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  1. This may not be under your price cap (sorry) but I think the most elegantly simple dot only putter was the Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1
  2. Judge? No. Curious? Always. Don’t pay much attention unless it’s clear they are playing something inappropriate for them - like 20 year old players clubs and they are a once a month happy to make a bogey player… Or the grips are obviously long gone - I see that all the time. I just hand them my club and ask “how does that feel?” I am super interested, however, into bag tags and head covers - always interested in other courses people have played.
  3. Two Weeks Post Op Doctor Visit Good news and bad news. Good news is 1) incision area looks great, 2) the implants appear to be well attached and grafting well, and 3) I’m cleared to drive again. Bad news is all the exercises, stretching, yoga and return to physical activity I am craving - they are telling me to wait until after my next appointment in a month (6week mark). While I may be pain free and things are progressing nicely there is still recovery work going on underneath the surface…. Pushing now could lead to a set back later. Yadda yadda yadda… I swear that SheWhoMustBeObeyed and the Doctor had a pre-visit conference… I was told absolutely no leaf raking or snow shoveling… So actually, it’s all good news. I’m just impatient. After two weeks I’m only using the cane when I go outside the house. I’m down to using the ice packs to once a day, and I’m only on Tylenol and celebrex - so could be worse. Got a new set of exercises - just doesn’t seem like enough. Oh well. It’s not like I can swing a club outside or anything, and I knew that wouldn’t come until January anyway. But I was hoping to get on the elliptical machine. Without that, after Turkey Day I’ll really gain some weight. I’m allowed to kneel down so long as the new hip is the one out front. The Doc doesn’t want that hip flexor extending out behind me. The bandages came off, the incision looks good. The scar is a little shorter than the length of my pointer finger. The purple you see is the magic marker from the surgery… the dark stuff is just scabs that will flake away. So all told making good progress. The most positive note - I’m now allowed to bend at the waist so long as it doesn’t feel like I’m stretching in either my back, or legs. So I’ll just have to satisfy myself with putting on my mat for the time being.
  4. Age old question - and every suggestion above is a good one. You can also just lead by example and say "this is where I'm playing from, you play from where you want to..." eventually they may join you. Thats the whole point of the handicap system - you can compete playing from different tees. And maybe they'll wise up. I think its hysterical that Landmand's tees are Red (slope of 74.7) White (72.8) Green (71.3) Yellow (69.4) and Black (66.9)
  5. They haven’t given us volunteers/marshalls much info yet on where the park and rides are, or any Transportaion info other than there will be a shuttle from the Ponte Memmlo station and the La Rustica UIR station. The Italian volunteers in a FB group I’m a part of are a pretty pessimistic bunch on expecting things to flow smoothly in terms of travel… so fingers crossed.
  6. Ditto - play until it is lost. That could be five rounds at the Prairie Club, or five balls at Whispering Creek….
  7. One week, Five Days Post Op Feeling better every day. The long distance driving/riding (3 hours) was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Stopped every hour for some walking. Kept using ice packs, and did lots of ankle pumps and leg lifts to just keep things from getting too stiff. Interestingly the trip home was much easier. Actually dozed off. Funny how this goes. One day is great and I feel like I could throw the cane away, the next day I’m back with an ice pack. I actually am using the cane less and less. Walking round the house, unless I’m taking the stairs, I’m trying to wean myself off of it. I think I look like a weeble wobble going side to side with it, and I’m more straight up and down, moving forward w out. But I’m still using on the stairs and when out and about as I don’t always have something to grab onto, and it’s a good visual cue to those around me not to bump into me. The swelling, bruising, even the yellow ping is all gone - with the exception of the groin area where it’s still ugly purple. You’d think that area would be the least susceptible to bruising… makes me wonder just exactly they were doing in that operating room without my knowledge. Then again, I probably don’t want to know. The hardest part is obeying the Doctors order on no bending forward, no rotating the leg open or crossing legs. At first I had no desire. Now my body wants to do those things. It’s like my body has a mind of its own, or instinct or habit is kicking in. I want to do a lunge like position. I want to get down on the floor and stretch. My follow up appointment is in three days, so I’m hopeful I am given the go ahead - or at least a new set of exercises to do.
  8. That’s an unforgettable trip. World travel like that with your daughter keeps the score in perspective…
  9. 21 courses across 100 rounds with 10* of them being new to me Home courses: Whispering Creek Prairie Club - Dunes Prairie Club - Pines Oregon: Bandon Dunes Pacific Dunes Sheep Ranch * Bandon Trails Old MacDonald Nebraska: Landmand * Iowa: Cedar Rapids CC BosLanden The Falls at Grand Falls Casino * Floyd Park Veenker New York: Maidstone * Laurel Links * Indiana: Crooked Stick * Heartland Crossing * North Carolina: Old Town Club * Skybrook * Louisians: Bayou Oaks *
  10. Just told Mrs. Claus those new PuttOut DevilBalls would fit nicely in my stocking
  11. One Week Post Op Did not take any Tramadol all weekend - only Tylenol, and Celebrex for an anti-inflammatory. That was good. Not taking any narcotics was a goal of mine. But then I thought, do I really need the Tylenol? What is it even doing? So I took my last Tylenol Saturday night when I went to bed, and did not take any at all on Sunday until it was bed time. I iced my leg all day when I wasn't walking or exercising. It was sore and hurt, sure, to be expected, but tolerable. But it was a dumb move. When I went to bed and took my Tylenol I realized it is going to take some time to kick in. Meanwhile I'm lying here and I don't want to ice it in bed... So that was not good. Not going to try and hero it today. Tylenol for breakfast! But overall things are progressing nicely. Three sets of twenty repetitions. Could up that - but I'm telling myself there isn't a need - even though I'm not feeling any pain internally that bone needs to graft... and I'm not, btw, feeling any internal pain. As I think of where I ache its all on the surface, the muscles around the incision site, and farther up toward my waist - where it is hard to ice. Most of the redness and bruising has disappear except for the groin area. Everything else has turned a nice shade of sickening yellow... Kicking the tramadol has also helped with the constipation - that is gone. So I can stop with the MiraLAX cocktail at breakfast, and cut back on the raisins for snacks and rhubarb paste on toast. I know, TMI, but that is something people have to deal with. Those narcotics shut you down... Next up - long distance driving/riding... I'm not supposed to drive this week, even off the narcotics. Doctors orders. So SheWhoMustBeObeyed is going to drive me 3 hours to DesMoines for a couple of work meetings (the world keeps on spinning even if I'm sitting still) we'll see if that three hours become four as we make repeated stops to get out and let me walk and stretch. A change of scenery will be nice.
  12. Yeah I am surprised too. I have had nothing but success with the Link. I’ve had two - one fell off my rainsuit one day and despite a vigourus search between its last known location I just couldnt find it. But I’d had such success with it I ordered a replacement before I was off the course. I attached it to the bottom of my front left pocket so it’s never covered by a pullover or jacket, and it always in position to “hear” the strike signal. Missed putts, sure. But never a missed strike that I can attribute to the link. Always missing an x club means it’s that sensors battery dying.
  13. A rechargeable handwarmer that belts around your waist - you rotate it around when hitting your shot - is very nice. And UnderArmour compression tops and bottoms are a must. No bulk, but it will help you stay warm.
  14. Day Four Post Op Feeling better and slept better. But the bruising has really set in, and in some very strange places. I was expecting to turn purpley/red around the incision area, and I guess I wasn’t really surprised that it also appeared on my buttocks and backside of my thigh. But bruising around my groin? Particularly on soft tissue I thought would be immune from that…? Scared me a bit. But some quick research on Google and I know I’m not alone with that. Prior to surgery I did not want the gory details of how it was to be performed - I mean I know they have to separate ball from socket, and cut bone, and inserting the prosthetic would not be a gentle process. Heck I have trouble getting the legs and wings off the Thanksgiving turkey…. I didn’t need to see the videos in advance. But I’ve done more reading on how your body, be it ankles, knees, etc are positioned, held in place and then stretched and pulled… so its probably amazing there isn’t more bruising. Feeling good enough today to up my repetitions from three sets of ten to three sets of twenty. At least that is the plan after the first set. We’ll see what the afternoon brings. Personal grooming So far showering myself has been easy with the grab bars, and we are removing the shower chair as it’s really just in the way. I’m glad we had it, just in case. But since I’m only taking one dose of tramadol at 10pm, and it’s out of my system by 2am, and reloading with only Tylenol - I don’t have a fuzzy head when I get in the shower. That’s the concern the OT/PT folks have - the combination of the narcotic and the warm steam can make some folks a bit dizzy or lightheaded - the chair is there to just sit down into if you feel that way. So it’s coming out. But have to have those grab bars to step up and in to my tub/shower combination. As far as getting dressed I can do everything with the grabber (see earlier post) except for tying my shoes. The OT folks suggest some elastic shoe strings… but I’m not going there. Yes, I’ve lost all personal dignity through this process being strapped naked to a table, but by God I’m not wearing elastic shoe strings. So SheWhoMustBeObeyed helps with that. I am physically capable of doing it. But they (the Doc and PT) we’re pretty firm about no bending over. At least not yet. Since one of my proscribed exercises is me laying on my back and sliding my foot up to my glute as close as I can and holding for five seconds - I may see if I can do that, hold and if I can reach to tie my shoe….
  15. I like North Coast. I know, a brand you probably never heard of, but something I stumbled upon during the pandemic days. I like the fit (they actually had me measure my hand and showed where/how to do it. I’ve been pleased with the longevity. And I like the variety. Yes, I’m talking about colors here. I’m not some animal that is going to wear black pants with a navy striped glove… Like Tom TGN said earlier, it’s about rotation. He’s spot on. In peak season here I have to rotate every six holes. But I found something better than just velcroing them to the strap of my bag. I got their little glove “stash” or caddie. Zip them up flat and they seam to stay fresher and last longer. They don’t come out as crinkled dry paper… The stash fits nicely inside my bag. I think SheWhoMustBeObeyed gets me three every Father’s Day… they are around $20-24, buying more lowers the price. And yes, due to my other circumstances I clearly have my bag inside and waaay too much time in my hands that I’m snapping photos of golf gloves…
  16. Day Three Post Op Finally have the cobwebs cleared out of my head - when I woke up at 2am I resisted the urge for tramadol and just stuck w Tylenol. Makes my head feel much better. But I also saw 3, 4, 5, and 6 on the clock… I’m a side sleeper and I’m ok sleeping on the non-torn open and had the bones shattered side… but I want to roll onto that side too. Actually feeling the best all around this morning. Exercises were easier, and felt good enough to go on a shopping trip w SheWhoMustBeObeyed to get a new handle/grab bar for the shower. So between stops at Walgreens, Target and Lowes - I finally got some steps in that didn’t involve circling the dinning room table. The more I walked the better I felt. I do, however, look like my 86 year old mother getting in and out of the car.
  17. Day Two Post Op The leg no longer feels like the Doc used a 100 lbs prosthetic… So that’s good. But I’ve also checked twice this morning to make sure the incision had not split open - because if feels like it has…. Not so good. And no, I didn’t really think it split open, but it sure feels that way. Like a hot straight line. I expected today to be when the pain ramped up. The spinal is fully worn off. The swelling and bruising is in full swing. But every hour (except when I was still trying to sleep off the effects of last nights tramadol) I’m still getting up and walking the route I’ve established in my house going up and down some stairs, to the kitchen, to bathroom, to living room, to stare out the front door etc. The walking with the cane actually decreases the pain as I do it. It’s just those first couple steps that feel like fire. PT exercises - my post surgery PT exercises are the same as those prior to surgery (see pictures in first post). I know I said they were pretty mild. A lot more challenging now. The knee lifts being the most difficult. OT needs - since I didn’t need a walker (mother-in-law gets hers back) the items I’ve needed/used are a cane, a shower chair and the all important grabber… Oh, and a very long shoe horn. Not a shorty but one that’s like two feet long and helps slide you feet into the shoe without bending. No bending for a while, no folding at the waist. So… the grabber. Helps pull your socks on, slide the pant legs on over your toes, strong enough to lift that iPad that was just out of reach, or the soduko puzzle book that fell on the floor while you were napping. You will want a grabber, guaranteed.
  18. Day One Post Op Walked out of the surgical hospital at 10:23am w just a cane… …and binder full of instructions on PT, when to take meds, how to get into the shower, and keep my bowels moving. Yeah, great stuff I know. But the spinal does shut down your intestines so you need to wake them up. Anyway, slept off and on during the night and got a visit every few hours to check vitals etc. Up at 6 and started the day. Breakfast, visits from the Doc and OT and PT. I told PT that I was using the Walker with just one hand and she asked how it went. Great. Let’s try just a cane - even better. Allowed me to stand up straighter. Ready to go home. Doc says no driving for two weeks. No use of my eliptical machine until after he sees me in two weeks. But up and walking once an hour. Do my PT twice a day. So far I’m still on two Tylenol three times a day, but have a script for Tramadol and Oxy - but I am hoping to not need/use those. Maybe at night. Im told I’m still comfortable from the spinal and the pain will come. Basically what I feel is a really heavy leg - like it weighs a hundred pounds. That will improve. Talking w my PT she said I was smart getting anterior. Too many folks don’t know there are two kinds of surgeries. Many of the surgeons who do posterior don’t tell their patients there is a new procedure that is less invasive, faster recovery and fewer restrictions. Not everyone is walking out w a cane at 10:23… I’ve been reminded repeatedly to take it slow and take it easy. Not to push. Trying too hard will actually slow down my recovery. I’m listening. In the evening, despite the non-stop ice packs, the bruising really started to show up. And the pain finally started to kick in. Decided to take some tramadol at bed time - make sure I can sleep through the night. I want to minimize any sort of narcotic, but this also has anti inflammatory properties - so I think it’ll be the evening routine for the next few days.
  19. I leave them all behind… The grounds crew is always leaving balls they find in little piles on the tee boxes; and I just search for a broken tee on the par threes. If there is no broken one, it only momentarily. Why take a ball I don’t play and put into action? I suppose if it was a yellow Orcore Verox or a Yellow Pro V, then I might grab it. But all those seem to be hit far into the junk they’ll never be found.
  20. I’ve had my current irons for three seasons, and replaced the shafts at the end of last season. If they are working, why change? I’m not looking for length but accuracy and better contact. It’s my swing that needs fixing. After reading the MGS article I sharpened the grooves on my Gap and Pitching wedge. Extend their life a bit. All that said, those Cobra forged Tec were very tempting. If they ever release another Black forged Tec that may do it for me.
  21. For the most part I’ve had great experiences w caddies. Had two guys over six rounds at Bandon. Awesome. Figured out my game and helped immensely. Had the same guy for Sand Valley and Mamouth - again figured out my game and played accordingly. got to be honest with them. I don’t like to putt form way off the green even if that’s the smart shot. I can’t do it. So we figured out a compromise - a bump and run w an 8. But not lobs. I always tell them we are going to play smart. So don’t let me hit the hero shot, help me hit the smart shot. only one bad experience - preview play at Sand Valley and the guy was a little hung over. It was just weird all day. but I’ll take a caddie any time I can. When you talk your way onto some private clubs that’s often the deal - I think he’s there to make sure you keep up and don’t do something stupid…
  22. There are a couple threads out there asking about how soon people were able to golf again after hip replacement surgery. As I’m about to undergo it myself I thought I’d chronicle my journey. As everyone is unique and as always your mileage may very… a bit about me. I am 55 years old and weight 165 pounds. A couple of key things that should aid in my recovery: I do a hot yoga class and an ashtanga yoga class every week; and I’m a walker when I play golf three or four times a week when in season. On those days I can’t play golf, and in the off season I use the elliptical machine for forty minutes in the morning. My hip has been bad for 55 years. Yes, you read that right. Dislocated at birth I was in traction as a baby. It’s was ok and I was pain free until my late forties. However I ended up having a short leg on my left side. Chiropractor took one look at me and said I was uneven and have been wearing a heel lift for years. The last few years have not been good. I see a massage therapist with increasing regularity. I always thought it was just my muscles that ached — my psoas, iliacus, hip flexors, piriformis, abductors…all on just my left side. Turns out they are all just trying to protect and compensate for that hip. Finally asked my doctor to take a look at my hip and very first glance he said “square peg, round hole. You need a new one” and he sent me off to my first surgeon. What kind of surgery? Surgeon Number One took one look and agreed. Question was when did I want to do it, and how long would it last. Again, I’m 55… To see if surgery would improve things he put me one a prescription of celebrex. Day two and I could feel an amazing difference. Surgeon One does Posterior hip replacement surgeries - ie., they come in from the back side. A couple of the ladies in my yoga class are nurses at the surgery center and in talking with them about it they encouraged my to check out someone who did an Anterior surgery, where they come in from the front. I didn’t know there were two kinds so I started to do some reading. Sure enough two different ways of replacing the hip joint and because of the muscles they have to go through they each have their own limitations and restrictions. Imagine if something goes wrong your hip could be dislocated either forwards or backwards - so what kind of movements need to be restricted to prevent that. So I went back to Surgeon One and we talked about posterior vs anterior. Much of what I read indicates that anterior has a faster recovery time and few restrictions. Surgeon One disputes that - that ultimately the complication factor is minuscule and eventually the limitations are about the same. So then I sat on the floor and went through some yoga moves asking could I do this or that. The first thing I did was put my legs in lotus position - “why would you even want to do that?” was the response and I knew I had to investigate Anterior. There is only one surgeon where I live that does Anterior, so I met with Surgeon Number Two. He admitted he hadn’t had anyone ask him about yoga so I’d be a bit of a Guinea pig, but after watching what I wanted to do he had a few restrictions and said the rest should be fine. The poses he wanted to restrict were not ones I really like anyway, and most of my ashtanga practice should be relatively ok. So we’ll see. He also looked at my x-ray and thought he could help with my short leg. No promises, but he talked about having a couple of different prosthetic implants; one larger that could be inserted into my thigh bone to lengthen my leg. It will literally be a game day decision once they get inside - but I’m really hopeful he can attend to that. All of that was back in November and December of 2021. I cannot take off work from January through May (that’s when I make my living) and I didn’t want to risk trying to squeeze it in without ample time for recovery. So that pushed it off until spring. Well, I didn’t want to miss out on any of the golf season… so that meant waiting until fall. So here we are. Scheduled for surgery two weeks after the Prairie Club closes and I know we’ll have had a couple of hard frosts and the days are getting short. During the course of the last year while waiting Ive been on celbrex everyday, and been seeing my massage therapist every two weeks. 7 Days Until Surgery I’m not allowed to take my multi vitamin, or any of my supplements (glucausemine, zinc, potassium) or my celebrex. Reason being they don’t know what’s in the vitamins and some have fish oil which is a blood thinner - so only prescription medicine. But no celbrex, or any IB profen. Only Tylenol. I could tell a difference within 48 hours…. They encourage a more high fiber diet. The idea being that surgery can cause bowel obstructions and post surgery the pain meds can cause constipation. So lots of whole grains, fruits and veggies. They also want you hydrated - so cut back on caffeine (didn’t do that) and drink more water (did do that). A week out I was supposed to start my rehab exercises. Honestly I thought these were extremely mild. Much less than what I do on a daily basis between my regular routines and yoga - but I checked the box with ankle pumps, heel slides, abduction moves quad arcs. I’m sure it will be more challenging post surgery. I know I’m not the typical hip replacement candidate - a lot younger and more active. Four Days Before Surgery Blood work, typing and labs. All the directions in when to stop eating, drinking, and getting the surgical wash. One Day Before Surgery Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 6 pm and at 9m I drink a bottle of PreSurgery Ensure - a clear carbohydrate drink. No eating or drinking anything but water after 10pm. Before going to bed shower with half a bottle of the presurgical wash We borrowed one of those push walkers and a grabber from my mother in law. Will get a cane later this afternoon. SheWhoMustBeObeyed and I have different opinions on how much assistance I’m going to need. We’ll see… Day of Surgery Up at 5, drink a third bottle of Ensure before 5:45. Use the rest of the presurgical wash and shower. Checked in to surgery center at 6:45 - two hours of paper work, answering questions, and waiting. Walked into the surgical suite carrying my IV drip bag right at 9. Apparently took just under two hours. So here is something I wasn’t expecting - had to shave - wish I could have done that at home… Post Op… 2pm So everything went well. I should be more level and balanced now… (I’m about half an inch short in the left and he extended my leg a quarter of an inch or so - so we’ll see how that plays out.). Side note - I’ve been keeping track of how many nurses, aides, doctors, etc I’ve seen - 11 so far. No wonder healthcare and insurance is so expensive… anyway first thing I asked for in the recovery room was a diet my dew… and they had one. A little groggy - but it’s been three hours and I’m typing away here. To put me out it was a spinal and something to sleep. I remember talking w the Doc in the operating room and asking for my x rays - and then it was waking up in recovery. Been making a game of try the get the spirameter to the top (the thing you blow into to help your lungs recover) and been doing toe pumps and kneee bends. A few abductors, but can’t lift the leg yet. Already been warned by the nurse not to over due it because I’ll set myself back. SheWhomustBeObeyed said “I told him…” And by 2:40 I’m able to lift the leg and roll over onto my side. My butt still feels numb and achy/sore. But all I’ve had are two Tylenol and it’s minimal pain Doctor says no driving for two weeks and and no yard work for 6 weeks - wants to keep me on something smooth and level. Not sure who’ll be raking those leaves… I’m not sure how large the incision is, but the dressing is only as long as my hand and is on the top left of my thigh running straight up and down. It’s a new kind of dressing this hospital has been using for the last year it looks like a piece of grey foam padding and then it’s covered in plastic. No changing the dressing myself, not worrying about it in the shower. It will stay on until the doctor removes it during a follow up visit. 3:15 pm and they have me sitting up, then standing, then marching in place. Afterwards I’m sitting w iPhone in hand… fighting boredom. 5pm - off for the first walk. Feeling no pain - but they tell me that’s still the anesthesia - but I feel some numbness along the side of my thigh and it’s bit stiff. I sat in the chair for a couple hours so straightening the leg is good as it feels stiff. A bit swollen on that side - right where the IT band is. But walked 3/4 of the hall and back. During the course of the evening I made two more loops around the ward. Got easier and went the full distance in the second loop. Harder on the third. This is when the leg started to feel heavy. More difficult to lift. By 11 I was content just walking to the bathroom. The anesthesia has finally warn off. Still, it’s 11 and all of had are four extra strength Tylenol and something to reduce inflammation (2x) and an antibiotic (2x). I’m promised a 2 am visit, but I usually wake up around then anyway. All in all, pretty good day. I’ll edit and update this post, and during my recovery documenting how things go on the road to recovery and return to the golf course. Exercises, rehab and how the swing etc respond. I have high hopes and am very optimistic.
  23. Berg Golf - always push the first red line into the ground…
  24. We’ve all been there, done that, got the t-shirt… Find yourself a good coach/pro to help you figure out a game plan for improvement. Into podcasts? Give the ParTrain a try all about the mental game and managing expectation. Start w episodes 100 or 200 - outtakes from the previous set. Will give you a flavor to see if it’s something you’d like.
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