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  1. Also HUGE thank you to Titleist for this opportunity to have average players try their clubs! Fingers crossed!
  2. Just tried the new T100S and the T200, !!! Feel like Mizuno's but better. Also sound incredible! I guess my P790s will be looking for a new home!!!
  3. Phil, Orlando, Fl. I use a 8'x1' mat that if you go on direction its one speed and if you go the other its another speed. Medium speed
  4. Phil, Orlando Fl Handicap: 14 Irons I am playing: Titleist TS3 Seven iron carry: 180 yards
  5. Phil / Florida 14 Titleist Vokey SM7 47*, 52*, 56* and 60* The low spinner
  6. Phil G Currently use a Rangefinder Bushnell Tour Pro v3
  7. Phil from Florida MCC+4 ALIGN Just saw the Z Grip ALIGN at the store Mon. Would love to try them!
  8. Phil 16 Index Titleist 718 AP3's 6-GW with True Temper AMT Black, S300 I look forward to all the questions I can answer after testing the Ping I 500 Clubs!
  9. Phil from Florida 51 y/o, 16 hdcp Titleist 718 hybrid 5 iron 6-PW Would love to try these out!
  10. Phil Florida Titleist SM7 47* 52* 56* 60* I would like a 47* and a 56*
  11. Phil Florida, USA Titleist AP3 with a True Temper AMT Black S300 shaft 180-190 Yds.
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