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  1. 18 hours ago, Rtracymog said:

    Nice find here! I would have expected it to sit lower in the net for chipping though.

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    The nice thing is you can pretty much set it how you want.  You can set it lower, and it lays flatter, just by attaching the straps at lower points. 

    I like to have mine pretty high and take pitch shots from ten to fifteen paces away.  

    what they don’t show you in the video is the shots that don’t land in the exact middle fall through and roll back to the front of the net. 

    I purchased it this fall and really liked it. Unfortunately with snow on the ground it’s folded up in the garage waiting for spring. 

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  2. I tore my meniscus a few years ago - happened on the 7th tee box - I’ll never forget.....  anyway, after trying several compression sleeves I have settled on this one for golf


    It has some compression, but I got it for the protection against over rotating across my knee and all the torque I put on it. Those little plastic pieces on the side help keep my knee straight.  For me, I wear this on my left, forward, knee.  So while it’s exactly what I need to guard against rotation I don’t know if it would be what you are looking for.

    For yoga class or the elliptical machine I use this simple compression sleeve.  Nice and tight, stays in place, and makes everything feel stable  


    Good luck.  Knee problems are no fun  


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  3. On 12/3/2020 at 5:22 PM, Hopen2Score said:

    Had a friend of a friend who went the route of retrofitted wheels. The longevity of the battery is questionable - less than 18-hole range after only one season. MGI Navigator is the best route to take if affordable.

    I always get 18, with two of the five status lights still on.  I’ve never pushed for more than 18.  But I just finished my second season and still going strong. 

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  4. Im looking at the pictures and have a real persnickety question... No drink holder?  No place to keep a couple extra balls or tees?  I know, I know, your bag is right there.  But every push cart has those things.  Am I missing them, cause I don’t see in the pictures.

    I took a Bagboy push cart and added the Alphard ewheels. So I’d really miss those items.

    Two things you can count on with using a remote - first, the battery in the remote will dies with zero warning just before you have to go up a hill (keep extras AAA batteries in the bag); and second, you will send it someplace you didn’t intend (like into a creek).  Despite having both happen to me, I’d never give up my remote.  It’s so nice to just walk at your own pace. The positives far outweigh the negatives.

    I’d appreciate hearing more on real world experience with how compactly they fold up and fit in the trunk.  Anyone?

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  5. I’d been struggling with that question... waivering between a Fiberbuilt and a TrueStrike.  I do not have the overhead clearance in either my house or my garage to take full swing - so this is for my backyard and if I’m going to do this I also want to build a butting green around or adjacent to it.  

    I finally settled on the True Strike system.  Got a modular piece to set in the middle of a ProPutt modular putting green.  There was a long wait and it just arrived this week.  Coincidentally my Mevo+ also just arrived.  The Sporina net has been patiently waiting for its partners...  Haven’t had an opportunity to test it out yet, but when I do I’ll share what I learn. 

    069EF6E8-C6D9-46F6-BFE6-1F3FC53FFF39.jpeg.5b7d9e2573ce755a59c0494b7853bd48.jpeg  The hitting area with the gel insert is smaller, the turf lays over it and fasten/clicks into place. It’s  pretty sturdy. I should have taken a picture with the turf off - and will do so when I return home - currently holed up in a hotel for two weeks...

    As I said, I haven’t hit off it yet, but I’ll give the folks at ProPutt (the TrueStrike distributors) major points for customer service. I made several calls and emails to Brian there and he was very good about answering questions and thinking through how I was going to use this and laying out my little backyard practice area. 

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  6. If you aren’t looking for a permanent solution (like the ProPutt with the flooring base etc to build a floor across your room) then you really should check out the BirdieBall. This was my official review here - and there are four other reviewers with lots of Picts and details to consider  


    You don’t have to be concerned about the foam. At all.  It’s very sturdy and bounces back. They have figured it out. And you do want a little extra width - 4 ft is nice.  Happy hunting. 

  7. On 11/21/2020 at 8:05 AM, Chip Strokes said:

    the walking is a minor inconvenience. let me know if the velcro works

    Back at the hotel I checked to see how much “walking” or “sliding” the putting green did on the carpet.

    I first marked the back edge with a Velcro command strip stuck to the floor. 

    After a bit I could see it was moving


    By the next day I could see it really moved... 


    Everyone may not have this problem. I tend to rock back and forth a bit settling (shuffling) my feet (don’t know why, it’s just habit).  That movement or pressure may be what causes the mat to inch backwards.  Maybe it’s the type of carpet.  Maybe my hotel floor is uneven and I’m putting uphill - more than I thought...  I don’t know for sure. And it’s not a big deal - takes no effort to slide the green. But.... a mystery to solve. 

     My first action was to attach three Velcro command strips ($4 for 16  at Lowe’s) on the underside of the mat along the bottom/back edge. That definitely stopped the walking. However, this was a bad idea. By holding the back edge firmly in place, by shuffling in my stance a foot or two or three away from the back edge I was still creating pressure and causing the mat to push toward the back, with the edge firmly stuck to the ground. The result? It developed an ever so slight but noticeable upward bow about 6 inches to a foot from the back. Enough to notice setting up to a ball.  I should have expected that. 

    Pulled the command strips off.  Put some new ones on at the top of the mat about six inches below where the mat starts it’s upward climb up the ramp.  I would have preferred to Velcro the ramp to the floor, but it does not make flat contact with the floor, it’s foam pieces have just enough of an angle to them I didn’t think the Velcro would make good contact. 

    Putting around I can sometimes hear the Velcro pulling at the carpeting, but so far no discernible movement.  Have only rolled a few since the switch, so I’ll update again after a day or so. 

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  8. On 9/28/2020 at 10:53 AM, Chip Strokes said:

    But on the other hand, I had this happen to me enough to make note of it here:


    Hmmm.... I had plenty of putts rejected because the hole was already full.... but never because of a flag stick.  Which hole? The challenge hole?


    Completely understand the “walking” of the green.  I’ve notice that in my hotel room.  I don’t really notice it as it happens, as its subtle, but if you step away and come back, oh yeah, it moved. I think in part that is because despite its very large size it is very light weight and the “smooth” side is what is against/gliding on the carpet. Walking on it creates force in a direction, and it doesn’t have the weight to resist so it gives just a bit.  Done over and over it inches or walks across the floor. 

    I may grab a couple of Velcro command strips and put them on the bottom of the stance end. I’d think it wouldn’t take too much resistance to hold everything in place. Has anyone else tried that?

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  9. 17 hours ago, dlow206 said:

    Finished my backyard leveling project in the summer, but never put my practice net back up yet. Put it up today, will be much better with level ground. Also, much less likely to hit balls over the fence now lol.


    Nice fence! You are inspiring me to restrain mine before my net goes back up in the spring 

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  10. There are a two large shops - by the North gate (near club house and Hole #1) is the SuperStore sized shop; and the South Gate (near Hole 5 and closest to 16, 15, 13).  For hats I’d say the selections between the two are the same. A dizzying amount of choices when it comes to colors and styles.  Yes, there are fitted caps, but they’ll go earlier in the week. Don’t plan on finding them on Sunday...   They are all hanging overhead on a wall with numbers and you ask on of the friendly locals for that corresponding number.  They group the fitted hats together. If it doesn’t say fitted, don’t bother asking - you’ll just slow yourself down.

    As mentioned above there are also “oh crap, I forgot to get cousin Steve a (key fob/socks/hat/logo ball/shirt/umbrella/sunscreen/towel/etc...) quickie shops outside the security checkpoints/magnetometers/ticket gates but before the parking areas.  Not where YOU want to shop, but Cousin Steve doesn’t really need to know...

    Tom’s right, you want to go early - not on the way out.  

    My strategy is to go in the South Gate, line up an hour before it opens (yes I’m crazy, but I’m never there first), walk past the shop and go straight to the course (walk, never run) to set up my chair for the day and then head back to shop, then check my items (unless it looks like rain) or ship em home at the UPS drop off.... then off to see the action.  

    I have parked my car there, but I try to a) stay at a hotel with a shuttle or b) stay at a hotel that I can walk to and from (it will be a long walk, but it will be a long wait to get your car out too...) Of course this is also weather dependent. 

    Make a list of who you need to buy for. It’ll help you keep it under control.  There is something for everyone - dog and cat lovers, jewelry, puzzles, art, barware, banners and blankets, boxers and socks to neck ties and cuff links... in 2019 it seemed like the newest additions were tech fabric workout gear... and fitted hats...

    Have fun, and remember to intercept the credit card bill before She Who Must Be Obeyed sees it.

  11. 3 hours ago, txgolfjunkie said:

    My wish list for the PuttUp:

    • Prefab hole liners. 
    • Fewer holes or hole plugs.
    • Stance mat.
    • Built in kegerator.

    If I were King of BirdieBall for a day I would grant your first two wishes.

    1. I think that helps with the install, and holding it all together (and the cups won't fall out when flipping the ramp over...

    2. Three holes - or plugs - with the farthest being the middle hole.  I think two plugs ought to do it. 

    3. Gotta make a profit, and thats just too expensive of a wish. Plus, if I make the farthest hole the middle, you don't need a stance mat to stand on anymore.   If I grant your wish of the Prefab hole liners, I'm not sure I need the double depth Challenge Cup to hold the mat in place against the ramp.  I can use that spot for a regular cup - right side up or upside down as a Challenge Cup.  As righty I can putt to the +8, but not the +6 without stepping off the mat. But if you make the middle the farthest  then it can be putt to from either position.  (Considering the distances of the +6 and +8; I'd think that center  hole would be around +10 or 20 feet from the edge...???  I' be curious what the BB Engineers would say...)

    As a lefty, you ever replace that Challenge Cup with one of the regular cups and putt to it?

    (When the other guys post, I'm curious how many of us actually use the challenge cup, and how often  - but I'll save that thought for another day...)

    4. In this litigious society?  Ha! Wish denied.

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  12. On 9/28/2020 at 10:54 AM, EasyPutter said:

    I would have liked mat plugs of the same material that could cover at least a couple holes to be able to putt across slope with curved line which is the majority of putts with my chipping accuracy. While perhaps not something overlooked it may be a future intended feature as an uphill putt from below the pin is rare in my game.

    100% !

    As I said above, I'm hoping to get the hole reducers - but I went looking on their web site hoping to find hole "plugs".

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  13. On 9/28/2020 at 10:55 AM, txgolfjunkie said:

    Here’s what I think I could do without or change:

    • Fewer holes. Two, maybe three max. 
    • Marks on the mat to designate length from hole
    • Sturdier bumpers that are easier to apply.
    • Prefab hole liners.
    • Lower price point. See Conclusion section.
    • I would like a separate stance mat when you need to stand off the green to practice a certain putt.

    Well, that is three for three so far on fewer holes...  Hmmm... Curious to see what the other testers think. 

    I get the "easier to apply" on the bumpers. I always struggle with those.

    Prefab hole liners - what were you thinking about - a full length fully attached to the cup?  

    I was poking around on their web site, and saw that they sell as accessories a "high backed" cup.  Probably not what you were thinking - but sometimes I have trouble getting the hole liners between the cup and the turf - its always a challenge - I'd think using a high-backed cup would make that easier and a better fit.  I'm taking mine apart and moving it all the time - something I've noticed, there are some holes in the ramp where its a really tight fight as IMG_6408.JPG.bd1f7dda8a6150889dd5f9a369acdcc3.JPGyou are pushing the hole cup up from the bottom and it is right against the next layer of foam. 

    I would think a high back cup would make for a better fit.  

    The trade off, of course, is that if you want to putt on the perfectly flat mat, then you are stuck with the high backed cups - but that is only on one side.  Maybe a combination?  High backed for the two deepest holes, and regular cups for the two shortest.  I'm sure there is some cost of supply difference there, but hopefully the engineering team considered it. 

    For what its worth - they do sell a separate stance matt on their accessories page.  I have your opposite problem being a righty - thats why the only time I putt at the +6 its at an angle for mild or sever breaking putts. 

    I told She Who Must Be Obeyed that if Santa was looking for gift ideas she should put their Hole Reduction Inserts on the list.  I've been pretty nice this year, so if I get them, I'll add pictures etc to the thread.  But you never know - I tend to get coal when I least expect it. 

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  14. Bag Boy Quad for me. Went the four wheel route because of side hills.  Better than a brake (though the hand brake was just fine). 

    But the number one issue for me was how small it would be when folded up. The guys at the store let me take three different carts out to my car to see how they would fit.  Gotta love living in Iowa...

    What I thought was a frivolous purchase - a bag to store it in. Keep the wet grass clipping stuck to the wheels in the bag and the car truck clean, well, if not clean grass free...

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  15. I have the same challenge w my Alphard eWheels, attached to my BagBoy Quad. Lots of wheelies...  everything is a little op heavy. I too have thought about adding “ballast” but I’m not sure how I’d attach it.  I do t want it in the bag, but have pondered attaching something to the front bar of the cart, or where the bottom of the bag rests against the bar.   I’m just not sure how much I’d need. Other consideration - does the extra weight just sap the battery more? More difficult to go up hill? Hmmm, sounds like a project to get serious about and work on. I’ve tipped the cart a few too many times when I wasn’t close enough to grab the handle. 

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  16. Back to the hotel!

    The BirdieBall has been sitting in its box since Thursday.  Here's a quick look at unpacking and setting up...

    Obviously takes a bit longer than 38 seconds... but not by much.

    Kept stored in the box were the mat and the ramp (getting them both in takes longer...) all the cups, flags, bumpers, hole sleeves, putter, a box of balls, a six iron and orange whip (other practice tools for the road warrior) and my Pelz putting tutor.  Keep the box! 

    Probably should have video'd the insertion of the hole sleeves from another angle - sorry about that.  But needless to say, doesn't take much to set up or tear down.  

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