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  1. While my lowest round is a 76, and I had a 78 this summer to go with a handful of 79s, this last week I shot an 80 and it felt like my best round ever.  Mammoth Dunes in Wisconsin.  A fantastic David Mclay Kidd track.  It was my first time there and I had a Vulcan mind meld with my caddie. Dropped in three birdies among five one putts.  Tells you there were a couple big numbers too. But walking up the 18th I finally added up my score ( actually going 17 holes without focusing on my score may actually be my biggest accomplishment...) and thought I needed a par ro shoot 79. Well, I got my par, but it wasn’t until the first bumps and congratulations were over that I realized it was a par 73, not a 72. I’d shot 7 over to shoot 80.  First 80 I’m not disappointed by.  I’ll be reveling in this one for a while. 

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  2. Ditto


    Won the lottery ten years ago but nothing since. Hasn’t stopped me from going though. Found a good ticket broker I’ve used repeatedly. But it’d be nice to win again and save that dough for, oh I don’t know... a new set of clubs, annual dues for my golf club...

    Until this year of course.  On tv there seem to be a few contingents of fans peering over the bushes and fence line. Can’t see that happening in August

  3. 1) Christopher, Sioux City IA

    2) I use a grey PuttOut matt with a Pelz Putting tutor (two marbles as a gate), and the Putt Out trainer and gate (I like the Pelz tutor better than the PuttOut mirror to get the ball started as I think the notch to start the ball is cheating a bit - always starts on line rather than the Tutor with the marbles).  I have a set that I roll out on my hardwood floor in my living room; AND I have a set that resides in my car trunk and gets rolled out on the carpet in my hotel room (111 nights in a Staybridge hotel this year so far). 

    3) As mentioned, I use a Putt Out matt - A couple observations: First, I have literally worn a groove in the mat...  (while that shows work ethic, that can't be good, right?) I think it is prone to bobbling at the the end if you are trying to roll it over the hole mark when not using the pressure trainer.


    Second, I also think it tends to be on the slow side generally. They say its a 10 on the stimp but I'm not so sure.  

    Third, while I appreciate the markings for distance , and though it is  8 feet long it is really only 6 feet of usable distance.  Thats the biggest reason I'm interested in the birdie ball.  I need to work on longer distances.  I tend to be in real jeopardy of three putting when I have a long distance putt. Arccos shots gained has "putting by length" as "what to work on"

    None of these are complaints really - I did buy a second one... but things I think can be improved.

    4) I'd prefer the fast speed.  I checked with my sup, to compare to what he typically has them rolling in the summer and he said I'd want the faster one - 11 to 13 on the stimp. 

    Would appreciate the opportunity - and a big thanks to Birdie Ball for making these available. 

    I'm super curious about how well a person can adapt to hitting an 18 foot putt when your eyes see only  ten feet of distance on the mat - and how they adapt to then going out to a real green and hitting an 18 footer or a ten footer.  Do your eyes/brain say "I have to hit this harder" based on what it sees?  Are you training yourself to hit 10 footers too hard?  I don't know.  But I'm curious.  I hope whoever is chosen does a comparison between what they do on the mat, and how they take that to the course - or at least someplace where they have a real 18 footer...

  4. The one hole I thought might go un-circled is (was) #13. A Par Three volcano hole. Straight up hill. An 7 iron distance, that needs a PW trajectory, so you’re trying to loft a 5 iron up there and hold it... Severely sloped back to front with a giant mound in the middle dividing the green. Tough green to hit. Tough to putt unless you are right under the hole.

    Crazy game...


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  5. Got the update and went down a deep rabbit hole...  I really appreciate the ability to set the target handicap.  I’m a 9x and it’s better to compare to a 6 or 7 as a goal than a scratch.  And I really really appreciate Arccos’s doing the analysis for me in picking three things to work on - as I’m pretty sure I’d have picked something else. I would have thought it’s my driving; but Arccos’s shots gained is telling me it’s my 110-150 yard approach that’s hurting (more like killing) me.  Gotta remember “fat side of the green, fat side of the green, fat side of the green...”

    I’m setting the filter to last ten rounds - smooth out the peaks and valleys a bit . 

    Bottom line - this makes more sense to me - even with the data overload - than the previous “handicap” areas.  Look forward to the web site update  


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  6. I know what your saying about the wrong wind direction.  Made me nervous too.  When I see that I just disregard. And I think their mapping/precision around the greens are suspect.  I’ve had a few exchanges with their support team where I’ve asked them to re-map holes at my home course as their map shows me on or off the green and I’m the opposite. They have done as I requested (awesome) but have also counseled me that MY phones gps may be a bit off...  I’ve just gotten the Link - four rounds in - so we’ll see if that improves.  But that’s really just about where the flag is/was and my first putt for stats purposes. 

    But to using the caddie - I typically use it when I’m unsure. Especially on a new course, or if I’m playing a lot of slope, or a long shot, or just in a weird situation.  My best shot last fall was an Arccos’s caddie recommended 6 iron out of the rough, over water on the 18th to set up birdie to shoot 79  - so I tip my caddy for that one... 

    Remember that Arccos’s is always learning... and adjusting your smart distances based on past performance  - what you hit, not what you think you hit 

    Funny story - I recently put a 3 hybrid in my bag.  First time out I was having a bad day and just couldn’t get it airborne.  Kept topping it and hitting worm burners.  But I kept trying and trying repeatedly.  Now Arccos’s thinks my “smart distance” for that club is 110 yards...   The other day I was playing in the fog and couldn’t use my rangefinder so I looked at the Arccos’s gps to measure the distance to the front of the green and it was telling me to hit my 3H as it was 110 yards away...  Apparently I was between my GW and PW... 

    It is always learning however, so I need to hit a few more 200 yd shots to get it to recommend my hybrid when I’m between my 8 and 9 irons... 😜

    Last thought - whenever I’ve relied on the Arccos’s caddie for a suggestion (other than the 3H) I’ve never been disappointed. 


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  7. Morning all...

    I’m curious if anyone has any real world experience with  KBS $ Taper Lite shafts? Specifically how they may have compared to their KBS Tour  (80, 90, 100)? 


    I was on the phone w David in their retrofitting team out in California the other day - being from Iowa and they are in California all I’m going to do is make a phone call - asking questions about re-shafting my clubs as I’m looking to get a little more pop, and height in my longer irons.  Good guy, who no doubt spent more time on the phone than he planned, but gave me a recipe for tip trimming a set of these shafts to fit my clubs.  

    Just curious if anyone has any personal experience they could share.  Thanks. 


  8. Got to circle hole 5 today. Been a frustrating one for me as it’s a short hole - should be easy - but for some reason I’ve struggled here all year. But today’s 5 iron (again, a poor tee shot) ended up 8feet away and the birdie curled in. This followed a birdie on hole 4 so I was pretty pumped.

    I will say that taking on this challenge has really instilled some confidence in my game. Not sure what it is, maybe my game is just improving as my handicap is lower than it’s been in years. But I think this has helped w my mental game. I keep a scorecard just for this in my pushcart - so I see all the birdies I’ve made this year - tells me anything is possible. If I’ve birdied hole x before then I can do it again...

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  9. Round three with Link 

    2 - missed a putt. Oddly it looks like it missed the 15 footer but recorded the tap in which I hit hard. But it was a foot away and arccos said five feet so not sure
    4 missed the hard tap in 
    6 missed hard tap in
    9 I made a one putt par and it added a second putt for a bogey - algorithm??
    12 I made a one putt birdie - it gave me two putts again - algorithm doesn’t think much of my putting….?
    I made sure after every first putt to hold the club upside down for a couple seconds, hopefully making it “sleep” and then wake it back up for the second putt - but as you can see, the short ones it missed - and I hit those tap ins hard…
    No missed woods, irons or wedges... the only glitches where with the putter
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    Day two w the Link - clipped it to my belt above my front left (forward) pocket.  

    Hole 1 - missed second putt from  two feet 

    Hole 3 - recorded first two putts but missed third from two feet. 
    Hole 4- recorded first two putts missed the third from two feet
    I decided to try and put the putter sensor to sleep by holding the club grip pointed down between putts.  Then wake it up again to see if that helped. It did for a while. 
    Hole 11 - complete mess- missed 7i from the tee and then recorded three putts rather than one. Weird. 
    Hole 12 - correctly recorded one putt for birdie but when I again looked later it had added a second - I’m guessing the algorithm thought I typically two putt...
    Hole 15 - initially correctly recorded all three putts. And then switched back to two putts when I looked again later.  (Yeah, waaay too many three putts today)
    Hole 16 - failed to record second putt from two feet even though I put it to sleep between putts. 
    Anyway - just sharing my experience.  I wish I knew when it was the algorithm and when it was because that second putt may be a soft tap, etc...  aside from hole 11 which was completely bizarre, I only had to make six corrections.  Now for some that may be too many. But I can live w that.
    Again, my favorite creature is clicking the button to mark the hole location. 


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  11. Can I ask how you decided on the shafts for your one length irons?  Those aren’t stock for the forged tech ones...  I ask because I also play one length - and every time I talk to someone like at a Golf Galaxy or Austads (those are my only choices nearby) they look at me like I’ve grown a third eye...

    ive got the Forged Tec Bllack.  I’ve thought about putting graphite shafts in the 5, 6 irons - trying to get just a touch more distance to improve my gaping.  I’ve thought about taking the graphite Atmos shafts from a couple F9 one lengths I found in the bargain bin...  just curious how you decided on those. 

  12. 1 hour ago, TR1PTIK said:

    Have you done a sensor diagnostic from within the Arccos app to make sure the sensor is working correctly?

    I have not. I’ve used that function before when it wasn’t picking up a particular club at all.  But with the putter it typically records the first putt, but not the second.  Oddly, I made a long distance birdie today and it recorded two putts - the algorithm probably just couldn’t believe I made a putt outside of ten feet...  However, I three putted the 18th from off the fringe and it recorded none of them. So, I dunno. 

    But when I ordered the Link I also got a new putter sensor - so I’m twisting that in tomorrow and will report back. 

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  13. The Link arrived yesterday and went into play today. 

    Zero problem getting it paired, doing the firmware update or anything like that.



    The good news - ZERO shots with irons, wedges or woods were missed. 

    The bad news - it missed a bunch of putts.  Thats the problem I always had with my phone. 

    I'm not sure why it missed them..  I had it clipped to my front left pocket.  You can see the microphone hole here:


    So, that's a bummer.  I real bummer as that's been my biggest complaint.  I'm going to putt on a new putter sensor and give it another go tomorrow (the things I will do for this community...) and report back. 

    The other item of note - iPhone users (not sure about you Android users) have a little red icon that shows up on the lock screen, on other screens etc when Arccos is active and you can touch it and it takes you right to the app.  Well, with the Link in play that icon disappeared.  Probably because the microphone isn't in use.  But it was handy to have.  Quick to navigate and get to the caddie/range finder application.  


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  14. 5 hours ago, Headhammer said:

    ! Hole #2 was 187 yds straight up hill to a blind green, again no pin. However, when I got the green there was no hole cut yet!

    How can there be no hole from the day before?  I’ve never seen that. I’ve seen flags missing or down. Uncut greens. But never no hole...

     But what do they do at that course - fill the holes from a sod farm at night and recut them in the morning?  Must be a pretty fancy club...

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