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  1. When I got back to golf three years ago - I picked up a 12d GBB mini. Loved it. Took a look at some launch monitor numbers last fall. I switched this year to a G400 LST with shortened shaft - lower ball spin and gain a bit of length. Accuracy has not suffered, and off center hits have improved. I still have the mini and not ready to part with it yet.
  2. Thank you! Lynn Pennsylvania USA 12 index Callaway XR Pro / KBS tour-v 90 stiff Ping i210
  3. Great opportunity. Thank you. Lynn from PA 56 yrs 12 index Callaway xr pro with KBS tour-v 90 stiff
  4. Tier 1: Tommy Fleetwood Tier 2: Bubba Watson Tier 3: Charl Schwartzel Tier 4: Martin Kaymer Tier 5: Padraig Harrington Winning Score: -8
  5. I can report that I installed a Superstroke Pistol GTR Tour grip with air. On an old ping pal 4. No problems works great. Have a second same grip to install on current putter. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Thank you for posting your data. IMHO, the distance gain is nice (if you gap well with wedges) and the dispersion is more important - it can be the difference between green and bunker. I came to similar discovery in moving from PE2 to new technology after several decades. The new tech will likely result in slightly better ball position and improved scoring opportunities (which is satisfying), but will only translate into lower scores if you can take advantage in short game (my current weakness / focus). LM data does not always translate to on-course performance ... one suggestion is to find a pre-owned 6/7 iron to test on-course. I recently picked up a second swing g400 7 iron in my specs for future testing in off-season.
  7. Just recently I trimmed 1/2 inch off my new G400 shaft ( to 44 3/4 ) and added weight to keep same swing weight. Very satisfied so far with results. Previous to this year never had a driver over 44. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I played PE2 with ZZ lite shaft in 80s and 90s. Loved them. Then 16 years away from game. When I came back, I wasn't entirely satisfied with PE2 performance (and offset) as I re-learned to swing and tested other irons. I picked up Callaway XR pro irons which have served well for 2 years. Looking to move on from those within next 6 months. Will look at Pings again.
  9. I've been re-gripping with air for two years. Also using blue painter tape with extra inch over the butt, and about 60-80 psi with short bursts. Most recently with Super Stroke s-tech grips. Works well - grips are solid.
  10. Welcome to the forums GWamtourguy :)


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