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  1. Two totally separate thoughts from watching this whole thing (which was hard to do)... 1) Someone came off pretty badly in this whole episode... and it wasn't Ryan. 2) There is never enough emphasis placed on THE BUILD!!! I'm a very knowledgeable low single digit. I can go to a GC Quad facility and hit a million different irons. I can basically fit myself to within 95% of what a great fitter can do. I can also save over 50% cost by buying from GolfWrx or eBay... and I can even assemble everything myself. Here's the catch... My irons aren't going to be perfectly built to spec in gram weights, swing weights, and exact loft and lies. My ferrules aren't going to look perfect. All of those things is what you should get from a professional builder... along with a complete spec sheet and maybe even a yearly loft/lie tune-up. That should be and sometimes is part of the package deal. It's still not going to be enough to make me spend $1200 on a driver that I can home-job for $500... but it would work for the vast majority of people. Emphasize the build... not just the fitting.
  2. Go to Architects if you want a guaranteed good round. Morgan Hill is a bit wonky in spots.
  3. Jay King of Prussia, PA I walk 50% of rounds (+/- 100/year) Clicgear 4.0
  4. Jay, King of Prussia, PA iPhone 11X Testing Outdoors No net.
  5. Jay Vasil - King of Prussia, PA Had a Sky Caddie X500 and a Garmin watch. Currently use a Bushnell Tour V4
  6. Jay - Pennsylvania 2.2 - 114mph Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 9* - Accra Tour Z X465 M5 45" - GP +4 Align Midsize grip Epic Flash Sub Zero
  7. Jay Pennsylvania Srixon 545s 3i, 5i-PW +3/4", 1.5* upright, Program 130 Matrix 6.5 shafts, Avon Chamois Jumbo grips 7i = 170 yards Ping is a great company with exceptional customer service. Played s59s for years.
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