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  1. So I broke the shaft in my Pitching Wedge - Cobra One Length.  (No, it was not over my knee, or head)  I have the standard KBS stepped Tour 110R.  I know Cobra has different weights for the shafts, getting heavier from the 5 iron down to the wedges...

    Does anyone have any experience replacing one of these  shafts?  I'm trying to figure out if I need to send the club (now clubs) back to Cobra, or if I can just order a shaft - and if I have to go direct to KBS or if someplace like an Austads or Golf Galaxy can get it. 

  2. I just had a driver fitting at golftec. The SZ was one of the drivers I tested. It felt great when I swung it. I didn’t hit it as well as the SIM. I just got better numbers and I tried 2 different shafts on the cobra. I would have been happy either way. The SZ looked great and the milled face left a noticeable ball imprint. It was cool because I could tell after each hit where I was making contact on the face. It also sounded great. I’m not recommending either driver for you. I would recommend you getting a fitting. 

    GolfTec? May I ask where? The GolfTec in Iowa doesn’t carry Cobra...

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  3. Colors are meaningless - my course goes Black (7200), Gold (6600), Silver (6200) Green (5500) White (4800)

    So for me in the average par 4 can I reach w a driver and a mid to short iron - so that’s the silvers.

    When I visit someplace else I look at that as well as the slope and course rating - if a scratch golfer isn’t expected to break par then I’m not going to those tees... I’m looking for something like 70, maybe 69...

    I always think I’ll move back if my game improves - but until it shoot in the 70s on a super consistent basis I’m happy where I’m at. At age 53 my driver isn’t getting any longer...

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  4. Hang in there.

    The putts are the biggest challenge Have you turned on “smart putt detection”? It’s the the settings (the little gear icon upper right portion of the screen). Give that a try. The cautionary disclaimer to that - it’s more likely to record two putts even though you made a one putt birdie... not always - it’s not automatic or anything. But you might give that a try.

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  5. Well, there are several of us who are looking for feedback on the Rhapsodo vs Mevo consumer grade launch monitors in this thread - 



    But prepare yourself  - all of these under $500 launch monitors will give you backspin, distance, launch angle etc... but NOT side spin - so you won't know if you've got a hook or slice going.  (or draw or fade...) That requires something more pricey like Skytrack and some of the other bank bending if not breaking costs.


    But hey, sounds like you made good use of the quarantine.  I went looking for nets and there were none to be found. 

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  6. I'm in the same boat - would love to hear some real world experiences - especially from someone who has, or has used, both devices.   I'm torn - I'd like to use inside in the winter and outside in the summer - but only want one device...

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  7. 31 minutes ago, daviddvm said:

    What is the loft on your one length hybrid? I'm thinking about going with the 5 hybrid to replace a 5 iron.

    I have a Cobra OL 4 hybrid and its 21 *  - I started with a 3H and 4H last year, for me they went the same distance, so I kept the 4H and added a 5W to replace the 3H. 

    I LOVE the 4H.  Its one of my more reliable.  I have tried hybrids for years and could never figure out how to hit them, though I tried.  This, though, no fear.  Its a go to.  The same length as everything else, I feel better hitting down on it.  You couldn't get it out of my bag.

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  8. IMG00246-20111006-0916.jpgIMG00247-20111006-0918.jpg

    Personally - and everyone whose ever been has a strong opinion - it’s Old Mac and Bandon for me. Probably because I’ve scored my best on those two respectively. Had a Vulcan mind meld w my caddie at OM and made every putt we looked at - the foursome couldn’t stop laughing. I like the variety of OM.

    There is nothing like coming in at sunset at Bandon however. It’s the original. Won’t beat you up as bad as Pacific when it starts (and it will start) to blow.

    So If you go Pacific - get it in the morning before the wind picks up.

    Trails is georgeous, but being from Iowa I come for the ocean. But many find trails at the top of their list.

    My next trip back however - has to be Sheep Ranch. Pictures from their opening week are the golf porn on my phone... but it may be booked up by now. But if you can get on it you’ll make friends jealous.

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  9. Is anyone still trying to play the Top 100 public courses?  If so, has anyone found any bargains this year?

    Probably depends on what “top 100” list you are looking at. But check out the Prairie Club in Nebraska. They have been open for business w guidelines in place - but open. Two courses to pick from in one spot. I’ve got some Picts posted in the gallery as I’m a big big fan...

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  10. On 6/8/2020 at 6:45 AM, cnosil said:

    Definitely a desirable way to test clubs. The biggest challenge will be finding the shorter shafts especially if you want to go shorter than 45”.

    Yeah, its proving to be a challenge.  Found a GolfTec, and they will do shafts shorter than standard - but no Cobra.  Looked at a Golf Galaxy (I'm desperate and I know its not ideal) but no shorter shafts.  Need to check out Club Champion in Omaha - see if they have/do both.

    Ugh, this shouldn't be so difficult...  Been reading all the MGS Forum threads on CC vs GT is fitting experiences... not exactly a confidence inspiring mission.  

  11. Gap wedge. It’s really improved my chipping game and it’s my most comfortable lay up spot. Just feel most comfortable. Today it’s a Cobra OL wedge, but if you asked me a year ago I’d still say gap wedge, and it was a PingG400 (for some reason Cobra didn’t have any in stock when they sent me my clubs...)! IMG_4594.JPG

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  12. Goal for the month: find a fitter in my area that has both Cobra SZ , Extreme, and Ping 410 SFT, and is willing to try at a shorter shaft in the fitting process and adding weight to the head.  Is that too much to expect? Haven’t found one yet, but I’m on the hunt. I don’t think I can get the trial I want at a Golf Galaxy...

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  13. Always liked PM, but this spring our proshop got some PM “fitted” and those are even better. I don’t like “wings” on my shirts and these are really top notch. Made sure to tell the pro when I bought and gave him feedback in hopes he’ll stock more

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