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  1. 82CC04F0-E02A-4D9A-8EEF-D0B7F048ADEE.jpeg.4074381f01a53d46dc5e46668f43f8af.jpeg 

    I ordered two sets of their “break kit” which are .25 and .50 inch thick sheets of closed cell foam.  I used them along the sides to actually level the base (it goes between the base panels and the ground) and to build up a corner so I had an incline up to a hole. I could probably find something similar at a Lowe’s or Menards - but I honestly wasn’t sure what they were referring to. Now I know.  Easy enough to slide in, and out, move around when I want to. 

  2. I’ve been wearing ASICS running shoes for years - my podiatrist put me in their Gel-Kayano style shoes as I overpronate and wear custom orthotics for overpronation.  So I’ve patiently waited for ASICS to come out with a decent golf shoe.  They’ve had golf shoes in the past, but they were always spiked (I’m a walker and prefer spikeless) and looked, well, kinda chunky.  I almost grabbed a pair last year with the Gel-course Glide but water resistant won’t cut it for me - I’m a dew sweeping walker so I need water proof.  So when the new Gel Course Ace came out I knew I needed to give them a try. I waited a bit for the grey/black to be released.  I think it’s a good looking shoe.  It won’t ever be confused with some FJ wingtips... but it is a good looking athletic shoe.  


    Size: I wear a 9 1/2 in my ASICS running shoes.  I wear a 9 1/2 in my Inesis golf shoes.  So I ordered a 9 1/2 from ASICS website.  As soon they arrived and I put them on I thought “uh oh”. They feel a bit large. Slid out their insoles and put my custom orthotics in made them better but still felt a bit large. I’ve read other reviews on web sites about them not being true to size (not really sure what is as we are all different) but I thought ok, I’ll order some in a regular 9.  Definitely felt better, or maybe more accurately, felt more correct heel to toe, but the height, bottom of the foot to the top felt too cramped, with the orthotic ‘in.  For those thinking about sizing I wear an orthotic that build up my heel by a 1/4 inch or so, and is thick around the insole.  I was really torn about what to do.  So I put them to a clean test.  Fresh pair of socks and walked on the treadmill for fifteen minutes. My foot felt a bit cramped.  Manageable but cramped.  Changed socks and did the same with the 9 1/2.  Again, felt too big.  Not huge, but bigger.  I decided that walking 18 or 36 my feet would naturally swell abut and I’d be better off with the 9 1/2. What I wish they had was a 9 1/4...E55BD121-48EC-41A6-A162-E21CD1C766E0.jpeg.2f467b639bc38434de4ab3eea89a5052.jpeg

    Looks:  they look like a typical pair of ASICS running shoes. One of the things I like about ASICS is how much they breath. They are instantly recognized with that mesh like top over the toe box. These look just like that. But it isn’t mesh at all. 
    It has that same look but not feel. I assume that is why these are now water proof - fully enclosed. It looks like they just textured the upper. Not really sure what it’s made of - feels like rubber but it can’t be that simple or basic. 

    The sole part looks larger/taller than it actually is.   Unlike an ASICS running shoe, the toe is reinforced and is sturdy all the way around the front end of the shoe.  

    Comfort : despite my concerns about size they do feel good and comfortable. Have yet to get them on to the course - but have worn them walking on the treadmill at my hotel for a few miles the last couple of evenings, and just wearing them around the room putting to break them in. No feeling like I need to take them off after the treadmill. 

    Waterproof : too early to know yet - I’ll revise/update once I’ve been on course at 6am

    Stability/Grip : also too early to know - I’ll update as soon as I get on the course 

    one I get a little on course experience I’ll update. I just thought my sizing experience was worth sharing for anyone looking at purchasing online rather than trying on in the store  




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  3. On 3/23/2021 at 1:26 PM, B.Boston said:

    yet to be released to the public PuttOUT Putting Plane!  This system is made up of several modular pieces that can be used in a few different configurations. 

    Nice. The multi-configurations looks like everyone could find a use. I’m not sure I’d use the canvas plane, but I’d try the alignment sticks thru the gate.  I’ve got their original gates hat came with the mirror - no margin for error. Are these a little more generous - without being overly wide?  I actually quit using them because if they were four feet away they were just too had to get thru. Too close and I’d clip the top w my putter. (Why I’ve stuck w the Pelz marble system). How much will it retail for?

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  4. On 12/11/2020 at 8:59 AM, Rtracymog said:

    there’s actually Velcro underneath the mat that helps it stay stable and in the same place

    I wondered about that - if that was the intent and if it really worked. I staked mine down, mostly because I never folded it up, just laid it flat. But will soon find out how it does untethered. Have been curious about the Velcro. I still haven’t figured out what to do with the ties/cords on the side where you insert the poles...

  5. 2 hours ago, cksurfdude said:

    the real piece-de-resistance is that chipping setup

    Yeah, it ties everything together well.  I get no credit for thinking it up, just purchasing it....

    No surprise, the fairway side is easy to chip off of, the rough side is, well, rough... so I’d say it gets points for realism. And that’s what I wanted. I can slide it back another ten feet or so, so will play around from different distances. It’s maybe 15/20 pounds, so no biggie.  Very portable. The turf is loose, so can just rotate on the pad. 

    im a little gun shy about taking too big a swing too far away from the net, but I want to land balls ten to fifteen yards away it’s fine. Chip and runs from the fringe are fine. So yeah, I have enough short game stuff to practice and I need plenty of practice. 

    if a person had the space they could use the chipping pad indoors. I clearly did. Just no pitches....  but true chips are fine. 

    i think ProPuttSystems bread and butter is really indoor set ups. A guy with a basement/garage/attic/mother-in-laws-room he wants to convert with an already flat firm floor. But it works outside too. They’ll sell just the turf - but the interlocking base system just too smart to not take advantage of. 

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  6. I discovered I didn’t get my concrete fines base layer as flat and level as I’d intended. It’s hard. I stand in awe of those who build golf greens for a living.  I’ve got a bit of down hill toward the south (where I will place the net) and I have a break on the north end near the cup. In fact by all my cups there is some left to right break (from the center toward the edge). So that’s a next weekend project. ProPutt sells some sort of “closed cell poly” material to create breaks by putting them under the rubber base - so I may give that a try. Maybe exaggerate one corner and take the break out of another. 

    In the meantime, got out the stimp meter today and it’s running about an 11 or 12. Again, I know I’ve got some downhill (12) and some up hill (11). It is not perceptible to my eye, but the ball definitely rolls farther off the stimp to the south.  That’s pretty quick, and I’m ok with that.  The good news is it is very consistent.  The roll looks the same each time, stays on line, or at least rolls true with the break.  

    The turf has some texture to it. In fact, kneeling on it in shorts hurts my knees.  Of course everything kind of hurts today, but the texture definitely hurts.  Though She Who Must Be Obeyed was just laying on it soaking up some sun with no complaint...


    More to come next weekend when I have some more play time with it.  



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  7. Hey testers, have a question for you - does the white strap the runs down the center of the bottom panel match up with your bulls eye target? 

    Mine does not. My target is a bit off to the left - which makes my OCD a little crazy. Just curious if it’s just mine or if any of you have the same thing. 

    Also, anyone adjust the target sheet?  I can’t really move mine to the right to match up w the line. Again, just curious what your experience is. 

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  8. 5DA9AA99-93E0-4984-AD88-5DDA28077B25.jpeg.9d7d9b3c88c23e2b51b1bde725f31183.jpeg

    Last week we spread out a ton of concrete fines on top of sand and soil.


    Today it was time to tamp the base down and pack it tight so we’d have a good base layer. 

    Anthony, my neighbor who knows what he’s doing w the packer, went round and round. 

    Put down some weed barrier - not that there will be any weeds coming up - but it also helps to prevent erosion - and it turned out it helped to slide the panels together.  

    The most challenging part, putting it all together. Get yourself some rubber mallets to help hammer everything into place. You can’t have any gaps, it’s gotta be tight. There are screw holes that they guys from ProPutt said did not need to be used to hold it together. If I were to do this again I think I’d drill in a screw on each side of a piece to pull them super tight. It was hard getting them tight. Too often we had small cracks that we didn’t think anything about only to roll out the turf and discover we were about an inch short... an inch of small cracks. So we had to pry it apart and start over. Prying it apart with a five foot pry bar we discovered that actually forced the other pieces together tighter. Still, a lot of rubber malleting 

    In go the cups and the TrueStrike panel. 
    Then literally roll out the turf (see above in first post). I used rubberized mulch to go around the edges.  

    I can move the chipping pad around to practice different lengths  


    The Sporina net fits perfect between the putting cup flags.  There are two poles that hold the top portion of the net up (look for the official review) so I placed a couple of old head covers under them so they don’t damage the turf.  I don’t know if they would, but I’m not about to find out on day one .  


    More to come after I’ve had some serious time to practice with it. I’d like to get a stimp (seems quick) and practice w the True Strike a bit. 

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  9. 4BAA067F-08F0-43A4-8378-D8E13DCB134D.jpeg.1179f8714b93744f662cab4cfc88e904.jpeg44F6E59D-7119-411E-86B0-0B1F2664BE91.jpeg.350199d865003f5b675d6ed5ca386151.jpeg291CEDC2-F4AE-4C98-BAA5-A20D86D64598.jpeg.59ae02a34e074706c645683d55aa7abc.jpeg

    I sent these off one at a time to LabWorx. Very happy with them. Had the shafts done.  Sent them the grip I wanted them to use.  

    Ive also sent an old Scotty Studio Design back to Cameron’s shop and they of course did an awesome job, but it was pricey, and it too a good long while. 

    LabWorx had a lot of flexibility in what they’d do. I’d go there again. 

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  10. 660BFB71-D012-4E13-8C09-DA315BC2E6D4.jpeg.e89711372a303373b4e4e52b16ddddbc.jpeg
     BirdieBall makes a set of hole reducers.  I’m not wild about the half moon shapes that cover half the hole, but I really really like this style. The package had two of these, one as thick as the mat, and one twice the thickness - which for their regular mats you use an extra cup base and another ring to raise the mat up, but for the PuttUp works great for the deeper holes. 

    So anxious to get out on the course, but between work, rain, and the fact our grass is just now starting to green up it hasn’t happened yet.  Trying to make the most of my inside practice - the chipping (above), varying my putting practice...

    The mat has been with me all winter in my hotel (work’s home away from home).  Even when I’m not practicing I walk across it every day .  I gotta say, I’ve seen no damage, impact or wear and tear.  It just springs back.  Granted, I have no kids to take a divot out of it, and no dogs to try and dig a hole in it.  I stand on it while swinging my OrangeWhip, but make no ground contact other than my stance. 

     No signs of wear around the cups. The edges are still sharp  - though I don’t use the hole liners for all the cups.


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  11. On 2/22/2021 at 8:36 AM, ChasingScratch said:

    I’m my garage the ceilings are less than 9ft tall, so I can’t swing much more than 3/4 back and 3/4 through confidently. I stand really close to the net/hitting area, so it hasn’t even come close yet.

    I also don’t hit anything with loft higher than a 9-iron.

    After sailing a wedge over the fence into the yard of the neighbor of my neighbor - I only used my wedges with the chipping net. I also make sure my ball position is 9 feet from the back of the net and have had zero problem - but glad that “roof” thing is there. 

    Frankly I really only hit a few clubs - driver, six iron and use all my wedges for pitches and chips. The chipping net is more of a pitching net   It can be addictive.

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  12. On 12/11/2020 at 8:58 AM, sirchunksalot said:

    I’ve gotten to the point that I can have it all disassembled and packed up in under four minutes. It has been fantastic on those days where I feel the need to hit golf balls after work, even before we were hit with Daylight Savings time.

    Glad you liked it. I really like mine. I’ve got a fenced in back yard and rather than fold it up, I just pull out the poles and let it lay flat. It has just enough weight the wind doesn’t catch it, and the rain doesn’t hurt it. And lying flat She Who Must Be Obeyed doesn’t see it.  Packed it up for the winter but if the rain holds off it’ll be up this weekend. 

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  13. One length iron set....

    there are always a few guys asking questions, curious but hesitant to take the leap.  Gra five or six and put them in a full set from L wedge to hybrid and have them play a set amount of time.  Maybe test a few skills like how does it impact their bunker play...

    but they have to be folks who’ve never tried them before.

    also, I’ve got cobras but it’d be nice to see mixing it up with another manufacturer of single length irons. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, downlowkey said:

    I’ve heard that non swivel wheel carts take substantially more battery to turn left/right and getting 27 holes out of that setup with an eWheels is stretching it pretty thin.

    I’ve got a BagBoy Quad - I suppose I could start a Go Fund Me, test it out and submit a review...

  15. 4 hours ago, cciciora13 said:

    How is the birdie ball speed?

    I may not be the best person to answer that. They made the PuttUp intentionally fast to get the ball to roll back to you if you miss. I would think the medium speed mat would be ok. If you are looking for a specific stimp speed email them and ask. They are a family business and very responsive. 

    I thought my PuttOut mat was too slow.  My BB is much faster. But you sound like you are looking for something in between. 

    I hate to punt, but I also don’t want you grumbling about that idiot from Iowa in the future... Call or email them and ask about specific speed. The clearly have rolls of different turf. 

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  16. 2 hours ago, downlowkey said:

    The things keeping me from pulling the trigger are the battery limitations and TFS questions

    What are you hearing about the battery?  They say you can use your V1; but are you saying it pulls more juice?  

    I’ve always gotten 18 holes out of mine  never tried for more.  I’ve always got a couple lights left...   I’m an 18 or 36 kind of guy with an occasional bout of 54 hole madness - in which case I was riding the replays.

    my one complaint about the battery is though the charge is there it just seems a bit slower on the back nine  can’t get the same speed as I had on the first couple of holes  

    I’ve seen those ClubCars at some high end resorts - but never one in action. Again, I just like to send the cart out ahead of me.

  17. 8 hours ago, HardcoreLooper said:

    I'm interested to hear more about the V2.  It looks like they have a kit to convert the V1 to the V2, and I'm wondering if it's worth the money. 

    I’m looking at the same thing (web page tab has been open for a week now in my background) I love my eWheels, but it does tend to want to continually veer off to the left and I have a lot of side hills so the gyroscope has me intrigued. More torque and speed would be nice too. 

    id also love to hear some unvarnished stories of how well their “tether” has worked. Just seems a bit odd to me, but on their web site they seem to have a bunch of fans. I dunno, I’m just used to following the cart rather than it follow me. 

    My biggest fear frankly is stripping those little hex screws. I’ve had to replace the battery.  It was an easy procedure so I’m not worried about replacing the components. If I can do it anyone can. But I did have trouble getting those screws on the faceplate out. So I’d need to either have them send me some more or find a suitable replacement at the hardware store. 

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  18. 2 hours ago, cciciora13 said:

    How is the durability?

    I would say the surface is like I just pulled it out of the box - of course I did that back in late September. I have no signs of wear or tear.  The edges of the holes are nice and crisp. I have to sweep or pick some lint off it occasionally.  But it’s in new condition. Full disclosure I have no small children or dogs - and the cats don’t do anything to it. I’m on it probably five days out of seven.  It’s been in and out of the box a dozen times.  Here at the  hotel I walk a-crossed it even if I’m not putting or chipping daily as it’s in the middle of the floor. It’s spongy and has a bit of give by design, but just like a real green your tracks disappear immediately. One of the other reviewers had to order a fill kit after his kid took a divot out of it - you might message him and ask how it turned out. I’ll see if I can prod the guys into posting some long term experience, durability experiences. 

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  19. They aren’t hidden, but if you are there you’ll have just as much fun on the New and a jubilee (at least my group of 20 did) and most thought (to my chagrin) the best of the bunch was KingsBarns.   Nearby - Crail - unless the NLU boys make in-hidden it.  But honestly, you need to rent a car/van/bus w driver and head north. My highlights were Cruden Bay and Royal Aberdeen - not exactly hidden gems either but awesome. But on the road you will just drive past so many courses you’ll see from the side of the road you can just stop at. 

    it’s the wrong island, but when I made my bucket list trip to Ireland we drove ourselves and happened to drive through Bandon Ireland. Sure enough there was a golf course there (complete w castle) so we stopped, asked and played. Was never on the itinerary. 

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