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  1. I'm not sure if its been mentioned yet or not but the scores showing right now are for all your players playing right now added together, not just the top four. @GolfSpy STUDque Are you guys aware thats happening? Everyone else: The standings you are seeing currently and the live scoring is wrong so just keep that in mind for now.. Correction: The standings tab is accurately reflecting only 4 players. The Live Scoring section does not.
  2. I think I found it. Standings -> Season stats -> By Period -> choose the tourney. That sorts most points to least for the tourney at hand. Pretty cool. And shows points behind leader.
  3. I can confirm that trading with BnG can be VERY beneficial.
  4. We shall see what the year entails. I've been on a bit of a golf hiatus now that my daughter can walk and talk, hoping to get back into it a little bit in March.
  5. In! Super curious about the "makeup" section. How can you do a draft with dupe players if everyone is in the same division or conference?
  6. I didn't quite make it to 200 for Stud but I still took it home. Thanks everyone for an awesome year and Happy Holidays! Can't wait for fantasy golf to get started again!
  7. I'll take it. My wife's team won our money league last night and it looks very promising that I'll close this one out tonight. My team in my money league ended up dead last so it feels nice to have not been completely bested by my SO. Ha. Maybe I can get me a fantasy golf crown too and be the next BnG.
  8. Just checking in on my score after my extended family Christmas. Can't believe Barkley and Indy D put up those numbers. Wow.
  9. You'd be suprised with my luck ha. I'm terrified to get my hopes up. I've never made it to week 16 in the 5 years I've been playing FF. I always get close and it never happens.
  10. Some tough decisions to make this weekend for starters. Dang. My WR group is impossible to choose from.
  11. I didn't watch the end of the game since I'm east coast. But I woke up and checked the ESPN app as always and noticed the eagles won. Then I checked the stat lines and saw the 2 Ertz TDs and that Saquon basically did nothing and went into panic mode. Until I could get the app open to check the score. Ha. If nothing else it woke me up. Dang.
  12. Crazy day. I guess if my entire team is gonna show up then this is a good day for it. Bad part is I feel like Ive used all the luck I had left.
  13. Good thing he got that TD or else we'd all be doomed. Feels like I dodged a bullet.
  14. Here we go. Taking a shot on Miller tonight since Theilen once again isn't probably isn't playing Sunday. Bleh.
  15. Did I miss you posting he was for sale somewhere? You know you can always come to me to entertain trade offers. History should have lent me some kind of notice... For everyone else, my entire 1st place team is for sale to anyone who has a decent TE to trade me. I will at the very least respond to all offers.
  16. When you have Saquon you have to pay up I felt like. I definitely contributed to that total.
  17. THis worked out well for you @GolfSpy STUDque . Literally 2 hours after our trade....awesome...
  18. I'm curious if anyone has any interest in creating a Slack channel for the league. I know we have this message board but it can be tough to have trade convo's in a timely manner on here. Just throwing it out there to see what people think.
  19. For anyone in Stud, I'm willing to trade Kyler if you are one of the teams in trouble due to injuries.
  20. Took almost a full month off from Golf due to a little bit of burnout but mostly because my child is at an age where I just love spending time with her and I hate to miss anything. But... My in-laws are in due to the hurricane so I went off and played 9 yesterday afternoon and had a great time. Ended up shooting a 47 with 3, 3 putts. So apart from putting ability, it looks like I didn't lose anything due to the time off. I felt great and am getting the driver back under control. It turns out that wrist hinge was causing some massive slices and inaccuracies with my driver, I can't recall if that was the issue during the challenge but the time off helped me pick up some things I may not have been noticing at the time. I'll keep you updated as I get back out there in this freaking gorgeous, almost fall weather.
  21. Shady to the chiefs? Boy the repercussions of that trade are just a rollercoaster this weekend.@blackngold_blood lol.
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