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  1. For that reason alone you need to install a green. Protect your health! Also why I have rubberized mulch surrounding my green - one less place I need to try to mow.
  2. I’d like to revive this topic - especially because golfblueprint.com are now getting some heavy play from the NLU No Laying Up guys as well as the Fried Egg and Shotgun Star.. it also seems they have revamped their pricing structure since @Lakeeriegolferposted a year ago. They offer a month to month at $99 per, or six months for $510. I am super curious if anyone has subscribed and what your results have been? Also, how consistent did you have to be to see those results? Are they full range only practice sessions, or something that can be worked on at home in a net (w/o launch monitor
  3. I just did this in my backyard. Very much an out of the box project. Tom is right, level, level, level, and take your time. Depending on how you build it (kit like mine or DIY) you may have some options/methods to address uneven spots or add breaks. Good luck. You mentioned you are looking at 6*8 in size. You might find that a kit, or something like rolling out BirdieBalls outdoor version might be better. I’d first suggest marking off your desired area to be sure you can do what you want. If you are thinking about 50 yard shots that’s a pretty small target. At least it wo
  4. Really? I’ve found the opposite. I haven’t missed anything but putts since I went to the Link, and the 2nd putts have been very much improved. I clip the link to the bottom of my left front pocket. Ironically I still have phone in that pocket too... (always have the mobile office if I want to play weekday mornings...) When it misses a shot w an iron it’s usually something glitchy w that particular sensor. Sometimes it has come a bit unscrewed.
  5. Clearly the site of the next midwest major championship venue on par with the Yucatan masters... https://clubproguy.com/blogs/media/three-jack-national-faq
  6. I ordered two sets of their “break kit” which are .25 and .50 inch thick sheets of closed cell foam. I used them along the sides to actually level the base (it goes between the base panels and the ground) and to build up a corner so I had an incline up to a hole. I could probably find something similar at a Lowe’s or Menards - but I honestly wasn’t sure what they were referring to. Now I know. Easy enough to slide in, and out, move around when I want to.
  7. Looking forward to the updates. With that first video I thought you were playing Three Jack National... but glad you were on some green grass in videos two and three.....
  8. I’ve been wearing ASICS running shoes for years - my podiatrist put me in their Gel-Kayano style shoes as I overpronate and wear custom orthotics for overpronation. So I’ve patiently waited for ASICS to come out with a decent golf shoe. They’ve had golf shoes in the past, but they were always spiked (I’m a walker and prefer spikeless) and looked, well, kinda chunky. I almost grabbed a pair last year with the Gel-course Glide but water resistant won’t cut it for me - I’m a dew sweeping walker so I need water proof. So when the new Gel Course Ace came out I knew I needed to give them a try.
  9. Nice. The multi-configurations looks like everyone could find a use. I’m not sure I’d use the canvas plane, but I’d try the alignment sticks thru the gate. I’ve got their original gates hat came with the mirror - no margin for error. Are these a little more generous - without being overly wide? I actually quit using them because if they were four feet away they were just too had to get thru. Too close and I’d clip the top w my putter. (Why I’ve stuck w the Pelz marble system). How much will it retail for?
  10. I wondered about that - if that was the intent and if it really worked. I staked mine down, mostly because I never folded it up, just laid it flat. But will soon find out how it does untethered. Have been curious about the Velcro. I still haven’t figured out what to do with the ties/cords on the side where you insert the poles...
  11. Yeah, it ties everything together well. I get no credit for thinking it up, just purchasing it.... No surprise, the fairway side is easy to chip off of, the rough side is, well, rough... so I’d say it gets points for realism. And that’s what I wanted. I can slide it back another ten feet or so, so will play around from different distances. It’s maybe 15/20 pounds, so no biggie. Very portable. The turf is loose, so can just rotate on the pad. im a little gun shy about taking too big a swing too far away from the net, but I want to land balls ten to fifteen yards away it’s fine.
  12. I discovered I didn’t get my concrete fines base layer as flat and level as I’d intended. It’s hard. I stand in awe of those who build golf greens for a living. I’ve got a bit of down hill toward the south (where I will place the net) and I have a break on the north end near the cup. In fact by all my cups there is some left to right break (from the center toward the edge). So that’s a next weekend project. ProPutt sells some sort of “closed cell poly” material to create breaks by putting them under the rubber base - so I may give that a try. Maybe exaggerate one corner and take the break out
  13. Hey testers, have a question for you - does the white strap the runs down the center of the bottom panel match up with your bulls eye target? Mine does not. My target is a bit off to the left - which makes my OCD a little crazy. Just curious if it’s just mine or if any of you have the same thing. Also, anyone adjust the target sheet? I can’t really move mine to the right to match up w the line. Again, just curious what your experience is.
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