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  1. I agree with you both. But how you are forced to play a hole, and your opportunities at scoring are all determined by that initial shot. One of my proudest holes ever was one I went OB off the tee on a 450yard uphill par 4, had to go back and re-tee, and made 3 great shots for a bogey. All shots are of import, but which one determines how the rest are forced to be played.
  2. But a bad tee shot has a significant impact on your ability to hit a GIR. I would never argue an approach isnt important, but the determining factor of how you play a hole, what options are available to you, and the percentage chance of hitting a GIR is determined by your tee shot.
  3. I would agree for US Majors. I'm an Open Championship guy. Completely different style of golf that we don't see in the US.
  4. The US Open should not be played on ANY course constructed in the past 30 years. NONE....No Chambers Bay, No Erin Hills. They have to demonstrate the ability to stand the test of time, develop some nuance.
  5. The most important shot in golf is the tee shot, not the short game. Everything you do on a hole is determined by that first shot. If you spend 2 shots making up for a bad drive your chances at par are cut by 90+%. Hit a good tee shot, a reasonable second, and you have the ability to 2 putt or get up and down for par. If you're threading a shot between trees or are in a deep fairway bunker, your chance at a good hole is seriously impaired.
  6. 2019 Early Season edition Cobra F9 -Smoke Black shaft Cobra F8 3w - Evenflow Blue Cobra FLY-Z XL 5W- (AKA TheGator) Titleist T-MB 3i - X100 Ping iBlade 5-PW PS Loft - KBS Tour Stiff Titleist SM7 50F-54F-58S Ping SigmaG Cut Blues were in the bag....Now based on the ball test we'll see if they stay. I Haven't seen the peeling that the ball test showed.
  7. I happened upon a sleeve of these and tried them down in Myrtle on bermuda and back home in PA on bent. The distance was somewhat astonishing. It was a good bit longer than my normal Bridgestone tour. I was not really impressed by the spin off the wedges around the green. However, I would say is that the performance on the bermuda was very good, but on my club's small, fast, bentgrass greens it was tough to control distance and runout consistently.
  8. My daughter (a 10hcp) was looking for a new putter and we went to the PGA superstore earlier this summer and probably tried 50 different ones. The Cure was the only one she really liked and it had a lot to do with the ability to minimize the weight. She likes a lighter putter and doesn't mind a larger head. She also likes a center shaft so I ordered the RX4 a couple weeks ago and surprised her with it and she promptly drained 12 out of 13 ten footers. She hasn't played a lot of rounds with it yet but she feels like it has saved her at least 2-3 strokes per and she is very confident with it. I
  9. Steven Pennsylvania 44YO 6.8 hcp Ping iBlade Blue Dot, KBS Tour, Stiff 114g, TM UDI 18 degree, Callaway Fusion Driver. Titleist SM7 Wedges (50-54-58)
  10. Steven Pennsylvania, USA Ping iBlade Blue Dot, KBS Tour, Stiff 114g 170 yards
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