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  1. sounds amazing. thanks, will definitely be checking this place out.
  2. curious to know about austin area as well. plan on moving there in january
  3. just now seeing this. would have loved to play. perhaps next season
  4. I am sure a few of you are NFL fans so I thought I would extend the invite to my fellow spies. I have been doing this pool for a few years and it is a lot of fun. Pick one team each week. If you win, you advance. If they lose, you are eliminated. You can only pick a team one time. A lot of strategy involved but makes watching a little more entertaining. If you are eliminated early on there is a second chance pool. Entry is $20. You can sign up and check out the rules before paying anything if you like. Feel free to invite whoever you like. And Go 49ers! https://www.theszn.com/r/Brianando
  5. Brian California, USA Handicap 18 TaylorMade Burner 2.0 4-PW Ultralite Steel Shaft Ping i210
  6. Brian from California 33 Years Old Handicap 18 TaylorMade Burner 2.0 4-PW Ultralite Steel Shaft
  7. I took Adam Hadwin this week. Let's go!
  8. wow DJ. great showing. should have stuck with my gut and gone fleetwood
  9. absolutely! up and down for par.
  10. and here comes Tiger. thought DJ would be the safest play. not looking good early for him. lot of golf left though.
  11. aww man. im in tears. thanks for sharing that was hilarious
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