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  1. On the road again... As I mentioned in my intro, I spend about 100 nights a year (a typical year) in a hotel in DesMoines. Well, today I took the mat to the StayBridge Suites with me. I kept the original box which you can see below, and hauled in the BirdieBall, my putter, a level, and a box of balls. The hotel staff has long ago decided I'm a nut. Nothing like checking in with an Orange Whip under your arm... try explaining that while promising not to mark up the walls or ceiling. First, I rolled the mat up more than 48hours ago as directed, fuzzy size out and I rolled the
  2. Starting in January mine will be four nights rolled up in the box, followed by three nights on the floor, for about four months. So stay turned.
  3. They worked ok. I too have an un-level floor - I’ve got some extra plywood on one side to even it out. You can see I keep a level around and am always tinkering with it. The magazine works ok, but it’s a bit of trial and error. Don’t just push it right up to the hole... The Golfers Journal is pretty thick too, I’ve also slipped some Golf Digest in as well for less break. I’m looking for subtle breaks, like a ball out or on the edge. Those are the kinds that give me the most problems from three or four feet. Holly, the cat, isn’t a problem. She about 13 years old, so she’s beyond the
  4. This weekends practice: removed the ramp to practice shorter and flatter putts. Want to be sure I’m not always trying to make 17 footers. Added some side break by sliding a magazine around underneath. I’ll say this, the size does allow you to try lots of different angles, and putting diagonal across it. Removing those distance indicators let’s you try to roll some in from the side. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I picked up the Sporina net. It has has a target sheet that hangs down a couple feet from the back of the net. I really like the sloped “floor” that rolls the ball back to me. Has a nice chipping net you can hang as well https://spornia.com it literally sets up and then folds down in no time. I’m really happy with it.
  6. I started playing the OnCore last year. Tried it against the ProV1x (as good as) and the VicePro (or better) and for the price I thought they were great. I can get them to stop on the green - but haven’t had a problem spinning them back (such a problem to have). I really liked the feel of the OnCore especially off the putter. I also like to play a colored ball - old eyes can’t see that far in the sky... and I alternate between the lemon and lime...
  7. Better question than color - is there a type of ball better suited to teeing off where there is a frost delay everyday? Are low compression balls better for cold temperatures? Any facts/science to back that up?
  8. Anyone tried the Lagshot? https://lagshotgolf.com/ a seven iron with a super whipy shaft to help ingrain tempo and lag... Anyone with anything to report? I use a TourStrike 7 iron to make sure I hit down on the ball, Im wondering if this would be a good compliment.
  9. Hmmmm.... could be... I moved the tutor over toward the middle and made sure I had the iPhone camera directly behind the ball looking down the line. Got this screen grab right after impact. Looks to me like the alignment lines are aligned. But one always has to be sure - so I appreciate the suggestions. If you see something I don't, please share. I typically alternate between two putters, so I'll need to check my Heavy Scotty as well. I do notice I'm a little toe up - but I'm not sure that is hurting anything.
  10. She Who Must Be Obeyed complains that I save empty boxes.. but this is why. As txgolfjunkie said, keep the box to store it in. They recommend storing it with the "fuzzy" or surface side out. That also helps keep it flat and not curl as well I would imagine. The box is about 18 inches across. For the most part I've kept mine laid out; but come winter it will be traveling to my hotel room with me - so I'll share impressions then. To your question about imperfections and the roll- I think it rolls very true. It is funny, the "fuzzy" side - but it feels like when you glide your hand ac
  11. So this happened today... 32 putts, 1.7 per hole, 0 threes. Coulda shoulda been better missing a couple makeable birdies because I misread the break. Maybe next week I’ll take the ramp out and slide some magazines under to work on break reading... but now I’m sticking with moving the Putting Tutor around. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Today's practice - what I'll be doing all week - sink eight balls without hitting the marbles - I've got to focus on a short backswing to keep from knocking the marble out of place. Yes, yes, I've got some bow in my top piece of plywood - it flexes when I walk around on it - but stays still when I'm still. Going to have to fix that.
  13. This weeks self-imposed assignment - adding the Pelz Putting Tutor to the mix. Its one thing to bash the ball up there to the +8 cup and catching the edge, or the back. But getting it started on line - using enough force to get it there, and not disturb either of the two marbles... tougher. I'm somewhat proficient at starting it on line when I'm trying to make a 3 or 4 foot put - but the farther out I am, and the more force I need, the more likely I am to clip the marble on the left... Something I really like about the Pelz tutor - helps ensure your eyes are directly over the ball -
  14. Sorry, on the road today so no Picts but I’ll post sometime. In short, I used layers of 1/4” thick because they are lighter and easier to move around. I got floor underlayment at Lowe’s. I took two 4x8’ sheets and cut them into four 4x2’ sections. I laid down a 4x8’ sheet and abutted a 4x2’ sheet so make a 4x10’. Then I laid down the 4x2 and abutted a 4x8 (same thing in reverse order. At this point I put down the 4x2 sheets running the length of the green covering the right half of my base to level my set up. I left the 2foot gap at the stance/bottom side. Then I laid down the 4x8 and 4
  15. First Impressions It is BIG! I mean it is “you can’t keep that in the living room” says She Who Must Be Obeyed size big. As I wrote in my introduction, I’ve been using a PuttOut matt which is 2 x 8. So the Birdie Ball PuttUp being 4x10 I knew was bigger - but once you get it into a room… its big. I’ve laid the PuttOut on top of the BirdieBall to give you a sense. Being big is not a problem, but you need to plan for it. I did not do a good job of that. I initially thought I’d roll it out to use, then roll up and put in the closet, then roll it out, then roll it up… but I decid
  16. Size of the room depends in part on what technology you are using to track the all flight. FlightScope sits to the side, so you need less space. A Mevo+ needs to 8-9 feet behind the ball and then 8 feet of flight between ball and screen/net - so 16 to 18 feet depth minimum. Then think about ceiling height.... I have an older home w low ceilings so I’m out of luck. But I’m planning a practice area in my backyard so have been doing much research. There are a couple really good threads in this forum, guys who have documented with pictures. Can search there, but I’d recommend doing your firs
  17. After complaining about repeatedly getting snake bitten at #15 I checked that box today. #10 and #18 to go... I was not playing my best, and it was cold (40s) and windy (20s); but I got my act together for those three holes. Ball dropped on a nine footer. playing this game against yourself is a great motivator, ABD keeps you in it even when you don’t have your best.
  18. I finally found something I like about aerated greens... with the way the sand settles you sometimes see a bit of break that you might not otherwise see. I had that today, #16, 14 feet away. I've always known its a big right to left break - I mean a good 3 feet out. But I've always missed it. Well today I saw something and played just a touch farther out, and dropped it right in. Check off another one. 10, 15 and 18 to go. If a falling leaf stops the ball from going in, you'll hear the scream all the way from Iowa...
  19. Hello there fellow spies. To introduce myself, I’ll start with my name - Christopher Rants, and I live in Sioux City Iowa - where the leaves are starting to fall and snow will cover the greens soon enough. Because I’m always interested in people’s handles/screen names I’ll tell you about mine - Waffle House Tour. Years ago I was the organizer for an annual golf trip. We went down to the RTJ Trail in Alabama for several years. On our first trip there was a Waffle House across the parking lot from our hotel. None of us northerners had ever been to one, but couldn’t wait to get our hash bro
  20. Introduction I’m Christopher from Iowa – where my course has been covered in snow twice already. I picked up the sticks late in life, when I was thirty, and I’m 53 now. I belong to Whispering Creek in Sioux City, and the Prairie Club out in the Nebraska sand hills. GHIN says I’ve posted 87 rounds this year and have a 7.8 index – a personal best. I’m a member of #PushCartMafia that really enjoys course architecture. That appeals to the right side of my brain. I was also an early adopter of the Arccos system and play one length irons – so the left side of my brain is eng
  21. That’s exactly how I feel. Just glad we won’t be required to do hourly trash talking like you guys did w the cobra challenge. Just waiting for the required one handed, eyes closed, behind the back putting contests...
  22. I hear ya. I’m 53, and a few more yards would be a huge help. I just pulled my 5 wood from the bags. I found it and my 3 hybrid were pretty much the same distance. At least that’s what Arccos tells me. I find the 3H to be more versatile for me as I can’t hit a fairway wood out of the rough. Good luck.
  23. I'm no expert - but I think hybrids and fairway woods are two different animals... Hitting down on hybrids, and sweeping the fairway wood... Dog and cats. Apples and oranges. That said... I have a Titleist TS2 15* I really like... Looks like you've got a bag full of Titleist, so what do you have to lose? The key question may be why are you swapping out the current fairway wood? Looking for more distance, more accuracy - or just need a change? Can you get the shaft you want, or think you want?
  24. Don't give up!!! I was feeling the same way myself, but I checked another off my list today with a birdie on #8 at Whispering Creek. That leaves #10, 15, 16, & 18 for me. #10 is hard. I've had legit shots at #16 and 18 but for some reason I always get snake bit at #15. Even today, I shot my career low round of 74 (humble brag...) but had a bogey on #15. Don't know what it is with that hole... The leaves may be falling, but the snow isn't flying yet. Still time. Never know when you might collect a couple during the same round.
  25. I just have one phone. Since I got The Link I’ve played a few rounds w my blue tooth head phones in. Works great. Zero problems.
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