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  1. Last year I sunk birdies on 17 holes on my home course - missing (of course) #18.

    Fourth birdie of this year came on #18.  A great dog left left par 5 that curves around a pond, with a forced carry either for your 2nd or 3rd shot (always the third for me) having to carry a marsh and another pond, landing on a green that pitches forward but has three distinct areas.  This time it was the front left of the triangle shaped green, with a slope behind it to keep the approach shot in place.  A nice 6 or 7 footer to curl in.  Nice to have that one out of the way. Tough enough getting to 18 and keeping it together to cap a good round - but pushing for birdie can sometimes be detrimental. 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Clayton said:

    How do you mark the flag when not using a smartphone?

    If you have the Link, you simply stand at the hole and press the button on the link.  It records your location and then syncs it to your phone.

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  3. I have 356 rounds recorded on Arccos, all with the screw in sensors. For the most part I don’t have any problems with irons and woods.  It misses putts all the time, notably second or (gasp) third putts.  The algorithm sometimes attributes a second putt when there has been only one.  Everything has been better since I started using the Link Much much better 


    When something goes haywire you may as well do a full reboot..  ie, unpair and repair sensors. 

    yes, you do need to keep the sensors clean.  Sometimes a battery goes bad, and they are pretty good about replacing them.  They also work better in full sun - not so much in the shade

    i find that wind can be problematic because it is background noise that prevents your phone from hearing the sensor.  That’s also why rain pants can be a killer and the link makes things so much better 

  4. A buddy and I took up the game together.  Went to a golf school.  Played with our dads clubs. Joined a club together, bought an Ez-Go together, had a standing tee time on Friday and Saturday.  Then kids came along, work got busier, and life in general.   It started with the missed Friday matches, then it was tSaturday tee time.  Eventually my buddy gave up the game.  

    At first I thought I would have to too.  Play as a single?  Like going to a restaurant or the movies alone….

    We’ll, I do those too now.  I’m almost exclusively an single.  I chase the mowers at dawn.  I’ve played all over the country as a single getting matched up with others.  Almost all have been positive experiences.  Playing with three left handed Canadians at Chambers Bay (apparently it’s a hockey thing); three singles that filled every stereotype of a New Yawker at Bethpage Black; by pure luck I got matched up with the same single three years in a row at a resort course in Hawaii (we both like early tee times).  The only bad experience I’ve had was at Black Wolf Run - a husband a wife that continued a fight they were having at the resort, and it sure seemed like they were headed straight for divorce court after the round.

    My suggestion - play your own game.  If you play the white tee, then play the white tees - don’t go back to the blues because your new partners do (odds are they should also be at the whites). If you don’t bet on the course, then politely decline if they want a money game.  Be flexible - I’ve played with kids, college student, three women, and seniors - I’ve always found something to enjoy and learn from the experience.  

    I walk, and I will walk if I can.  I don’t care if they ride.  And neither do they care if I’m walking.  

    it’s only a golf ball, and they sell them by the dozen… don’t hold up your new friends.  Play quick.  No one cares about your score.  Play ready.  Play ready.  Play ready.  


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  5. On 6/16/2021 at 4:41 PM, edingc said:

    Yes, my experience has been that the butt end of the grip stretches a bit. I just tap it on the ground to reseat it after a few swings.

    I assume it has to do with the counterweight and not being able to have tape all the way to the end of the grip.

    Yeah, I find it slides a bit too.  Not too much though.  I can't feel it, but it clearly does.  Maybe half an inch.

    Just started the 2nd protocol.  I hate those swings on the knees..  Feels so awkward.  They also revamped my TPI exercise routine.  So we shall see.  I've picked up 6 mph but seem to have gotten stuck.  So we'll see if the new protocol helps bump out of that plateau.

    A side benefit - with my irons - tough I have not seen a swing speed increase - it sure feels like I am making better, crisper contact.  Flushed one out of the rough today and felt that it was because of this.  They have me doing the Anti-Caster drill - and that is helping as much as anything.

  6. I’m almost afraid to ask this, but why didn’t you send your threesome off first, following a twosome, and have the foursome follow last?  I wouldn’t want to be a threesome following a foursome... but I’d gladly be a foursome following a smaller group. 

    Unless, of course there were some other games within the game stuff going on 

  7. 14 hours ago, jtgavigan said:

    Just out of curiosity,  what types of exercises did she prescribe to you?

    First she did an assessment - a series of mobility and flexibility tests. Then we talked, and I committed to three 30-45 minute sessions a week, but with no equipment.  I said that it has to be stuff I can do in my hotel room or basement. The only equipment I always have access to is a golf club - so that’s what it calls for.  It’s all TPI based on their web site. She set me up w a calendar so Monday is “lower body”, Wednesday is “upper body” and Friday is “power”.  It can be things like torso turns on one leg, clam shells, disassociation planks, A frame stretch, a series of plank rotations, lunge routines, shoulder rotations, T rotation push ups, A skips, split lunge rotations, burpees, and my favorite - jack knife sit ups. Each day has about ten different sequences, and each day is different. Most are three sets of 8-12 actions.  Some are exercise that gets my pulse up, some are stretches. She has changed it a bit, and will make some changes for this month too. The TPI web site has you log in and you can watch a thirty second video for each activity and she has how many you are supposed to do per set and how many sets. 

  8. Thought it’d be good to check in again as I woke up to an email from Sarah with Rypstick’s this morning checking in to see how I was doing with the TPI exercise regimen she prescribed for me. I grumbled a bit about jack knife sit ups... but everything is going ok. I’m more likely to miss a work out than a rypstick protocol. 

    speaking of the protocol - because I don’t use a speed measuring device when I use the rypstick, I can only use my Mevo+ when I hit an actual ball, my measurements are only when I practice. 

    today my average club head speed was 96.1 mph. On April 27 it was 89.1 mph. 


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  9. It only takes a few to ruin it for everyone...  toss em out. I listened to the PGA last weekend on XM Radio. I watched the last hour today. Absolutely horrified. Anything could have happened to the players. That wasn’t fans walking along behind, they swarmed in front of them. Makes me nervous for what the RyderCup could be like.  

    Cut off the beer sales at what? 3 pm?

    It has become obnoxious to watch.

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  10. I play one lengths. One of my challenges is getting enough height w the longer clubs - was also my challenge w variable length clubs... so yes, I get some roll.  I plan for it.  I now hit my wedges far higher than I ever did w the shorter shafted versions, for me it’s about drop and stop more than spin.  But I’ve really liked the one length wedges, though it took some practice. 

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  11. I just finished my first round w my V2 upgrade. Great improvement! E8E66181-D79A-4399-8097-AAE9349FD890.jpeg.52b067a2dec487a7b4399fa8dc40bf76.jpeg

    First, it’s faster.  Not sure how any of this is possible with only a change in the circuit board.  Doesn’t matter how or why. But it is definitely faster. I was always trying to get my original version to get moving, and it would seem to get tired on the back nine, to the point I was almost pushing it on the last three holes. But with the V2 upgrade I can’t keep up w it. Which is awesome. That alone is with the price of the upgrade. 

    Second, i don’t know if it’s a gyroscope or what they did, but it holds its line better.  Even on side hills etc Big improvement  

    Third, it seems to hold its charge better. Again, plenty of speed umph  at the end of the round  

    Fourth, the one downside - hate hate hate the new bracket/mechanism for sticking the remote to the handle.  Hate it.  Awkward, cumbersome and takes too long.  Stopped trying after the third hole.  Just tossing it in the pouch or sticking it in my pocket while on the green and it’s going 15/25 yards ahead.  I guess you can’t have everything, but they messed this part up  



  12. 2 hours ago, Monaco said:

    Is the v2 compatible with the BIGMAX Blade IP?

    Their web site says they have brackets for the BigMax IQ - you may want to email them and ask about compatibility at contact@alphardgolf.com


  13. I could never figure out how to hit a hybrid (do I hit down, do I sweep?) until I got my Cobra one length hybrids.  I’ve got three with two in my bag right now.  Very dependable right to left flight. Unless I just hit a block.  But I count on them.  

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  14. 8 hours ago, ChasingScratch said:

    How has the durability been?  I'd love to do something outdoors like this one day.

    It’s been a month and a half since I set it up.  Aside from sweeping debris off when I want to putt (no greens keepers to mow it clean in the morning) it as good as new.  Has not faded in color or anything (I do not expect it to btw).   The True Strike still looks brand new.  I hit the ball from the same spot because I measured out from my Mevo+ and you wouldn’t know it.  Rather than folding up and putting my Sporina net away I just pull the poles, lay it flat on the green and set some rocks on it to keep the wind from catching it.  That weight does cause some indentation in the green from the poles, but in less than an hour the turf has sprung back and you would not know (it may happen much faster I just haven’t timed it) 

    The only really evidence of wear and tear is the chipping mat with the long turf.  The fairway side looks original.  But I’ve had a a fair number of blades of grass from the long grass come off.  See the top set of pictures and video.  To be fair, if you looked at it today and I had not told you a bunch of blades came loose, you would have no idea.  Looks nice and thick, no sign of where those blades came from.  I haven’t seen any impact on playability.  And now that is outside if I am still losing blades I don’t see them.  

    I will keep this thread alive and give some long term reports.  I know come winter I’m planning on rolling up the turf and covering it under a tarp. In part just because I think it’ll be easier to remove leaves and winter debris from just the panels than if the turf is there.

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  15. I’ve been a bit frustrated - assembling the panels we didn’t do the best job of getting them tight together.  Trust me, we tried.  But little 1/8 inch gaps add up over the course of all those panels.   It really bothered me in this north east corner where the floating cup, pulled all the way towards the center still didn’t line up with the pre cut hole.  This was by far the worst corner.  You can see the gap between the turf and the raised edge of the panel.


    Today I finally went to Lowe’s and got four sets of tie down straps with ratchets. Needed twenty five foot lengths so I could slide one under lengthwise and attach it to another.  I used this to pull the panels tighter together.  I worked my way across length wise, while also tightening both ends across the shorter distance at the same time (they each only needed one strap)  


    Was kind of a pain sliding and ratcheting, loosening and repeating the process but I’m pretty happy with the result. The floating cup actually floats...  you can see n photo below that it’s much closer to the edge of the panel.




    this is a before and after of the southwest corner - just had the camera phone oriented the wrong way but you can see the space between the edge of the turf and panel is much smaller.


    Just took a lot more force to cinch those panels up tight.  Should have done this on day one...



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  16. Back in April I ordered the V2 upgrade, it just arrived.  Installing the upgraded circuit board was super easy.  Take it from a guy who can't drive a nail straight, anyone can do this.  They even included the specific size allen wrench to remove the screws holding the panel on.

    First observation - I'm going to miss the magnetic method of sticking the remote controller to your cart.  This plastic piece that you have to turn the remote 90 degrees is going to be a pain, I can tell already.

    Raining today, so I'll share my thoughts on how the V2 compares to the V1 when I get it out on the course.  But at least the install was great. 

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  17. Caveat #1 - I’ve played less golf this season than I did in a week last spring... so I don’t yet have a reliable amount of data yet.

    Caveat #2 - I “feel“ like I’m struggling on the greens.  It’s like I’ve become too dependent on my Pelz Tutor - there are no target lines on the green...  so picking my line is tough right now.  I’ll be putting that away this week....

    Despite those two caveats, Arccos says I’ve made some modest gains.


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  18. If your indicated handicap is correct - then Lessons 100%.  Pick a pro to stick with.  Ask them questions before you begin.  Go for a season long plan of improvement.   Several years ago, when I made my biggest improvements, I told my club pro I'd do what it takes.  He tested me by limiting me to the range until I could accomplish some specific drills/goals; and then he only let me tee off with a 6 iron or less until I could accomplish certain tasks.  I felt like I was wasting time - but it turned out to be worth it.  Use your pro's launch monitor if/when he/she wants to look at how much spin, launch angle, whatever needs fixing. Don't try to tweak those yourself - just yet.  Someday.  But get a good game plan first - workable swing, course management, basic skills.   And if you don't want to go that route, and really have money in your, or someone's pocket you want to burn do a hard look at your stats - what's your strokes gained (or lost) on the greens versus the tee.  I'm betting you think about the ball you slice out of bounds, but it's the missed 3, 4 or 5 footers that keep you from making bogey or par.  In reality, its probably chipping it close...

    Maybe... take that money and get Bob Rotella's "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" - or any of his follow ups.  I've collected them all on audio over the years and routinely listen to them again.  

    Best of luck.  We all start where you are.

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  19. It’s close to a home event for a lot of players so loading up my team w the Lone Stars.  We’ll see if Zalatoris can regroup.  In my B group I had to choose between him and Ryan Palmer.  Palmer is probably a safer play to place well, but I’m rolling the dice in hopes of an outright win.  He just needs to find his putter.  It’s a new venue, the Tour will play it safe and have accessible pins - should be a birdie-fest  



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  20. 2 hours ago, rbsiedsc said:

    So how does this compare to the max swing speed trainer?

    Haven't actually seen the MaxSwing - but looking at their web site the similarity is that its one stick/club, and you can vary the weights.  Max has 5 weights, and RYP has three.  A difference, the RYP also has a counter balance weight in the butt end of the club, no such weight in the Max.   Looking at just the first protocol the RYP has three swings between weight changes, the Max has two - so you have more steps between max weights.  The Max has a 100 gram difference between fully loaded and empty, the Ryp has a difference of 90 grams if its just the head weights, and 160 grams if you include the counter weight. The Ryp comes in 5 different lengths, it appears the Max comes in just one.

    The science behind all these speed trainers is essentially the same. The stick is the tool.  Its how you do that training with the tool. To that end, you have to give the Ryp major points for doing an assessment of what you can physically do, what you need help with and then develop an individualized exercise routine to maximize it.

    So to that end the difference may be the protocols or training they set up for you to use with the tool. I'm not doing a deep dive there - I've already committed to the Ryp protocols.  I did notice - couldn't help it - that some things look familiar like swinging on your knees, a step swing.  I like that Ryp has some swing correction protocols as well - I did not see that on the Max web site. The Ryp also includes a swing analysis and fitness analysis - not on the Max.  That may be why the Ryp is more expensive

    The cost differential  may also be in the quality of the product, development and production.  The Ryp's mechanism for adding and subtracting weight is pretty slick, but its is probably more expensive to develop, mold, and build than the Max' screw in  20 gram components.  Not a judgment, as I haven't seen the Max - but I'm just a guess on the difficulty to manufacture.  

    Just my observations from afar

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