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  1. They aren’t hidden, but if you are there you’ll have just as much fun on the New and a jubilee (at least my group of 20 did) and most thought (to my chagrin) the best of the bunch was KingsBarns. Nearby - Crail - unless the NLU boys make in-hidden it. But honestly, you need to rent a car/van/bus w driver and head north. My highlights were Cruden Bay and Royal Aberdeen - not exactly hidden gems either but awesome. But on the road you will just drive past so many courses you’ll see from the side of the road you can just stop at. it’s the wrong island, but when I made my bucket list
  2. Assuming this is for inside, and not a permanent installation - Take a hard look at BirdieBall. I’m currently using their PuttUp, and involved in the review of that; but they make all sorts of sizes. And before you say “I don’t need a hole, that’s what the PuttOut is for”... you can use both. I had (still have in my closet) the PuttOut mat, but I thought it was slow, and I literally wore a groove down the center. So beware of carpet like things. I’m really impressed w the quality of the BirdieBall turf. They don’t have all the lines and markings that some like Wellputt or PuttOut do - and I s
  3. Love the video - made me laugh (probably shows my age...) Question about the mirror - I have their first iteration. I wasn’t keen on their path aids (which it looks like they are skipping on this narrower one) but what always got stuck in my mind was the the notch the ball sits in... to me it seemed like in kept the ball from really starting off line... could have just been a me thing, but I quit using it altogether and went back to my Pelz trainer w the marbles. I’m curious what you experience w the notch. Also (dumb question) I don’t see the difference between the trai
  4. If nothing else is accomplished, based on 2,300 replies, MotoCaddy just got some interesting market research and insight into potential demand...
  5. On of the things I really liked about the ProPutt System was the ability to build to what you wanted and customize it. They were patient. I did a lot of emailing back and forth with Brian at ProPutt asking questions - can I do this, how does this work, what would you recommend for that. It all looks simple enough now - but I'm a planner and don't want surprises. This was my concept drawing This was their engineers design with all the base pieces
  6. Your own range... every golfers dream - but most of us don't have the land, so we settle for hitting nets and monitors... I share the desire to practice at home - and am starting to chronicle it here:
  7. Settling on what hitting mat to get was the most research intensive part of my search. What can I take full shots off of, won't bounce the club through the ball, have some realistic feel, and save my joints. I'd looked at Fiberbuilt, the Country Club Elite, and Rain or Shine's house brand. The key selling points for me ultimately was the ability to customize the whole project - put the hitting turf where I wanted it in the green. I've got a series of pictures here of just exactly what the True Strike mat looks outside and in... The hitting piece comes as a pretty hefty self contain
  8. This is the first in a series of posts on what I hope will be my ultimate back yard set up. I'll walk you through the process, mistakes I've made, what I've learned and experienced as we do this. Last summer I was on the hunt for an artificial turf putting green I could put in my back yard AND a hitting mat, preferably all in the same unit. Something big enough I can set a net on (Sporina as you'll see later) and also a Mevo+ at the other end. I want to have a number of different putts - including some long ones, and I want some fairway and rough to practice pitch shots and chipping.
  9. No, and I don’t know there are plans to do so... however, there is another completely private club being built right next door by Gil Hanse by the name of CapRock Ranch. You can see a few holes from the 13-15 of the Dunes course at the Prairie Club. The PClub apparently sold them some of their land.
  10. I wish I did... it’s a 15-20 minute drive from my house. I’m really looking forward to it. Never been to Sweetens but it’s on the to do list. I can’t wait to see what Landmand is like. Been following the developments on Twitter. Lot of great golf in Nebraska. Also belong to the Prairie Club - a four hour sojourn once a month in season for a weekend.
  11. That is the drawback - most places you go like Golf Galaxy or an Austads look at you like you’ve grown a third eye... As I said, I worked off the fitting I did w my old Pings for the length of my 8 iron, and the lie (I’m a little flat). I knew that was the standard length I wanted. I ordered them thru my club pro, and he recommended we not tinker with that in the ordering, and then when they arrive just go to the range and hit them all off a lie board, and mark the balls. (Not going down that rabbit hole...) and we’d bend them If we needed to. I definitely had to have my Forged TEC Blacks be
  12. For a light weight, water proof bag - I’d highly recommend the Titleist Players 4 StaDry stand bag. It’d be great for an over seas trip, and if you are using a caddy I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. But I have to admit, last spring I was really drooling over those Seamus Golf “fescue project” bags. But they are pretty pricey. I also fell for the Flag Bag golf bag - https://flagbaggolfco.com I think those look just awesome, and are clearly caddie friendly. But, there is some serious coin involved. So you might want to save your cash on a new bag, collect the flags from y
  13. I went to one length a few seasons ago, will never go back. Finally gave away the old set of Pings I was holding on to “just in case”... I started out with the Cobra F9s, and last season found a used set of Cobra Forged TEC Black that I really really love. I did something a little different - I had them all made to MY 8 iron length. That is/was my favorite club at the time and my 150 yarder. When I was previously fit for clubs I was always told I’m half an inch short of standard (a couple previous sets of pings) so I stuck with that. Wedges thru hybrid. I have to admit,
  14. Christopher Sioux City, Iowa I walked 80 of my 100 rounds in 2020, about the same in 2019 as well. I use the Bag Boy Quad (the four wheels are supposed to be better on hilly courses, and I play a couple very hilly courses). Here is the kicker that will either disqualify me, or allow me to give you some interesting insights... I have the Alphard eWheels V1 attached to the cart for the last two seasons. I’m interested in comparing - how easy/hard does it tip or get stuck on hills, does it stay straight on side hills, does it maintain speed over 18 holes
  15. For shirts it is Peter Millar - the Crown Crafted line which is more of a slim/tailored fit - (I'd prefer something without wings under my arms) - but love their Summer Comfort as well - nothing even comes close. For shorts it is Adidas Ultimate 365 - great for hot humid weather.
  16. The 14 way divider - a must for those who have OCD so bad we call it CDO because that is the correct alphabetical order. I had an old Titleist bag w a 14 way divider, and really miss that. When i wore out the straps I went for the lightest bag I could find - that divider is worth 1.5 to 2 lbs - at least those bags always are two to three pounds heavier. Now that I’ve quit carrying and moved to a push cart it may be time to look at a 14 way divider again. If I could find just the divider I’d add it to my existing bag, but that’s not really an option.
  17. Have you checked out the Acu-Strike? Similar concept- see where the sole impacted with the ground. Though I have to say, your sequins are much more obvious and clear. This is more like old time velour that stands up or lays flat. You brush it back flat with the sole of your club after a shot. They make two version, one with an inch of foam underneath (so you need a stance pad) and one super thin that you peg to the ground with some long tees. The paint marks to indicate ball position definitely wear over time. They do make it clear however that you can, should and I do, hit a ball off of
  18. You mentioned above they take an orthotic insert easily.... can I ask if you are an over pronator? My podiatrist put me in ASICS years ago because I over pronate and wear some custom orthotics - but I have never tried their golf shoes before, and have always been on the look out for a shoe for over pronation. Just curious. I’d really like to try the ASICS Gel Ace released this year, but haven’t found a single review...
  19. That’s how I wear my Link (clipped to the pocket) and it stays intact. Keeps it just below the level of my rain jacket or pull over so the microphone is never obstructed. Worked great last season, and the clip is tight enough it’s never come loose.
  20. Back in 08 I was checking boxes off a list, so played it as part of my "Florida Swing". Traveling alone I met my playing companions, a family of three who had travelled from overseas to play. Five minutes later the caddie master came out to inform me that I'd be playing as a single, but they'd be sending me out ahead with a a caddie gratis. After I got over being offended, I decided to make the most of it and it turned out to be a great round, just me and the caddie. To keep me from moving too fast and running into the foursome ahead, he walked me all over each hole giving me a history les
  21. You must be the master of the side hill lie... I like that you can adjust the chipping net to different heights, and let it catch balls on their decent
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