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  1. Life got in the way and I stopped playing golf about 8 years ago. I had an infant at home and was starting a new job and golf had ceased to be fun. I was bashing my head against breaking 90 with consistency and while I knew where my problem were (hello, slice) I didn't have the time to put towards fixing them and simply going out and playing every weekend was more frustrating than relaxing. We vacation with my wife's family every year in St. Simons and my father-in-law has always been an avid golfer, but due to his health, he had also been out of the game for 5 years or so. My 13-year-old nephew was interested in learning the game, so before the annual trip this year, I went to the range and hit a couple of buckets so that I could join them on the course once or twice while we were at the beach. My clubs were all at least 10 years old and I admittedly overswung and missed the ball a couple of times on the first tee, but I caled down and discovered something amazing. I don't know if it's age or maturity or what, but I was playing like a different person. My desire to simply hit everything as far as I possibly could was gone and in its place was this weird desire to give myself the easiest next shot. Insanity. Goodbye slice. I was quickly aware of the fact that my Calloway Diablo irons were not going to cut it. I went to a couple of shops, hit some clubs, and ended up in a brand new set of stiff shaft Cleveland CBX's. I picked up 10-15 yards on my iron shots while swinging more easily and focusing on contact. I have had Cleveland CG16 wedges forever (52-56-60) and have always hit them well and enjoyed them, so I figured why not bring myself up-to-date with irons from the same folks? It's worked out well and I'm hitting my irons in a way that I can play with. I tried out Taylormade M6's and Sim2's and while I liked both I didn't find that they offered the same amount of feedback on a mishit that the Clevelands did. Was that fat? Thin? I dunno, it was long and straight. That's a fun way to play and I keep looking at used sets of Taylormade irons thinking about picking some up, but in my mind if you want to get better you need to know what you're doing wrong. Also, I had trouble wrapping my head around a 190 yard 7 iron. That's just a long long way. Like I said, though, I'm looking at you, Sim2's. Long and straight can't be all wrong. I found that with a more controlled, flatter swing I was still able to put my original Taylormade R11 out there far enough to use (250-270 normally)and I still crush my Taylormade Burner 3w. It's old and not in great shape, but I hit it high and straight. I don't hit my hybrids very well and need to fix that, they are also Taylormade Raylor at 17 and 19 degrees, but I hit the 4 iron far enough that I don't find myself using the hybrids for much beyond punching out from under trees and the like. I swapped out a 34 inch Odyssey White Hot #9 for a 35 inch SeeMore Si5, which I'm still not sold on. Putting and chipping are the hardest part of the game to find and I'm still working on that now. In about a month I'm already back to where I was before my layoff (shooting around 90) and I feel like I have plenty of room to grow and get better still. I can certainly play bogey golf with this setup, but I can't help but imagine what I will be doing as I slowly bring my bag up to date. Next up is a trip to get fitted into a new to me driver that's been produced within the last decade and a solution to my hybrid issues. Overall, I'm enjoying playing golf more than I ever was before and I'm happy to be here. TL;DR Taylormade R11 Taylormade Burner 15 degree Taylormade Raylor H 17 and 19 degree Cleveland CBX stiff standard off the rack Cleveland CG16 wedges 52-56-60 SeeMore Si5 Bridgestone E12 Contact
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