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  1. I am flying to Hawaiian Islands next week and will be in Kauai in two weeks. Is it better to play morning or afternoon tee times and why? I was looking a Poipu Bay as one of the courses but any other suggestions Mahalo
  2. You have probably found a answer but here is my take. From course difficulty Pine Creek Golf Course has a lot more of a challenging course for your game. You have to be a shot maker at Pine Creek and have some distance on some holes. Patty Jewett and Valley Hi are courses where you can swing hard and chip up on most holes. But the after golf amenities swing towards PJ and VH. Also the rates are better at these courses then at Pine Creek. Other courses to try in the Pikes Peak region for public access is Kings Deer, Cheyenne Shadows (will need a day pass) due to being on a military base. If you want to drive a little bit more drive to Pueblo and play their courses and also look at Four Mile Ranch in Penrose.
  3. This winter using the rubber cone tees. One of them tees the ball higher and noticed the carry increase. I received some of the Western Birch golf tees and they are lined. I am going to start using the lines on the tee and try the 1.5 inch height and see the results.
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