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  1. Spencer Falls Church, VA I walk about 90% of the time. I like to walk a 9 hole course by my house, an 18 hole par 3, and full courses as well. I really only ride when playing with my friends that prefer to ride and drink beer. My favorite time to walk is when there is light rain, the course calls for cart path only, and I have the whole course to myself. I own a Clicgear 4.0 which I like. I bought my parents Clicgear Rovics when the pandemic started which are also nice.
  2. I remember playing my last round of a golf trip in Myrtle Beach at the Legends resort. I forget which of their courses I was playing (this was over a decade ago), and since it was a big group, I may have been ending up on a front 9. But on my 17th hole, my dad pointed out that I could break 100 (for the first time ever) if I went maybe bogey bogey. I remember there being an intimidating looking forced carry. I popped the driver up, and it did clear the junk, but only landed maybe one or two feet onto the fairway. Next I remember having maybe 200 into the green. This was before I carried
  3. Are you recommending capping gambling participants at say 24 or something similar? When we let people self report handicaps the first year, half of the participants listed their handicap as being 30+. Now I play regularly with a lot of these guys, and I know them to have handicaps more in the 22-26 area, but I guess that isn't particularly far off. I delegated the keeping of scores to another friend, but we have all the handicap information now that is based on actual posted scores and if I recall there are only about 4 guys that actually played to a 30+ handicap. I guess I could cap it at
  4. I've been going on a golf trip with my dad's high school friends for going on a decade. I'm about a 16 handicap, and I'm one of the least skilled players on the grip of about 40 or so guys. There is a lot of gambling going on between fairly evenly matched players using a handicap system, and as a result, they have a pretty basic and simple modification to the rules. There is a triple bogey rule, and when it's raining or wet out, our leader will call for winter rules for the round. That's basically it. Some people are more serious than others, but if you want to play by the rules it's pret
  5. I with you on smoking nicer cigars on the course. You can't really appreciate them with so much going on. If I had the skills, I'd try the pipe though. I'm pretty sure that old guy putted while smoking.
  6. Spencer, Falls Church, VA Yes, my father has The Net Return Home Series V2 Golf Net which I hit into on a regular basis. I usually use a Skytrak launch monitor when I practice with the net, but sometimes I'll just work on contact and leave the LM off.
  7. My wife bought me an espresso machine, so most days I think an americano due to convenience, but on occasion I'll enjoy a double espresso. Prior to that, I was a cold brew addict. My stomach has always been sensitive to coffee, but cold brew never seemed to bother it. I would buy the stok brand from the grocery store, and then I got to where I made my own using cafe du monde, which I really enjoyed. The chickory gives cold brew a little extra flavor that I think is otherwise missing since cold brew tends to produce muted flavors. We have a fancy coffee bean roaster in town that do
  8. Finally, cautiously, enjoying some improvement
  9. The year was ~2005. I was volunteering at my college roommate's dad's company's golf tournament at Kingsmill. I had probably only played golf a handful of times, so I was somewhat knowable of golf, but not much. We were tasked with handing out beer and water on a par 3. The tee box was separated from the green by a deep crevasse. You could get away with hitting long, left, or right, but definitely not short. This was before gps or lasers were common, so each group that came up to the tee would ask us how the hole was playing. At the time, I did not understand that because the green was
  10. Also consider your short vs long term goals. When I was fighting my really bad ott swing, I was coming into the ball very steep and more often than not I was hitting it fat. With an iron that meant a huge divot. With a hybrid, I'd often hit the ground first then top the ball. As a result, my irons were much more reliable than my hybrid was. After I sorted out my poor backswing and managed my path better, the hybrid became much more forgiving than my irons. I could hit it a little fat or thin and still have a very reasonable result. My point is that in the short run, you should do wh
  11. I fought an uncontrollable OTT swing for a decade. For me, thinking about swinging out to first base only made things worse. For me it was more about getting into a better position that allowed me to pivot and shallow and come from the inside. An instructor would certainly know better than I, and it's possible you have other issues that would need to be addressed first, but I'd get a lesson and see if you couldn't get some help cleaning up your backswing and getting into a good position at the top. You can probably figure it out on your own, but lessons will save you a ton of time. Th
  12. I had a bunch of lessons, 6-8 with one guy, another 6-8 with golftech, a while back. I felt like I honestly was worse off for having done the lessons. Then more recently I've had two lessons so far with a new guy, and I've made a lot of progress really fast. I think a lot of people would just assume my new instructor is exceptional, and that may very well be the case. However, I believe the difference has been my conceptual understanding of the golf swing. When I tried lessons the first two times, I knew nothing about plane, face to path, bowing/cupping the lead wrist, face control, weigh
  13. The only claws/trulys I've had on the course were with my buddy that does keto. I had a pineapple one first which was ok. The second one I had was pretty bad. I've never though of busch or miller lite as difficult to drink under any circumstances. I'd much prefer either to a seltzer, but maybe I'm old school. I bought a 12 pack of seltzer back in about April for when my keto friends come over. It's practically September now and there are still 10 left. I keep them in there thinking maybe my wife will drink one but it's about time to just throw them out.
  14. When I brought a hand-me-down set back to college after fall break one year and played with my college roommates, I didn't keep score for the longest time. I broke 100 on a golf trip in Myrtle Beach for the first time on the last round of the trip, maybe 6 years ago or so, which was about 8 years after I started golfing. I shot pretty consistently in the mid 90s to low 100s until just recently. I finally broke 90 in May shooting an 87. Then the very next time out on a full course last weekend (blame the pandemic), I shot another personal best 82.
  15. I thought I'd share an update. This past weekend I shot a new personal best 82, and then the next day I shot a personal best (by two strokes) on an executive course I play often as well. I still think all of my thoughts in the OP hold up. I think I may have understated the degree to which I've been practicing/working on some technical issues, and I don't think I can overstate or reiterate enough how important it is to play/practice often/regularly in order to build momentum and snowball progress. I haven't made any new changes to my swing since the OP, I'm still grinding away on path.
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