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  1. Well I was coming up short w the same 3/4 swing - but I’d gone from a 54 to a 56; and a58 to a 60 so that should be expected. I just had to get my brain straight.

    So now I take a full swing, full back, full follow through - and I’m back to my numbers pretty much. Like I said, they do go higher. But for me that’s a plus.

    Like any club it’s about spending time to figure out what you get w a full, 3/4, or 1/2.

    But my most improved stat this spring has been my chipping - or what Arccos calls chipping - around the green.

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  2. I’ve been using Arccos since 2017. 99% of the time it’s great (except for putting which I’ll get to) but it seems like once or twice a year something goes haywire. And when it does I completely get your frustration level. You aren’t out there on the course to be fiddling w your phone.

    However, almost all my blow ups have been tied to one of two things - I did something else w the phone like taking a phone call and the phone never started listening for the strike - or I was wearing rain pants and it can’t hear through those.

    What I’ve learned - just reboot the phone between holes.

    Technology isn’t perfect. My phone and computer both freeze from time to time. My phone has more trouble putting to the blue tooth of the car than it does w the sensors:.. but I get it.

    I’m forgiving of the foibles, but my complaint is about 1) the putting , 2)marking the flag stick.

    It rarely misses the first putt but usually fails to get my second putt. And maybe I should be glad that it never gets my third... but that’s self defeating.

    I guess I’m forgiving of the “mark pin “ function because it IS such a huge improvement over the first iteration. My suggestion for improvement would be a single tap function right on the main screen rather than having to go to the green screen. I suggest this for speed and ease. I hope their Link has a physical button to push. I don’t mind looking at my screen between holes to check the putts as I walk from green to tee. But I don’t want to be seen standing at the hole messing w my phone.

    Yet, how else can arccos know where the hole is? Look at it from their side. We can choose to never set the actual pin. It all depends on how accurate we want some of those chipping and stats to be.

    Not perfect but getting better all the time. Like I said, I’ve been using for three years and I’m still using it ... some of my clubs don’t stand up to that test of time.

    Curious what others think.

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  3. Also - I was never inclined to take a full swing with my Vokeys. Most was a three quarters shot. Now I’m comfortable taking a full swing with the longer shafts. Ball goes higher and lands softer. Lose some spin that way, if you can spin them back to begin with. But for me the higher launch and softer land has been a plus.

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  4. I’ve got the cobra 56/60 to complete the set. It took a little getting used to, I’ll admit. Especially a bunker shot.

    But I’m not going back...

    I really like them for chipping. And I’ve never hit any of my shots terribly high and these two really get up there. For me that was a plus.

    My downside - I was playing a 54, 58 Vokey before so I’ve had to learn adjust my stock distance expectations.

    I switched to one length last summer and it took a few weeks of play and practice - especially w the wedges - to adjust. But like I said - no going back for me.

    I like the look - all black so cuts glare.

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  5. Won the lottery back in 12, the first time I tried, for a dry of four Monday practice round tickets Haven’t won since.

    Coincidence? I doubt it. I chalk it up to beginners luck. But I’ve been back every year since.

    Better odds for Mon-Wed because you can get more, and it’s after the Thur-Sun rounds. Also a lot of fun. I have really enjoyed the Mon-Tue. Not a fan of Wed. But a great time when you can take a camera in the grounds.

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    1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? - I took up golf in my mid thirties.  Decided I had too many work/business opportunities I needed to take advantage of/or miss out on.  So I convinced my wife I needed to learn how to play, and learn right, so after a summer trying to figure out why I hit this giant banana ball, I signed up for a four day golf school to learn how to really play.  Just the ball flight mechanics was a big help - discovered golf is a game of opposites...  My handicap is 10.1.  I’ve gotten down to single digits, but it’s been tough to stay there.  I can’t seem to get lower than a 9, and don’t float much higher than an 11.  My biggest challenge is distance - getting older (53) has sapped my driver distance.

    2. What do you love about golf? - My home game I play alone at dawn.  The grounds crew and I know each other well....  it’s my  time.  Clear my head.  #EnjoyTheWalk  Me, the birds, sunrise, the quiet....  oh, I love playing with friends, the competition, the camaraderie, etc, but my favorite times are at dawn.  I also love that it’s competition against myself.

    3. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? - i came across the articles and reviews a couple years ago. I liked that it wasn’t advertiser driven.  I got into the forums really as a lurker.  But I’m chasing things down the rabbit hole. 

    4. Where are you from? What is your home course? - Live in Sioux City IA where is Whispering Creek is my home track.  I also work in DesMoines (yes, that’s three hours away) so play a lot there.  I also am a member of the Prairie Club in Valentine NE (four hours away) and get out there once a month for a weekend of non-stop play.

    5. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? - The fall brings short days... and in the spring it takes too long for the sun to climb over the horizon.  I want to tee off no later than 7, and sometimes that’s just too early.  I can live with the winter break - absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Come the first of November I’m ready to focus on other things, but come April I definitely have the itch...

    6. What do you do for a living? I work in government affairs, and public relations - hence I live in Sioux City and work in DesMoines. 

    7. How’d you pick your user name? I used to organize an annual trip of 12-20 folks to take an early spring trip down to the RTJ Trail in AL when it was still to early to play in Iowa.  First year our hotel was across the parking lot from a Waffle House and that became our rally point every morning.  Every year after I had to call around to find hotels next to Waffle Houses....  That’s my handle for all golf related things from here to fantasy golf leagues

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  6. I had two putters done - sent them in one at a time. Had been thinking about it for a looong time before I finally pulled the trigger.  Was nervous about sending my babies off... but they did a great job.  Asked questions because I wasn’t clear about what I wanted. Got them back and couldn’t be happier. 


    Really like what they did w the shafts.  They even took up and replaced a Superstrike grip I can’t find on the market anymore. 


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  7. I’m in.  Got inspired by the NLU crew as well, but in Iowa our season has just started a month ago so I’m a little behind.  

    What worries me is #17, #18 - I don’t need the additional pressure this fall... trying to check this box, or play safe and break 80...  Been carrying a special scorecard for the last month, pictured here.  But thanks for setting up the spreadsheet.  I got off on a hot streak but things have since cooled down .

    The absolute hardest will be #13 - a steep uphill, not view of the landing area, severely slopped green.  When I make it, fireworks will go off. Missed a makable one there, and it stuck in my head for the next couple of holes because there aren’t many opportunities - flag has to be in the right part of the green for me to get it close, etc...



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  8. I too bought a pair (two pair actually, at that price why not) after the MGS report came out a year ago.  I’m a walking golfer on a hilly home course so traction, comfort and (because I play at 7am) waterproofing were all important - more so than looks. These really fit the bill. They’ve performed great and I just ordered a replacement set for my white ones - which I wear most often. After a year the little nubs on the heel and toe have worn down - which is expected. 

    Id say the water proofing has held up better than any golf shoe I’ve previously owned - as FJ’s always seem to start leaking by the end of a full season.  They are as comfortable as my Eccos, which I’ve always found to be top notch.  MGS dinged them on their looks.  They are kinda boxy, certainly not flashy.  I really wish they had a black or grey.  But hey, they are just shoes  

    just one cautionary word - the first few rounds out playing on soft greens you are going to see some impressions where you’ve been walking. Don’t worry, they disappear and the greens are fine.  But don’t drag your feet or make twenty putts from the same spot on the practice green. These babies really do grip the ground. 

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  9. I signed up for the reoccurring donation (4N3924475F5357204)since I’ve been using, I don’t mind paying, and braking it up into small monthly amounts makes it painless.


    Oh and I’ll take a Broke 80 too please.  Gotta ask though, does that Badge make only a fleeting appearance, lasting for only a day or two, like my game when I get there, or does it stick around all year?

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  10. So, what to my fellow iOS users prefer for the best experience of MGS?  Using the App, or just using Safari?  Just curious what long time users find provides the richest experience for reading/viewing; and best for posting.  

    for example, I have yet to figure out how find the gallery with the app, or be able to post a graphic via the app.  But hey, I’ve also gone looking for a wayward drive in the junk sixty yards from where I should be...  Using the app should be more convenient.  Just curious about others experience.

  11. It has to be The Open.


    With out The Open the Masters, PGA, USOpen, would not exist.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Masters and understand why everyone’s heart goes there.  (I’ve got tix I’m sitting on and hope it still happens this fall - and that She Who Must Be Obeyed will still let me go...) But if there ever was just one major, you go back to the beginning.


  12. I love visiting a course in a town I've never been in, getting matched up with another 50-something or 60 something; and we both walk, and the 20 or 30 year olds ride in their cart...  makes me smile. 

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  13. I've never had a single brand in my bag; I've tried out several sets in front of my pro and taken his recommendation.  So I've been pretty brand agnostic.  However I've got Cobra irons in my bag starting last year - but I'm not sure they are the right set.  I really wanted to try a one length set and my pro doesn't carry Cobra in our shop - so I "fit myself"...

    1. Handicap and Location: 10.1, Sioux City IA
    2. Social Media Accounts: Twitter: @c_rants ; Instagram: christopher.rants ; Facebook: christopher.rants
    3. Expected rounds in an 8-week span: 16-24 easy - dependingon the start date and if I get one of my weekends where She Who Must Be Obeyed allows me to play 36 a day, it could be more.
    4. Current OEMs in your bag. Driver: Srixon 585 10.5*; Fairway Woods:Titleist TS2 15* & 21*; Hybrid: Cobra One Length 4H; Cobra F9 One Length 5-G at an 8 iron length; Wedges: Cobra One Length Black 56* & 60* Putter: Evnroll ER7 or Scotty Futura X
    5. Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge:
    • Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme Driver, Black/White, 10.5*,  Tensei AV Blue Regular - maybe?- but honestly I'd want to be fit.  I'm not sure if the Xtreme or just SpeedZone is right for me - I need the forgiveness and the distance...  I've got a Miyazaki Kusala 56S in my current Srixon and we tried to replicate that shaft in my fairway woods with the Tensei AV Series.  I've never hit a Cobra driver, so definitely need to be fit for it.
    • Cobra SpeedZone 3F & 7F Fairway, Black/White,  Tensei AV Blue Regular
    • Cobra SpeedZone One Length 4 Hybrid, Regular
    • Cobra King One Length Black Forged Tec 5-PW Irons, Regular - again, I'd like to be fit for the shaft - I've got the stock KBS steel shafts in my current set, but don't get my 5 or 6 up very high, so I'm wondering if the graphites I see in the Forged Tec might be a better fit.  Given the Forged Tec Black may not be on the table, I'd like to compare the Forged TEC One with the new Speedzone One length.    The Speedzone One Length just seems very similar to my F9 One Length
    • Cobra KING Black Wedges, One Length 56 & 60 Versatile

    I've been an Arccos user for quite a while now...

    I'm 53, so I know I've lost some pop over the years - except for in my knees... but I think I should still get it out there farther than 222 yards...  I think that is part of what really holds my game back.  At home I play the "Whites" which are 6,000 yards.  So when I travel I usually look for a 6,000 yard set of tees.  I feel like I should be playing something longer, but hey, until I'm shooting in the 70s on a weekly basis, I'll take all the short clubs in I can get. 

    Don't let the lack of a gap between the 7 & 6 worry you.  I did worry me, so I had my pro check the lofts last week... found the problem.  Arccos just hasn't caught up with enough rounds to change the smart distance. 

    I'm not the biggest smack talker - but I will post and document on Twitter like crazy.

    I apologize if I've put too much info here - its in my nature to over-explain.  I also tend to over think things - which is such a great asset (sarcasm here) standing on the tee..



  14. To ask what some may find a heretical question - anyone every get fit for one length irons?  Any experience at a Club Champion or the like?  

    I wanted to experiment with one length, so I just bought some, and have really liked.  But I'd think I'd be even better if I got fit for a set - but am unsure if any of the big fitting outfits out there even care to the one length crowd.  My pro just said he'd adjust the lie etc once I got them, but wasn't much help to figuring out what would be best - just too different for him.  So I'm curious if anyone has had any experience with that. 

  15. Do you find your eWheels speed stays constant during the round?  I often find mine to be going a bit slower as I near the end, even w two or three lights still on.  It feels like I’m waiting for it to catch up.  It could be that the ground is more uphill than I give it credit for.  But it just feels a bit slower.


    alphard has been great in trying to address my concern - they’ve swapped out the motherboard and battery. So maybe it’s just me.  But I’d be curious about your experience as there is no one else in my area who has one that I can compare notes with. 

  16. I started walking the spring of 2013.  I remember the when and why - I was headed to Scotland and knew I’d be walking so I considered it training.  I enjoyed it so much, I played better, was More relaxed, and loosing some weight didn’t hurt.  The crew at my course mowed a couple paths for me to take some short cuts. In 2015 I sold my EZ Go that had been sitting in the shed untouched.  When I turned 50 I switched from carrying my bag to a push cart.  Don’t regret that for a minute. 
    There is a special brotherhood among walking golfers.  For starters we are few. I’m always surprised by some of the comments I get from the cart crowd - “good for you”, “bless you for walking”. It’s always odd. Nothing is stopping the, from doing it too.

    There are a couple drawbacks - I can outpace a threesome, but with the pandemic my club puts everyone in their own cart and I can’t stay ahead of anyone, so that can feel a bit rushed. But I let them roll through.   Drawback two - tore my meniscus in my knee on the 7th tee box - never forget that.  Had to sit on the ground waiting for a crew member to come by and give me a ride in. ...  When lightening is striking nearby they always send someone out to get me...


    A 7am or 7 pm stroll, nothing is better. #EnoyTheWalk 

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