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  1. Looking to do the same. Sans bribing my significant other w a fire pit - but will if I need too.

    about twenty years ago I did one myself with a kit that required sand on top of the turf. Won’t do that again.  Winters in iowa tend to move the sand, and some frost heave has made for hi and low spots. 

    currently debating between a birdie-ball turf that I roll up when done, and a pro putt standard system. Those look like they can be left outside 24-7.   While I’d like it to be permanent w fringe, the winters are just hard on it. 
    All I really want it a place to practice short pitched and chips.  Landing a ball in a chipping nets is not quite the same. So I’d love to hear how people have done fringe. 

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  2. My home course has the pool noodle, which is fine.  Played at the Prairie Club this weekend and they had a piece of PVC, irregular cut so the ball rolls around to the low point. Kinda interesting.  

    either way, it’s shallow, but if your ball is popping out as some have stated they’ve made it too shallow.

    Ive always been a flag stick in guy,, even before the rule change when walking and playing by myself, so no worries there. 

  3. For five years I organized trips for 12-16 guys from Iowa to the RTJ in the spring. One of our favorites was always the short courses. So whatever you pick, keep that in consideration. We always finished the day with a skills challenge or some crazy games on the par three course. That tilts it to the Grand National and Cambrian.

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  4. I’ve got the Alphard ewheels v1. Attached it to my existing BagBoy Quad cart. Went from carrying to pushing to save my shoulders, and the ewheels has me feeling even better. You have to pay attention to your steering. But I’d never go back. I’m 53 and walk three or four rounds a week. Always good for 18 holes, have never tried more. Always get a few looks, and comments but that’s ok.

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  5. Did any of you have to get in contact with Arccos to have a course mapped? I was wondering how long it took for them to do it. I read on their website that it would be done in three business days, that actually seems absurdly quick to me.

    One of the two courses near my house is not mapped and I contacted them about making it as it's the one I play most. My last email with them was on October 8 when I sent them a shot of the scorecard and they responded that it's been sent to the mapping team.

    I almost feel like I'm being extremely impatient, but I'm willing to play the other course until it's done, especially since the weather is cooling off and it's less crowded. My experience with their customer service has been nothing less than extraordinary. Shout out to HardcoreLooper for sending me the CSR they used during the Cobra Connect challenge.

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    This summer I was off to play Dismal River in Nebraska. I pinged them, helped them ID the course and get them a scorecard, and they had it mapped and in the system by the time I got there the next week. I thought it was pretty impressive.

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  6. Stretch, stretch, stretch.


    Orange whip.


    Shag 16?or so balls back to the driving range tee line with a 58 degree wedge - this is about 6:30 so the clubhouse is closed and no one else is around...


    Hit my Tour Stryker PW and then 7I to make sure I'm hitting down. Then five drivers.


    Lag putt my way around the practice green while waiting for the mowers to head down the first fairway.


    Takes about thirty minutes



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  7. I'm sure I'll be picking up either shot scope or this for next golf season. How have you all going the battery drain on your phones to be?


    If I use a normal gps app I find it eats about 10% battery per hour. How does this compare for you if you have used anything similar?


    Keep up the good information guys, thanks.


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    I typically play first thing in the morning - so I start fully charged. Read Twitter as I'm walking around, a few blogs, something to keep my mind on something other than obsessing on that last shot...

    I turn off all the other apps other than twitter email and safari.


    Arccos running constantly. Very rarely do I take a phone calls.


    I usually walk off the 18th with 40% battery left. Usually takes me 3 hours and 15 minutes to play (lots of hills and distances between holes).


    I'm using an iPhone 8.


    There are things I could do to save more battery power, but suffice it to say I have to plug the phone into my car charger as soon as I'm done.


    When playing in the afternoon, I've got a spare battery pack with me for work purposes...



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  8. I'm in my second season with the 360 system. I've tried different methods of shot and statistical tracking over the years and I like this the best. As much as I like It, and have recommended it to friends it is not bullet proof.


    I've never had a shot register that I didn't hit - except for the putter. After every hole I take a quick look to see if it got the putts right. It usually does - and the errors is usually a missed putt. Not sure why that is, but that's the typical error. It is also super easy to correct with the + or - sign on the main screen.


    If you flub a chip and are hitting again from only a few feet away it'll think it's the same shot - but hey, that's operator error, can't blame Arccos for your/my poor play.


    I've had three sensors quit working in the last year. That can be infuriating during a round when you realize that you 7 iron or putter sensor won't work. You stop and using the diagnostics tools try to reactivate it - kinda blows your zen. But to Arccos credit they've shipped me a new one each time.


    They do have a pretty responsive support team.


    My one wish - that Arccos would have a button to “mark flag location” that you could tap when you are at the flag. There is a method, but this would be so much easier.


    As to the caddie function - I don't use it to plan what I should use off the tee or strategy - though perhaps I should and compare... but I do rely on it for club selection on approach shots. On those occasions I don't take Arccos' advice I usually wish I had. It knows something about the wind I don't. At first i had trouble trusting it on severe elevation changes but now, especially on a course I haven't played before I don't even think twice. The only thing the caddie doesn't know is what club I have more trust in.


    And the caddies is lousy at helping me with my mental game when I need to par the last two holes to break 80...


    I accept that the intersection of smart phones, Bluetooth and all this stuff is not perfect and the errors I've had are more than offset by the successes. I love the stats.


    My chief complaint and nagging gripe - and it may just be my course or it could be the gps chip in my iPhone - it's always a little off on where I'm physically at. This is most pronounced on and around the green. I don't know if the Sattelite image was taken at a severe angle, or my gps is off but I've often found Arccos thinking I'm on the green when I'm off and visa versa. I've sent them pictures of me standing in the green and a screen shot of the app showing my well off. And some holes are significantly off, while others seem just fine. At my request - another testament to their customer service - they remapped my course. So I don't know what it is.


    Speaking of remapping - I made a trip to Dismal River in the Nebraska sandhills this summer and within 48 hours of my request they mapped the course and uploaded it into their system. I really appreciated that.


    Final thought, I'm nitpicking some things, but the sensors will be on my clubs for a third season next spring.



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  9. s-l1600.jpg

    In 2012 I won the lottery and got tickets to two practice rounds of the Masters. Thinking it may be my only visit I was in line when the gates opened and I vowed to be the last to leave... but more on that in a moment.

    Being a practice round I took my Nikon with a decent lens with me and took a few hundred pictures.

    At the end of the day I knew Darren Clarke was still out on the back nine so I camped out on the 18th waiting for him to make his way there. Suddenly a film crew sets up and three golf carts zip out to the fairway carrying Arnie, Jack and Gary. For the next fifteen minutes they film the guys walking up the fairway, screwing around on the green and doing an interview. And all that time I sat on the grass right next to the camera crew clicking away. Not another patron in sight.

    When the film crew packed up I thought I had some more time to wait for Clarke to make his way to the green, but I received a gentle tap on my shoulder. I looked up to find one of Augusta's ever present security guards looking down at me. “I'm sorry sir, but Augusta National is closing it's gates for the day and we are going to have to ask you to leave.” And that's my story of being kicked out of the Masters....

    But more importantly, I've got some great picts of Arnie Jack and Gary. I list them on eBay and make prints for folks all the time. Anyone who wants one they come straight from Shutterfly directly to your door. Glossy or matte, pick your size...

    Listed on eBay here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/132723298094

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  10. After years of carrying my bag, the 51 year old shoulders finally over ruled the ego and I got a push cart. After reading this and other threads, spending what I'm sure the store clerk thought was hours in an Austads folding and unfolding and taking folded carts out to try in the trunk of my car... I settled on the four wheeled Bag Boy.




    Reason 1 - it has to fold up small enough to sit on top of my clubs in the trunk


    Reason 2 - my home course has lots of hills and the four wheelers seem to stay in place better on the side hills.


    Reason 3 - I like the pouch underneath the handle to hold my range finder, glove etc...


    Reason 4 - and don't underestimate this - they make a nice carry bag - or as I call it, the grass clipping bag. When you play in the mornings your wheels will collect a lot. I dump the dried grass the next time I play when I take it out.





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  11. Christopher


    Srixon Z565 w Miyazaki Kusala White 56S Flex code 4631

    Current swing speed - I don't know.. my golf pro fitted me with this driver and shaft on his FlightScope but I do not have my stats in my head, and haven't looked since he fitted me with irons last season.  Looks like I need my own radar...


    A bit about me: I'm 51, and as many my age who have had to move from the 6,500 yard tees to the 6,000 yard tees I'm always looking to regain the yards I've lost. #TeamArccos says that based on the 64 rounds I've played this year I have a  "smart distance" of 233 with a range of 219 to 249 with my driver.   I'm a 9.6 index, who is always stepping up to the first tee looking for a 79 and cursing when the double bogey on the 15th puts it out of reach.  


    On the advice of my pro I started a yoga practice four years ago to combat the aging process and improve both my flexibility and posture. I  do that 3 times a week.  I consider getting 14,000 FitBit steps walking my course as my cardio exercise, and I climb onto the elliptical machine during  the winter months when Iowa is covered in snow. 


    I would readily commit to the regimen needed for the SuperSpeed training - but I have to admit that I could not start until October 4th.  I'm a volunteer (please don't hate on me now) at the Ryder Cup.


    I was planning on visiting with my pro after the Labor Day scramble to talk about what my  indoor training plan should be once the snow flies - ie should I work on increasing my speed, or something that will help me find the center of the club face more reliably.  Being chosen to test the system may settle that issue.


    Thanks for the consideration,


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