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  1. Well, there are several of us who are looking for feedback on the Rhapsodo vs Mevo consumer grade launch monitors in this thread - 



    But prepare yourself  - all of these under $500 launch monitors will give you backspin, distance, launch angle etc... but NOT side spin - so you won't know if you've got a hook or slice going.  (or draw or fade...) That requires something more pricey like Skytrack and some of the other bank bending if not breaking costs.


    But hey, sounds like you made good use of the quarantine.  I went looking for nets and there were none to be found. 

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  2. I'm in the same boat - would love to hear some real world experiences - especially from someone who has, or has used, both devices.   I'm torn - I'd like to use inside in the winter and outside in the summer - but only want one device...

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  3. 31 minutes ago, daviddvm said:

    What is the loft on your one length hybrid? I'm thinking about going with the 5 hybrid to replace a 5 iron.

    I have a Cobra OL 4 hybrid and its 21 *  - I started with a 3H and 4H last year, for me they went the same distance, so I kept the 4H and added a 5W to replace the 3H. 

    I LOVE the 4H.  Its one of my more reliable.  I have tried hybrids for years and could never figure out how to hit them, though I tried.  This, though, no fear.  Its a go to.  The same length as everything else, I feel better hitting down on it.  You couldn't get it out of my bag.

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  4. IMG00246-20111006-0916.jpgIMG00247-20111006-0918.jpg

    Personally - and everyone whose ever been has a strong opinion - it’s Old Mac and Bandon for me. Probably because I’ve scored my best on those two respectively. Had a Vulcan mind meld w my caddie at OM and made every putt we looked at - the foursome couldn’t stop laughing. I like the variety of OM.

    There is nothing like coming in at sunset at Bandon however. It’s the original. Won’t beat you up as bad as Pacific when it starts (and it will start) to blow.

    So If you go Pacific - get it in the morning before the wind picks up.

    Trails is georgeous, but being from Iowa I come for the ocean. But many find trails at the top of their list.

    My next trip back however - has to be Sheep Ranch. Pictures from their opening week are the golf porn on my phone... but it may be booked up by now. But if you can get on it you’ll make friends jealous.

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  5. Is anyone still trying to play the Top 100 public courses?  If so, has anyone found any bargains this year?

    Probably depends on what “top 100” list you are looking at. But check out the Prairie Club in Nebraska. They have been open for business w guidelines in place - but open. Two courses to pick from in one spot. I’ve got some Picts posted in the gallery as I’m a big big fan...

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  6. On 6/8/2020 at 6:45 AM, cnosil said:

    Definitely a desirable way to test clubs. The biggest challenge will be finding the shorter shafts especially if you want to go shorter than 45”.

    Yeah, its proving to be a challenge.  Found a GolfTec, and they will do shafts shorter than standard - but no Cobra.  Looked at a Golf Galaxy (I'm desperate and I know its not ideal) but no shorter shafts.  Need to check out Club Champion in Omaha - see if they have/do both.

    Ugh, this shouldn't be so difficult...  Been reading all the MGS Forum threads on CC vs GT is fitting experiences... not exactly a confidence inspiring mission.  

  7. Gap wedge. It’s really improved my chipping game and it’s my most comfortable lay up spot. Just feel most comfortable. Today it’s a Cobra OL wedge, but if you asked me a year ago I’d still say gap wedge, and it was a PingG400 (for some reason Cobra didn’t have any in stock when they sent me my clubs...)! IMG_4594.JPG

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  8. Goal for the month: find a fitter in my area that has both Cobra SZ , Extreme, and Ping 410 SFT, and is willing to try at a shorter shaft in the fitting process and adding weight to the head.  Is that too much to expect? Haven’t found one yet, but I’m on the hunt. I don’t think I can get the trial I want at a Golf Galaxy...

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  9. Always liked PM, but this spring our proshop got some PM “fitted” and those are even better. I don’t like “wings” on my shirts and these are really top notch. Made sure to tell the pro when I bought and gave him feedback in hopes he’ll stock more

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  10. I'm 53 and walk w a push cart (actually Alphard's eWheels) but since I'm the ONLY walker at my course other than the high school team, no one gives me grief.  Guys younger and fitter, and older and fatter, are all sitting on their butts riding from hole to hole.   I usually just hear "good for you" on the walking. 

    In match play I've tried to get them to walk, but they won't.  They think it'd be unfair to them...  tells you something. 

    Helps playing #16, #17 (both up hill) and #18 at the last - need to still have some energy for those last holes.

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  11. Won the lottery back in 2012. First time there and I was in heaven.  Up before dawn and waiting for the gates to open.  Walked the course, then followed my favorites then wandered around some more.

    Near the end of the day I was waiting for a Darren Clarke to come in - knew he was out there somewhere on the back, so I sat down behind the 18 green by the ropes.  My feet were tired and I needed a rest. All of a sudden a bunch of golf carts appear carrying three green jackets...




    The the Golf Channel crew set up ten feet away to start filming some footage for some story they were working on. They had Arnie, Jack and Gary walk up the hill to the 18th green half a dozen times. 


    All the while I’m sliding my butt inch by inch closer to the television camera team until I was sitting right below him.  Because this was a practice round you day you could bring a camera, and I (obviously) had w a decent lens on it. 

    The Big Three were tired of the “look over here” and “do it again” direction.  They apparently had other things to talk about...

    1A713C73-C36C-487F-9A7B-86C7C0C65E5A.jpeg.8d8cb6fb56f81c498e2d8a8c112df2de.jpeg 44C66979-EAF4-4BAB-BC6A-F9AE64EE18CE.jpeg.a6ee6e60ec5813faf7e509b92dd1dd82.jpeg


    but they stood still when they needed to...



    2B1E3F82-505A-4CC6-84B1-9F909D3C9F3C.jpeg.6107e37ab2b78277c50c6ee3e1556853.jpegAnd then they were off...

    Almost  as soon as they were gone I felt a light tap on my shoulder.  “I’m sorry sir,” came the nice southern drawl, “but the gates of Augusta National are now closing, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

    Never did get to see Daren Clarke... oh well.


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  12. On 5/15/2020 at 9:04 AM, Jeremy Owen said:

    Good morning! I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself to the community. 

    1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing golf for as long as I can remember, 43'ish years would be my guess. I just established my official handicap this year for the first time since college and I'm now an 11. I want to get that down to single digits this season! 

    2. What do you love about golf? The challenge. I love the feel of a crisp golf shot and seeing the penetrating flight of the ball. It's art to me. 

    3. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I have been following reviews for over a year now and I love the content and the No Putts Given segments. I have a few golfing buddies that know about MyGolfSpy, but I think I'm the first on the forums.

    4. Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm from SE Iowa, and live in Grimes, IA, just outside Des Moines. My home course is Woodward Golf Club in Woodward, IA.

    5. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? That's easy, both best and worst is the weather! We get perfect days in March, and snow the next day, a few days later, you're playing golf again...

    6. What do you do for a living? I am a sales engineer for a small 3D printing company. 

    7. How’d you pick your user name? I haven't put much thought into it yet, that will be next!



    Looking forward to more discussions!


    hey there, I’m from Sioux City, (my brother lives in Grimes) and play a lot in DesMoines.  Played Beaver Creek many times over the years but have never been to Woodward.  Just gotta ask, what causes a guy to drive past Beaver to get to Woodward? That good a track, or just where friends play?  I’m always looking to try someplace new...

  13. hey there, I’m from Sioux City, (my brother lives in Grimes) and play a lot in DesMoines.  Played Beaver Creek many times over the years but have never been to Woodward.  Just gotta ask, what causes a guy to drive past Beaver to get to Woodward? That good a track, or just where friends play?  I’m always looking to try someplace new...

  14. Played World Tour about ten years ago.  It was fun, but honestly, I wouldn't make a return trip.  Much better tracks out there.  But you play it to say "that's how I would have played it.." except it really isn't.  Its a novelty.  Good for a buddies trip.  But its not going to be the highlight.   I remember playing their imitation of August's 13.  I kept the video because I had to play out of the creek, but it wasn't the same.  Not the same slopes on the greens, etc..  But as I recall they have little descriptions of each hole and why its memorable.  

    If I went back it be for Barefoot, Caledonia,  True Blue...  

    But hey, for a buddies trip sometimes, gimmicky is what you are looking for.  We used to love the RTJ trail for our trips not for the "championship" courses, but because the afternoon/evening rounds on the short course were always the highlight.  So it really depends on what your objectives are. 

  15. Correct! Good eyes!

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    Ever get play on any of the others?

    Manelee is a favorite. Manu Lani. Saw whales at Mauna Kea.

    But I’m also just as happy to play Wiakaloa Villages. When snow is on the ground at home I’m happy to just be on green grass.

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  16. Today we (more appropriately she) added the pocket/s.  After much discussion, in an effort to keep the bag light, and because we don't have access to some materials that the big boys and girls use for padding; we decided that a full length zipper pocket should open on the side of the bag that is resting against my back/butt.  Reason being, if I stuff a jacket in there, or keep a jacket in there, that is the padding that would normally be found there, while most manufacturers put their jacket pocket on the side that faces away.  So we'll see if this was a good idea or not.


    Also, added a pocket inside the big pocket for a place to keep keys, valuables, etc..  We are going minimalist here, so that is it.  Toss a few balls and a jacket of some sort in the big one; keep a divot toll, ball marker and a few tees in the valuables pouch. We are learning as we go.  As she says, there aren't any youtube instructional videos...


    Dad could not be more excited to put this into play!

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  17. Man, today at about hole 22 (played 27), that slog uphill at elevation 5300', I started thinking this thread .  Madison Meadows is a bit of a goat track and my 59 years is starting to catch up with me .

    Join the fun. It’s so much easier on your knees, shoulders, back, etc... says the 53 yr old not far behind you...

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  18. Well I was coming up short w the same 3/4 swing - but I’d gone from a 54 to a 56; and a58 to a 60 so that should be expected. I just had to get my brain straight.

    So now I take a full swing, full back, full follow through - and I’m back to my numbers pretty much. Like I said, they do go higher. But for me that’s a plus.

    Like any club it’s about spending time to figure out what you get w a full, 3/4, or 1/2.

    But my most improved stat this spring has been my chipping - or what Arccos calls chipping - around the green.

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