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  1. hey there, I’m from Sioux City, (my brother lives in Grimes) and play a lot in DesMoines. Played Beaver Creek many times over the years but have never been to Woodward. Just gotta ask, what causes a guy to drive past Beaver to get to Woodward? That good a track, or just where friends play? I’m always looking to try someplace new...
  2. hey there, I’m from Sioux City, (my brother lives in Grimes) and play a lot in DesMoines. Played Beaver Creek many times over the years but have never been to Woodward. Just gotta ask, what causes a guy to drive past Beaver to get to Woodward? That good a track, or just where friends play? I’m always looking to try someplace new...
  3. Played World Tour about ten years ago. It was fun, but honestly, I wouldn't make a return trip. Much better tracks out there. But you play it to say "that's how I would have played it.." except it really isn't. Its a novelty. Good for a buddies trip. But its not going to be the highlight. I remember playing their imitation of August's 13. I kept the video because I had to play out of the creek, but it wasn't the same. Not the same slopes on the greens, etc.. But as I recall they have little descriptions of each hole and why its memorable. If I went back it be for Barefoot, Ca
  4. Ever get play on any of the others? Manelee is a favorite. Manu Lani. Saw whales at Mauna Kea. But I’m also just as happy to play Wiakaloa Villages. When snow is on the ground at home I’m happy to just be on green grass. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  5. May have taken the same pictures... for a guy from Iowa all that black lava was a distracting hazard - loved it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Today we (more appropriately she) added the pocket/s. After much discussion, in an effort to keep the bag light, and because we don't have access to some materials that the big boys and girls use for padding; we decided that a full length zipper pocket should open on the side of the bag that is resting against my back/butt. Reason being, if I stuff a jacket in there, or keep a jacket in there, that is the padding that would normally be found there, while most manufacturers put their jacket pocket on the side that faces away. So we'll see if this was a good idea or not. Also, adde
  7. Join the fun. It’s so much easier on your knees, shoulders, back, etc... says the 53 yr old not far behind you... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Well I was coming up short w the same 3/4 swing - but I’d gone from a 54 to a 56; and a58 to a 60 so that should be expected. I just had to get my brain straight. So now I take a full swing, full back, full follow through - and I’m back to my numbers pretty much. Like I said, they do go higher. But for me that’s a plus. Like any club it’s about spending time to figure out what you get w a full, 3/4, or 1/2. But my most improved stat this spring has been my chipping - or what Arccos calls chipping - around the green. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I’ve been using Arccos since 2017. 99% of the time it’s great (except for putting which I’ll get to) but it seems like once or twice a year something goes haywire. And when it does I completely get your frustration level. You aren’t out there on the course to be fiddling w your phone. However, almost all my blow ups have been tied to one of two things - I did something else w the phone like taking a phone call and the phone never started listening for the strike - or I was wearing rain pants and it can’t hear through those. What I’ve learned - just reboot the phone between holes. Tech
  10. Seems like a place to visit if driving from the Midwest to Georgia in November... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Also - I was never inclined to take a full swing with my Vokeys. Most was a three quarters shot. Now I’m comfortable taking a full swing with the longer shafts. Ball goes higher and lands softer. Lose some spin that way, if you can spin them back to begin with. But for me the higher launch and softer land has been a plus. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. I’ve got the cobra 56/60 to complete the set. It took a little getting used to, I’ll admit. Especially a bunker shot. But I’m not going back... I really like them for chipping. And I’ve never hit any of my shots terribly high and these two really get up there. For me that was a plus. My downside - I was playing a 54, 58 Vokey before so I’ve had to learn adjust my stock distance expectations. I switched to one length last summer and it took a few weeks of play and practice - especially w the wedges - to adjust. But like I said - no going back for me. I like the look - all black so cuts
  13. Won the lottery back in 12, the first time I tried, for a dry of four Monday practice round tickets Haven’t won since. Coincidence? I doubt it. I chalk it up to beginners luck. But I’ve been back every year since. Better odds for Mon-Wed because you can get more, and it’s after the Thur-Sun rounds. Also a lot of fun. I have really enjoyed the Mon-Tue. Not a fan of Wed. But a great time when you can take a camera in the grounds. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? - I took up golf in my mid thirties. Decided I had too many work/business opportunities I needed to take advantage of/or miss out on. So I convinced my wife I needed to learn how to play, and learn right, so after a summer trying to figure out why I hit this giant banana ball, I signed up for a four day golf school to learn how to really play. Just the ball flight mechanics was a big help - discovered golf is a game of opposites... My handicap is 10.1. I’ve gotten down to single digits, but it’s been tough to stay
  15. Sharp looking, but, uh, not to geek out on you but BatMan is DC, not Marvel.... still sweet looking.
  16. I had two putters done - sent them in one at a time. Had been thinking about it for a looong time before I finally pulled the trigger. Was nervous about sending my babies off... but they did a great job. Asked questions because I wasn’t clear about what I wanted. Got them back and couldn’t be happier. Really like what they did w the shafts. They even took up and replaced a Superstrike grip I can’t find on the market anymore.
  17. I’m in. Got inspired by the NLU crew as well, but in Iowa our season has just started a month ago so I’m a little behind. What worries me is #17, #18 - I don’t need the additional pressure this fall... trying to check this box, or play safe and break 80... Been carrying a special scorecard for the last month, pictured here. But thanks for setting up the spreadsheet. I got off on a hot streak but things have since cooled down . The absolute hardest will be #13 - a steep uphill, not view of the landing area, severely slopped green. When I make it, fireworks will go off. Missed a
  18. I too bought a pair (two pair actually, at that price why not) after the MGS report came out a year ago. I’m a walking golfer on a hilly home course so traction, comfort and (because I play at 7am) waterproofing were all important - more so than looks. These really fit the bill. They’ve performed great and I just ordered a replacement set for my white ones - which I wear most often. After a year the little nubs on the heel and toe have worn down - which is expected. Id say the water proofing has held up better than any golf shoe I’ve previously owned - as FJ’s always seem to start leaki
  19. WaffleHouseTour

    Whispering Creek 17

    From the album: Worst Lie Ever

    Of course I went for it. Of course I turned a possible bogey into a double...

    © Christopher Rants

  20. WaffleHouseTour

    SandHills close up

    From the album: Worst Lie Ever

    Yeah, no getting up, down, or even out...
  21. WaffleHouseTour

    Prairi Club Dunes

    From the album: Worst Lie Ever

    Didn’t even take a swing as I’d have to dislodge too much dirt supporting the top of the bunker. No up and down.

    © Christopher Rants

  22. WaffleHouseTour

    Sand Hills Yucca

    From the album: Worst Lie Ever

    Mike finally found my ball in the yucca

    © Christopher Rants

  23. WaffleHouseTour

    Torrey Pines

    From the album: Worst Lie Ever

    Looked forever before we found it. Never thought to look UP... No up and down.

    © Christopher Rants

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