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  1. Mike - Florida 8 hdcp - 98 PING G5 (Come on guys, I need an upgrade!) G410 Plus
  2. There are no adequate words to describe the incredible golf experience of Bandon Dunes. We stayed the Wed-Sun and the weather was spectacular. I played in shorts, golf short and light cover and was comfortable during all rounds. Cooler in evenings. YES ... chapstick and good socks. Took a good week for my lips to recover from the wind burn. You will probably play 36 holes a day ... you are walking all of it. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and socks. The health app on my phone had me at almost 40 miles of walking through the 5 days and the equivalent of 50 flights of stairs. No, it's not flat. If you can, get a caddie or forecaddie, especially if it's your first time. Their insight and knowledge will save you a LOT of aggravation and golf balls. Bandon - 34.m4v
  3. Heading to Bandon for the first time August 29 thru September 2. I can't wait. Need to go get some rain gear. Have been working on fitness for all the walking. Should be a great time.
  4. Excited to be a part of this site. Have enjoyed the incite from the Forum. I'm a father of two and an avid golfer. I have a golf website that I put up a while ago hoping to do something with, but just did not get it going. www.centralfloridagolf.com Mostly use the site for my golf league – The All About the Fun Golf League. Great group of guys that play a Stableford style format on the first Saturday of each month. It's a blast. www.centralfloridagolf.com/fungolf Golf is therapy for my life. Heading to Bandon Dunes for the first time in late August this year (2018) and planning a August-September 2019 trip to Scotland. Trying to get a couple of check marks on the bucket list. If you are ever in Orlando, look me up.
  5. I'm in the market to replace my 12 year-old irons. Would love to give these a test drive. Mike Florida, USA Mizuno MP60 Tru-Temper stiff flex 160
  6. Welcome to the forums MikeDaTyger :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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