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  1. Reducing price. Will take $100!
  2. What do you guys think these are worth? trying to sell on other markets ...
  3. I have three woods, 1, 3, 5 in good condition. Asking $150 for all three.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I’m going to book a lesson/ fitting for my driver and see if I can get straighten out! I’ve been hitting farther than ever this year, but also high hooks come out of nowhere and ruin my confidence and round.
  5. I recently bought new irons, and was fitted for the first time. They have stiff flex shafts, would this indicate that my driver (and other clubs) should be stiff too?
  6. Driver Mizuno JPX 900 3 Wood Taylormade RBZ stage 2 4 hybrid Cleveland Mashie W-5i Ping G410 (new this year) 54* Ping Gorge Tour 58* Mizuno JPX Putter Nike Method Midnight 007 Only 12 clubs, I recently replaced my irons and opted out of the UW/50*. I’ll have to replace it once I decide what I like. Everything else is working for me, not sure what I would need for a 14th club.
  7. I haven’t been able to break 90 in a few years, pre-parent days, and it’s only happen a few times. Lately I’ve been playing great, just not getting it done. Last night though, things were clicking. 42 on the front and never made a putt. Back nine things got a little dicey, a couple blow up holes, unlucky bounce, one bad swing, actually grabbed my nine instead of six . I’m nine over through 7, I can bogey the last two for a 47 and get it done! AND they blow the horn for lightning in the area.... my net score forces me to post double bogey, bogey for 90 on the nose. Blue balled and bitter!
  8. “AWT 2.0 S Nippon Shaft” Admittedly all I knew was stiff steel, and I had to go look to reply.
  9. So playing with borrowed K-28s for four weeks didn’t do my swing any favours. But now I’ve had my new G410s for about a month and I’m finally starting to hit them solid. Improvements from my 7 year old Ping Karstens; slightly smaller head looks better at address (but also looks good in the bag) , sounds and feels SO much better. I flushed a 6 into the middle of the green on our longest par 3 the other night, it sounded and felt better than any shot I’ve ever hit. Another bonus is that my distances have remained about the same as my old clubs.As far as improved results/miss hits its too early to tell, but I should also attribute some success to finally being fitted. I have no regrets, glad I got off my wallet and got fitted for these clubs.
  10. CoCoRover


    If you are looking at buying a pair of SQAIRZ use Coupon Code "STOCKFORD" at checkout to save $10.
  11. A great recovery shot! After hitting a great drive into the middle of the fairway, I managed to block my 8i way right. I was up against a tree, but on the edge of the cart path! I’m 15-20 yards short right, my relief wasn’t great, I need to chop it out and our greens are lighting quick right now. So my plan was to hit it into the mound to slow it down, hop on, hope for the best. It worked out exactly how i planned, and I drained the 10 ft downhill slider to save par!
  12. My buddy and I started this as a competition. He's much better than I am 5 cap v. 20 cap. So we set it up like this; only count on rounds we play together, I have to par all 18 before he birdies the easiest 15. The setup is leaned towards me for sure, but its still a fun side match we keep and allows us to play different formats with other golfers at the same time. 4 rounds in, I have 7 holes remaining he has 10.
  13. Thanks for the great reviews. I tested a few irons earlier this spring and landed on the G410s. We had a ping fitter at the club last week size me up for stiff flex, green dot. This was my first fitting, I’m replacing my 6 yo Karstens in regular flex black dot. Waiting patiently for them to arrive.
  14. There are lots of good used options, I would suggest looking for irons with the correct flex shaft. Get a lesson ask the pro what they think you should get. I am shooting in the high 90s and always thought regular flex was what I should be playing based solely on my scoring abilities. I recently was fitted for the first time (always played off the rack or used) the fitter from Ping ordered me stiff shaft. I have the speed and he said regular flex was actually promoting/exaggerating my over the top motion . I’m still learning too, no expert. But that’s my experience. Can’t wait for my new sticks to arrive!
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