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  1. Damian Pennsylvania USA 20 PXG 140
  2. My Name is Damian Jackson. I have been playing for 5 years. I was forced into the game through work. I'm an attorney and my firm sponsors an outing for clients. One of my partners had to withdraw from the tournament for the birth of his grandchild. I had 2 months to try and become respectable (not get laughed at). I started out with a used set of clubs off of ebay that i bought just because the ad said "super forgiving". They were a set of hybrid/irons. Since I have upgraded twice. Once was a set of cobra max and then last year because I read your posts saying go get fit I am now in some PXGs. Unfortunately I het them better them anything else (unfortunate because of the price tag). I play a pro v1 after reading your the golf ball review and hearing soft is slow. I used to play the volvik matte green or the callaway chrome soft. Because of my work I travel all over the country and usually play wherever I can. I have visited all 50 states (havent played in all). I take lessons and my handicap is coming down. I think I'm a good fit because of more of your average golfer that is trying to get better who follows your site for tips to get better and not waste money.
  3. Damian - Philadelphia, PA 95 Pro V1x Preference: Tour X
  4. are the upgraded shafts that much better than stock shafts from OEM manufacturers. and If I have a upgraded shaft will that be a good shft for me regardless of driver head?
  5. Damian -Philadelphia/PA handicap -20 current Cleveland desired 50 56 60
  6. Damian - Philly Current Volvik & Callaway Chrome Soft X Want more ball speed
  7. Taylormade M4 driver, 3 wood and 6 Hybrid Cobra Irons 7-GW Cleveland 56 -58 Damian - Philadelphia id like ping i500
  8. Welcome to the forums djaxgolf21 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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