfectly can’t be beat. I’m in the process now of doing some shaft rearranging. The DGs make the 690s very hard for me to get a decent launch angle. I may take one of my KBS Tours from the R9s and do some testing. I also have a couple of various older wedges that I can stick in a bag to help fill it out. I’ve also been adding to my Titleist driver “collection”. I have a 983K, 905T, and a 909 D2. None of which I hit particularly well (shaft selection is key) but I love the look and feel when struck well. I was also given a full set of Titleist Lite 100s, persimmon woods included by someone at my church. Haven’t swung them more than a couple of times but I have them in case I get the itch to play some throwback golf.
  10. Been really close to switching out my R9 SuperTri with Fubuki shaft. Just really felt like a I was losing distance. Then I noticed it in my irons. Switched balls and right back to where I was. R9 stays!
  11. 1. Jeremy - Ohio 2. Footjoy DryJoy Jacket and Pants (unlined) 3. State sectional tournament, 2001. End of September. Temp was about 40 degrees and the rain started as snow.
  12. - Jeremy, Ohio - TaylorMade RBZ Tour Spoon - Fubuki Alpha Stiff, Cobra Fly Z VLCT Stiff - 13 degree, 15 degree
  13. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Marc Leishman Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Si Woo Kim Tier 5: Mackenzie Hughes Winning Score: -9
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