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  1. Hi, I'd love this opportunity- I'm a bit of a gadget geek and with me looking to improve my golf game - I have already been looking at these systems to try to gain any type of advantage 1. David 2. From the Home of Golf, Scotland (Nr Edinburgh) 3. Current handicap is 29 (genuinely feel this is too high - hoping the Caddie can help) 😁 4. I currently use Golfshot or Motocaddy GPS apps with a little ‘Golfshake' to try to track what I'm doing just now. I'd love this opportunity to test and review this device. Looks like just what I need to get my game on track'm Thanks for the consideration! David
  2. Wow. This would be an awesome opportunity to: 1) improve my game 2) get to test some brand new irons and 3) work out if I missed my calling as a Golf equipment reviewer... 😁 Current irons: Taylormade Burner 2.0 Regular shafts 7 iron distance - around 140 yards. Hoping to have my 24ish handicap confirmed soon. Edinburgh, Scotland I had been away from the game for about 4 years up to last October - I've lived every swing since coming back. This would be a great opportunity to improve further. I'm a member of a local club in Scotland - so would love to test these at the home of Golf!! 🏌️
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