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  2. Okay, thank you all for your contributions. Think I will grab another lesson soon, then hit the range and course and try to implement the lessons and repeat. Rather than going all in either way.
  3. Hi all, I've come searching for some help. After many years of attempting to play golf throughout high school, and battling the elements of Scottish links courses with a horrendous slice I seem to have finally sorted something. I didn't play for 9 years after high school and have returned to the game with a new mindset (i.e. don't lose the plot if I hit a bad shot). I had a lesson last September and that seems to have helped out a lot and now do not slice the ball. On my last 4 rounds(over the last 3 weeks) I have been striking the ball well about 60% of the time off the tee, either dead straight or with a nice fade. (Occasionally slightly overcompensating) Now, the question I have is; With limited funds, is it better to try and improve on the course to get that last 40% off the tee sorted, or use my budget to take some lessons and get on the range. I'm conflicted because I do love getting out on the course, and don't mind the frustrations that come with not being amazing. I know the answer to improving is lessons 1st, but I'm interested in your thoughts.
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