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Hey all, 

So I started playing golf after playing "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004" all winter, and then when the spring finally came around I was like "Lets do this s*** for real!" It was astonishingly easier in the video game, but I caught the bug...hard. Basically all I did for the next 10 years was eat, sleep and breathe golf. After the first season of playing golf, I was starting to get pretty ok at getting the ball into the air instead of "chunking" or "worm burning" my way to the green. The second season was much better. I started beating all my friends so I decided (after seeing 100 commercials on The Golf Channel) to get a degree in golf through "The Golf Academy of America". Fast forward 2 years I played a lot of golf drank a lot of beer and got a degree in "Golf Complex Management" basically a degree in being a club pro. I built custom clubs, gave lessons all that jazz. Worked at a couple really nice courses, TPC Scottsdale, TPC Boston, Crumpin Fox Club, Waccabuc Country Club. Got to meet and play 9 holes with Annika Sorenstam, told Paula Creamer's Dad accidently that I wanted to marry her, and had tons of fun on the way. My golf game has gone through lots of swing changes and handicap changes. I've been a 20+ handicap to a scratch and now I'm around a 12. After being in the golf world for a bit I realized unless I was a Head pro I wasn't going to make any money and I had a baby girl on the way, so I joined the Air Force and traveled the world for 4 years. Now I'm a Husband and Dad of 2 little girls who already love golf! I'm trying to get my game back down to par but I play for the love of the game now and being able to meet people and if I can give them a couple tips here and there.

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