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  1. Darrell Kopcho, Nazareth, PA, 55 rounds per year Facebook, Twitter 13 / 100 TEE XCG7 Driver, Cleveland 588 3 & 5 Wood, Nickent 3-DX Hybrid, Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons (all clubs regular shaft) Conventional irons and F9 wedges
  2. Darrell/Pennsylvania Mizuno ImpermaLite Rain Shell and Pant 2017 playing in a 4-ball tournament. Rained sideways for the first 6 holes, then just rained steadily until the 18th. By the time we putted, all rain had stopped. We actually had the tourney luncheon outside in the sun. We ended up moving all the picnic tables into the sun. Thanks for the opportunity. This year I am actually looking to upgrade my rain gear, and this would be great!
  3. Darrell Pennsylvania/USA Tour Edge Exotic XCG-3 w/ R stock shaft 140 yards Thanks for the opportunity to try these irons.
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