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    Mid-30's golf addict. Play 1-1.5 rounds per week. Come Monday morning, I can't wait for the next round!

    Firm believer of fixing your swing first, then dial-in with the right equipment.

    Keeping golf fun, accessible and more people playing.
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  1. 1. 7 handicap, Detroit, MI area 2. 1st gen Titleist AP2s, 8-iron 150 yds 3. I learned about Sub70 in the iron reviews from MGS and was pleasantly surprised by their solid rating. I always look for great value in my golf game/gear so this automatically puts Sub70 on my radar (loved finding Decathlon from MGS). Iron play is important to me since I don’t usually use a hybrid/5W. I was very intrigued by the DTC model as Ben Hogan has seen a surge in attention. These Player distance irons really appeal to me: I’m brand-agnostic and like a classic-looking top line with less offset. The black finish is just icing on the cake! If chosen, I’m really excited to share photos, feedback and reviews of these clubs!
  2. Excellent testing opportunity. I’ve been looking to consistently track yardage throughout my bag and this is perfect. My rangefinder app (GolfLogix) is helpful, but not accurate enough and user-input is clunky to track clubs. Really excited to track, improve and share with the group! 8 handicap Detroit, MI Instagram: gram_golf, Facebook Dan Gubasta, Twitter @DG_Ginger 10-12 rounds: 1-1.5 rounds of 18 holes per week, not including range time (1x week) - also 2+ golf outing tournaments with Golf Assn of Michigan Current bag: Ping G20 driver, no fairway woods, Titleist AP2 originals (circa 2009), Cleveland Zipgroove and Titleist SM6 wedges, Cleveland TFI 8.0 putter Cobra Speedzone driver - stiff flex, Speedzone Fairway wood, prefer ForgedTec stiff irons (but happy to test Speedzone stiff flex), King MIM wedges 52/56/60. Thanks for the opportunity to test and share my data!
  3. @Nateyeight Vice has a pretty good ball-fitting widget on their website. Vice Golf check it out, if nothing for the knowledge. I like their offerings and will be placing an order when my supply runs low. If you’re shopping around for balls, consider calling your local golf shop and seeing if they would split up some sleeves. Get a mixed pack of 3-4 different types and swing away! Golf Galaxy has done that for me in the past, as has my local specialty shop Carl’s GolfLand. Carl’s Golf Land
  4. Get the F outa here with those gators...had enough of that when I lived near Dallas and Houston!
  5. Interesting question. Important to remember that Golf is about style and statement as well! @FrogginBullfish @Nic @Bgreen44 When assembling my current set of clubs, I started out with Titleist brand loyalty with some used original AP2s and SM wedges. That quickly moved to Cleveland wedges as I found some used Zipgrooves and a Cleveland TFI 8.0 putter I was fit for. I did purposefully buy a Titleist branded bag though to match the irons. Don’t consider myself brand-loyal, but I did think it was nice to match bag with irons. My big need was a 14-way bag, and just happened to find a Titleist one I liked. Really interested in your thoughts on branding: do you buy something matching your favorite club, or go for a complete-set brand and color scheme?
  6. @Nolan220 You buy from them, or play their outings? Got some great Greyson pullovers really cool. They sent me this “thank you” package. Very smart and cost-effective marketing. You can never say no to stickers and coozies!!!
  7. My best value purchase was a brand new flat stick. Cleveland TFI 2135 8.0 counterweighted 2 years ago for like $150. Excellent quality, feel and alignment in a blade. Finally did a basic fitting and found I needed a counterweight. Fantastic value for the technology and the copper milled face look is killer. Help me out with some likes - trying to get out of the recruit status. Thx!
  8. Great topic! Same as @bacchus, I’ve pared down my bag for walking. Currently have a Scotty Cameron Sunday bag and Callaway light bag with the Titleist 14-way on hold for cart golf in the future. Aside from balls/tees etc. my go-to staples are some snacks (trial mix or granola bar), change of socks ( @GB13 I agree man!) , sports tape for fingers and band aids. Always seem to need something for extra hand grip, or a busted finger. Side-note: veterans, help me out with a like so I can get out of recruit status - been here since 2018!
  9. Live near Royal Oak - NW suburb of Detroit on the Woodward corridor. I’m sure you’re familiar. Great courses state-wide just haven’t hit Ypsi or AA for golf. Both awesome cities! where you live now @PMookie?
  10. Never been to Arizona - definitely on the short list for golf destinations! I have been told about the snakes and spiders, but glad to know the stories are true... may have to bring some extra sleeves of balls. This dude is NOT interested in meeting either in the bushes. What local courses do you suggest? And should I go Scottsdale or check out other cities?
  11. Ig: @gram_golf 2020 Golf: what’s different, better/worse? Interested in other people’s experiences as this season kicks off in many places Any local rule changes? Weird or cool first rounds stories? Changes to your game? How pumped are you for golf (finally!)? I live in SE Michigan and we’ve got strongly-suggested walk, minimal golf carts, and raised cups. Was hoping to test my putting practice out, but speed is still off. SUPER excited to get back on the course: so much so that I froze my ass off in early May in 25 wind-chill weather. Not smart, but...
  12. Appreciated - great cart but can’t afford that.
  13. Appreciated! Been looking @ A few of those stores, but very helpful advice.
  14. Yep. I hear ya. been looking for 2+ weeks. Hey, if nothing else, give me a like so I can be official like you, Dr.
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