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  1. 8 handicap honolulu, hawaii 8 iron yardage is 145 taylormade p790 i know sub 70 is a direct to consumer online retailer with a business model of factory direct to consumer model which can lower prices and provide quality products at a lesser price. they also offer a 60 day return policy. the company was also founded by jason hiland and located in Illinois. i would love to become a tester to compare it to my tm p790, play a couple of times a week so i have lots of time for a evaluation.
  2. Alan Honolulu, Hawaii 12 handicap Taylormade P790, 1 degree flat, NP 950 R 1 step soft T200 looking forward to testing these irons, weather is warm and sunny so lots of time to test.
  3. Alan Honolulu, HI tailormade p790 7 iron 145
  4. Alan Honolulu, Hawaii evenroll ER9 I consider myself a average to above average putter. I play about 2 times a week with a competivie group and always wager some money only on the putting green so that's where I concentrate my game on. otherwise if you have a bad day you go home with empty pockets and a bruised ego. I have never been a participant in any mygolfspy forum and if I am selected I will give my honest option about this putter and conduct a thorough test against my evenroll er9. it would be nice to see the comparison between the two brands and if the shafts make difference in the outcome. I would be interested in testing the odyssey marxman putter 1 degree flat, 34" aloha
  5. Alan Honolulu, Hawaii Taylormade M6 D type 12' Graphite Design IZ4 R2 12 hanidicap , swing speed 86 mph, use a flightscope at my local club fitter shop and optimize my clubs never played any tour edge clubs before but looking forward to how it will compare to my 500$ tm m6
  6. Alan Honolulu, Hi 12 HDCP / 85 MPH Taylormade M6 12' Graphite Design Tour AD GP 4 R2 Epic Flash Looking forward to this test heads up with my M6. #1 vs #2 aloha
  7. Alan Honolulu, Hawaii 12 handicap 87 mph Taylormade M6 D type 12' Ping G410 SFT would love to compare this ping driver to my TM M6, always love the ping and looking to increase my distance.
  8. Alan Honolulu, Hawaii handicap 12 current ball Taylormade Project a looking for more softer feeling looking to compare the TM project a with this bridgestone ball. my swing speed is 87mph and right around the range of the soft feel ball
  9. Alan Honolulu, Hawaii 9 handicap taylormade p790 ns pro 950GH reg, soft stepped -2 ping i500 what a great opportunity to test these irons vs my TM p790. I can't afford to buy a pxg set so the TM and Pings are the next best thing. aloha
  10. Buddah/Honolulu, Hawaii Taylormade milled grind 50, 56, 60 preferred wedges are 50, 56, 60 satin chrome
  11. Alan Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Taylormade M4, standard lie, KBS 90, Regular 7 iron distance 140 yards I was a devoted ping guy, but am trying out these Taylormade M4 irons for the distance and forgiveness. so far they haven't disappointed me as they are long and straight. it would be interesting to see how they stack up against the new pings. I compared the TM M4s against the Callaway Rogue and the TM was way better for me.
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