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  1. Buddy / TX Callaway XR16 Pro / 9.5 / Fujikura PRO60 / stiff 9 hdcp / 104 SS driver , LM data periodically at PGA Superstore Use ShotScope V2 Haven't played Tour Edge Driver before.
  2. Buddy / TX / 20+ Instagram and Twitter 9 handicap / 104 speed driver Taylormade M1, Rescue 19*, Ping i200 irons, Ping Tour Gorge 56, Zing2 putter Driver/FW/Hybrid (prefer one-length), conventional length irons preferred but would also love to test one-length, King wedges 56/60, cart bag or stand bag
  3. 1. Buddy, TX 2. 9 handicap 105 speed 3. Driver is 2016 TaylorMade M1 / V2 shaft stiff 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero please.
  4. Like the thinking of this post. Par, IMHO, IS most definitely an irrelevant concept. Makes too many people think some strokes carry different values, last I checked they do not. Although - I've made a fourteen on a hole, and know that last putt to avoid a 15 was as important to me psychologically as any I've ever made. Otherwise I was headed to the funny farm! For the record, I injured my achilles the hole before, but I 'held on' to shoot 84 that day.
  5. Not to belabor a prior point (my own point ) You just should go into a bay at your local retailer and hit several balls. Whichever ones you are considering on any level. You'll have numbers to go by which actually will translate to performance on the course that may surprise you. Several good options have been thrown out there, but if cost is a priority I really recommend refurbished balls. Unless you throw out your game ball after the first few shots every time (hitting into a pond on accident doesn't count) then you won't see any difference at all.
  6. A lot depends on how it is sitting obviously and the thickness of the grass on the target line it may interact with if launched too low. I would say if you are having troubles: 1) More weight forward, regardless of club to steepen your attack. 2) Consider a less aggressive goal and use a more lofted club (7-SW). Play to a great spot for your most high percentage next shot. If the rough is that high, and your shot out is wayward, you are just compounding your issues. Short shots around the green from thick rough are some of the tougher shots, as you likely know so getting up around the green in that junk is not always a winner either. Hybrids and other lower lofted clubs are far more likely to go wayward than a short conservative shot - which brings in high numbers. Give yourself a putt at par or bogey instead of trying a hero shot. IT IS ROUGH, that is part of dealing with rough - it is penal. Let other players blow up while you minimize damage.
  7. Changed width of my stance tonight - latest of 2 million breakthrough moments that likely flashes hot and fizzles when I go to show it off.

  8. That would freak me out. But is nonetheless intriguing. So, out of curiosity, what does it do when you bang into one of those red probes???
  9. I'd simply recommend going to your local retailer. I am fortunate to be near a PGA superstore ...... Get on the monitor and hit several different balls. At least 5 for good reference. I used recommendations found here and elsewhere but also paid a visit to the major ball manufacturers websites. I used their online fitting for reference prior. The recommendations were not 100% accurate but got me in the ballpark. My experience necessitated a switch from ProV1x to Bridgestone 330S. The comparison in distance along with spin rates, which translated to easier distances and better dispersion were jaw-dropping. AS FOR THE PRICE ..... Anyone not at least open to buying refurbished balls is throwing away money. I find those on Amazon for $10-15/dozen depending on current pricing at all times. It is essentially like using a ball after your first or second hole with it. With prettier paint. They have most brands.
  10. Buddy Fort Worth, TX, U.S. 13 handicap Wilson FG V2 4-P, KBS - Stiff PING choice is i210 Please and Thank you !!!
  11. Bryan - Fort Worth, TX Age - 47, HDCP - 11 Your current iron set/makeup Cobra Forged-Tec Black irons, 5-GW(C-taper120 S) Thank you !
  12. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Webb Simpson Tier 3: Charlie Hoffman Tier 4: Kyle Stanley Tier 5: Joaquin Niemann Winning Score: -15
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