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  1. Dave Rieberger, Vancouver, British Columbia Yes, I place a line on my ball using a plastic alignment aid Mizuno RB TourX Black Line/dr61 as the text
  2. Hello from the Pacific Northwest!! I started playing golf again this Spring after being away from the game for 20 years. My swing is a little slower and inconsistent, and my back aches after a round, but the passion for the game is still strong. I'm using my 35 year old Ping irons, but have upgraded my driver and 5 wood, as well as adding a hybrid to my bag. Will be considering upgrading and adding to the arsenal as my game returns. I'm looking forward to discovering more about other members and about current golf equipment through these blogs. I'm a fan of the Beatles, and would best describe my current game somewhere between Helter Skelter and The Long and Winding Road:-) Cheers!!!
  3. I recently purchased the Zepp 2 Swing Analyzer and have had the same issues as TSauer mentioned, experiencing synching problems between phone and device. I've only had it for a week so will continue working on it. When it works the information is useful, but getting it to work is frustrating. Could just be operator error, but from various online sources this does seem to be a common experience.
  4. Dave BC, Canada KarstenIV steel (shift staff) 150 to 160yds Yes, I know, I'm a bit of a dinosaur with these irons. Have had them since 1985 and still play them.
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